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Always in Demand Jobs

If you are a cautious person and like to play it safe, then any of the below jobs will suit you very well. These jobs are always in demand regardless of the economic situation. Even though they are easy to find and always needed even in recession periods, the competition is relatively high, so nothing is perfect.

Education Jobs

People will always need to learn so education remains as rich as always field for jobs. These include but not limited to: classroom teacher, nursery teacher, assistant teacher, private tutors, curriculum developers, education consultant, college instructor and institution instructors.

Healthcare Jobs

People will always get sick unfortunately and with the continuous human tampering with nature, new diseases are discovered every day. The huge demand on premium health care services insures that there will be no shortage in jobs in this sector. These includes but not limited to: nurse, private nurse, lab technician, pharmacist, doctors, dietician and paramedic.

Skilful Jobs

Because these jobs are mainly considered as crafts and rarely require a degree, there is a huge shortage in them. Also these jobs revolve around the most critical things in our lives that we can't afford to live without. These include but not limited to: plumber, electrician, gas technician, mechanic and power line technician.

Law Enforcement

We will always need people to enforce the laws we make. As long as people will try to work around them, these jobs will remain: security officer, police officer, fire fighter and CCTV surveillance officer.

Food Jobs

As if you didn't figure it by now, people always need to eat. In difficult times and recession people tend to spend less on everything including food but they never stop eating. So jobs like chef, butcher, baker and waiter are here to stay.

Memorial and Funeral Jobs:

Sorry to bring this up, but unfortunately people will always die and there is nothing we can do about it. Having said that, the suggested jobs here are not as gloomy as you might think: memorial officer, flower arranger, location manager, event manager, and funeral embalmer.

Other in Demand Jobs:

Receptionist, human resources jobs.

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