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About Salary Explorer / Salary Comparison

Salary Explorer is a salary comparison and career resources website for both employees and employers. Here you can find out the average and median salary for jobs in your location. You can benchmark your salary and calculate your rank. You will also find a wealth of career resources and information to boost your career.

What are Salary Explorer's sources for salary and income information?
We basically use the information submitted by our users but we also have a database of salary information gathered from requirement agencies, companies and employers. We blend this information together to generate as accurate results as possible. We also employ highly sophisticated statistical formulas to make sure that the figures submitted are not exaggerated.

How does Salary Explorer preserve my privacy?
You will not be asked for any personal information at any time on this site. All the information that you provide are general career questions and do not specifically relate to you or anybody else. The general information that you submit may be used in the generation of statistical info. For more information concerning privacy, please read our privacy policy.

How can I can benefit from Salary Explorer?
The generated salary comparison report will contain valuable information about your salary and income status. The salary comparison report will tell you: the average salary for your job title in your country, the percentage of people earning less or more than you (percentile), the average salaries for jobs related to your domain or field of expertise and a list of job info submitted by other users. You may decide to ask for a raise, thank god for getting above the average salary or plan a career switch.
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