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Most Annoying Office Habbits

Loud or Vibrating Ring Tone
It can be really annoying when your colleagues leave their desks and forget to take their mobile phones, which will soon start ringing and vibrating endlessly.
Loud Speaker
Some people can't help but speak as loud as they can when they are talking on the phone. Sometimes it is just personal matters. I bet you are very excited to know whose turn it is to take the dog for a walk this weekend, John or his wife?
Foreign Language Speakers
Very common in multi-national companies. Very impolite and extremely annoying.
Keyboard Smashers
Those are the ones that think that hitting keyboard keys with all the strength and power they've got is the only way to get the letters printed on the screen. They are not necessarily nervous, it is just the way they are used to type.
Borrowing stuff
Where's my pen? Where's my stapler? Where's my paper puncher? Where's my chair? Where's my desk? It is ok to borrow something and give it back, but not keep it forever.
Bad Smell
Don't you just hate those people who would come to work immediately after finishing their morning exercises or jugging because they have no time to take a shower? Not even a deodorant. Come On!
Extreme Perfumes
On the other hand, some may think that dipping themselves in perfume bottles will leave a good impression. It can be equally annoying to bad smell and can cause continuous sneezing for people with allergies.
Food Smells
Onions, Garlic, Tuna.....etc. The list does not end. But some people think that it is normal to eat any kind of food on their desks.
Sick employee
"John, is it really that important to come today to office, infect everybody and keep them in bed for days? You know, that report can wait one more day". People should be more considerate and think about others a little bit.
Always Late
Every office has one of these. Coming late, leaving early, two breakfast breaks, three lunch breaks, seven smoke breaks, ten minutes in the bathroom every 15 minutes etc... She/he is never there but gets equally paid and shares the credit at the end of the project.

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