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Annual Vacation Comparison in Dubai (all jobs)

Average Annual Vacation

The average annual vacation in Dubai (all jobs) is 27 days.

Jobs With Most Annual Vacation Days in Dubai (all jobs)

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Job TitleVacation Days
Accounting Manager30 Days
Design Engineer29 Days
Administrative Assistant29 Days
Call Centre Manager29 Days
Human Resources Manager29 Days
Architect28 Days
Purchasing Assistant28 Days
Sales Consultant28 Days
Sales Manager27 Days
Sales Representative27 Days
IT Manager27 Days
General Manager27 Days
Vice President27 Days
Financial Controller27 Days
Customer Service Manager26 Days
Project Engineer26 Days
Regional Director26 Days
Auditor ( internal )26 Days
Relationship Manager26 Days
Financial Manager26 Days

Annual Vacation Comparison by Job Category in Dubai (all jobs)

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Job TitleVacation Days
Teaching / Education49 days
Airlines / Aviation / Aerospace / Defense30 days
Administration / Reception / Secretarial28 days
Real Estate28 days
Construction / Building / Installation28 days
Executive and Management28 days
Human Resources28 days
Automotive28 days
Import and Export27 days
Architecture27 days
Engineering27 days
Purchasing and Inventory27 days
Customer Service and Call Center27 days
Sales Retail and Wholesale27 days
Accounting and Finance26 days
Banking26 days
Marketing26 days
Information Technology26 days
Food /Hospitality / Tourism / Catering26 days
Business Planning26 days
Telecommunication26 days
Oil / Gas / Energy / Mining25 days
Insurance25 days
Quality Control and Compliance24 days
Health and Medical24 days
Advertising / Grapic Design / Event Management23 days
Public Relations23 days

Annual Vacation Comparison by Industry in Dubai (all jobs)

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Job TitleVacation Days
Education / Training / Teaching / Child Care38 days
Electronics and Electronics Trades31 days
Accessories / Fashion / Clothing / Jewellery30 days
Real Estate and Property Management 28 days
Airlines / Aviation / Aerospace 28 days
Retail 28 days
Construction / Installation / Facilities / Maintenance28 days
Import / Export / Wholesale Trade28 days
Automotive 28 days
Administrative / Management / Consulting / Support Services27 days
Engineering and Architectural27 days
Telecommunications / Information Media27 days
Manufacturing and Factory27 days
Industrial Products / Heavy Machinery 27 days
Business Services 27 days
Banking 26 days
Healthcare / Medical / Care Giving26 days
Accounting / Finance / Auditing Services26 days
Electricity / Gas / Water 26 days
Travel / Transportation26 days
Hospitality / Hotels / Tourism / Catering26 days
Courier / Shipping / Delivery26 days
Petroleum / Energy / Oil and Gas / Chemicals26 days
Recruitment and Employment25 days
Food / Beverage Production 25 days
Information Technology / Information Systems 25 days
Pharma / Biotech / Clinical Research 25 days
Advertising / Marketing / Grapic Design / Public Relations24 days
Insurance 24 days
Entertainment / Music / Film / Arts23 days
Media / Publishing / Printing / Broadcasting23 days
Beauty / Fitness / Hair23 days

Annual Vacation Comparison by Company Type in Dubai (all jobs)

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Job TitleVacation Days
Private Sector27 days
Public Sector26 days

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