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Best Paying Jobs in Afghanistan

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Surgeon - Pediatric297,015 AFN
2.   Chief of Psychology261,132 AFN
3.   Physician - Radiation Therapy243,621 AFN
4.   Physician - Hematology / Oncology221,486 AFN
5.   Physician - Maternal / Fetal Medicine211,958 AFN
6.   Physician - Physiatry201,091 AFN
7.   Dentist187,851 AFN
8.   Physician - Occupational Medicine181,028 AFN
9.   Medical Director174,131 AFN
10.   Finance Director163,712 AFN
11.   Emergency Department Physician156,072 AFN
12.   Brand Director148,088 AFN
13.   Director145,672 AFN
14.   Country Manager142,545 AFN
15.   Corporate Treasurer139,134 AFN
16.   COO136,491 AFN
17.   Physician - Pain Medicine135,297 AFN
18.   Operations Executive133,939 AFN
19.   Sales Executive132,536 AFN
20.   Management Executive131,079 AFN
21.   Sales Manager129,938 AFN
22.   Deputy Managing Director128,793 AFN
23.   Vision Rehabilitation Therapist127,605 AFN
24.   Certified Respiratory Therapist127,019 AFN
25.   Astronomer126,153 AFN
26.   Power Plant Operations Manager124,858 AFN
27.   Education Director124,090 AFN
28.   Supply Chain Manager123,500 AFN
29.   Mortgage Operations Manager122,805 AFN
30.   Supply Chain Director122,148 AFN
31.   Program Manager121,690 AFN
32.   Physicist121,286 AFN
33.   Professor - Chemistry120,960 AFN
34.   Legal Executive120,617 AFN
35.   Information Technology Manager120,018 AFN
36.   Quality Manager119,255 AFN
37.   Professor - Architecture118,521 AFN
38.   Marketing Executive118,221 AFN
39.   Market Development Executive117,805 AFN
40.   Media Relations Manager117,550 AFN
41.   Distribution Director116,995 AFN
42.   Lawyer116,575 AFN
43.   AML Analyst116,244 AFN
44.   Emergency Management Director115,586 AFN
45.   Hotel Manager114,388 AFN
46.   Vice President of Finance113,986 AFN
47.   Director of Client Services113,464 AFN
48.   Distribution Executive113,006 AFN
49.   Client Account Manager112,482 AFN
50.   Life Scientist111,987 AFN
51.   E-Commerce Strategy Manager111,714 AFN
52.   Professor - Communication111,440 AFN
53.   Director of Talent Acquisition110,743 AFN
54.   Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Manager110,179 AFN
55.   Government Affairs Representative109,544 AFN
56.   Product Executive108,824 AFN
57.   Corporate Affairs Executive108,512 AFN
58.   Operations Analyst107,865 AFN
59.   Fundraising Manager107,422 AFN
60.   ERP Project Manager107,012 AFN
61.   Health Services Manager106,438 AFN
62.   Event Marketing106,013 AFN
63.   Technology Vice President105,200 AFN
64.   Import and Procurement Manager104,808 AFN
65.   Cluster Director104,415 AFN
66.   Commercial Project Manager104,061 AFN
67.   Head of Sustainability103,555 AFN
68.   Six Sigma Black Belt102,936 AFN
69.   Audit Supervisor102,323 AFN
70.   Assistant Operations Manager101,896 AFN
71.   Head of Department101,506 AFN
72.   Web Security Manager101,218 AFN
73.   Educational Psychologist100,930 AFN
74.   Psychometrist100,694 AFN
75.   Information Program Director100,529 AFN
76.   Clinical Research Manager100,181 AFN
77.   Laboratory Manager100,081 AFN
78.   Spa Manager99,789 AFN
79.   Administrative Director99,423 AFN
80.   Quality Executive98,946 AFN
81.   Mortgage Collection Manager98,657 AFN
82.   Child Psychotherapist98,278 AFN
83.   Meteorologist97,803 AFN
84.   Online Banking Specialist97,420 AFN
85.   Insurance Sales Manager97,142 AFN
86.   Quality Assurance Manager96,865 AFN
87.   Technical Service Director96,632 AFN
88.   Localization Manager96,393 AFN
89.   Director of Facilities Management96,102 AFN
90.   Public Relations Executive95,860 AFN
91.   Export Logistics Manager95,599 AFN
92.   Pharmacist95,288 AFN
93.   Product Manager95,142 AFN
94.   Quality Control Manager94,922 AFN
95.   Digital Media Specialist94,843 AFN
96.   Business Analyst94,607 AFN
97.   Facilities and Project Manager94,414 AFN
98.   Sonography Technologist94,192 AFN
99.   Information Technology Project Director94,039 AFN
100.   Respiratory Manager93,794 AFN

How much money does a person working in Afghanistan make?

78,482 AFN per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Afghanistan typically earns around 78,482 AFN per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Herat80,136 AFN
Jalalabad75,501 AFN
Kabul86,603 AFN
Kandahar83,541 AFN
Kunduz72,583 AFN
Mazari Sharif77,398 AFN
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