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Best Paying Jobs in Argentina

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Dermatologist70,260 ARS
2.   Physician - Neurology60,286 ARS
3.   Periodontist55,912 ARS
4.   Physician - Pediatric Cardiology53,061 ARS
5.   Obstetrician / Gynecologist50,650 ARS
6.   Physician - Podiatry47,676 ARS
7.   Chief Executive Officer45,607 ARS
8.   Bank Manager43,074 ARS
9.   Optometrist41,003 ARS
10.   Finance Manager39,273 ARS
11.   Physical Therapy Director37,640 ARS
12.   Physical Therapist35,473 ARS
13.   Managing Director34,380 ARS
14.   Registered Dietitian33,767 ARS
15.   Country Manager33,426 ARS
16.   Director of Marketing32,889 ARS
17.   College Dean32,561 ARS
18.   Vision Rehabilitation Therapist32,304 ARS
19.   Marketing Manager31,903 ARS
20.   Director of Sales31,670 ARS
21.   Pharmacy Manager31,354 ARS
22.   Information Technology Manager31,063 ARS
23.   Registered Respiratory Therapist30,720 ARS
24.   Manager30,404 ARS
25.   Sales Director30,403 ARS
26.   Sales Manager30,150 ARS
27.   Internal Bank Audit Manager30,020 ARS
28.   Lawyer29,820 ARS
29.   Professor - Biology29,609 ARS
30.   Professor - Philosophy29,527 ARS
31.   Professor - Mechanical Engineering29,392 ARS
32.   Director of Product Management29,282 ARS
33.   Operational Manager29,162 ARS
34.   Education Director29,034 ARS
35.   Program Director28,931 ARS
36.   Hotel Manager28,747 ARS
37.   Professor - Special Education28,650 ARS
38.   Media Relations Manager28,576 ARS
39.   Director of Production Planning28,358 ARS
40.   Risk Management Director28,261 ARS
41.   Mining Project Manager28,081 ARS
42.   Shopping Center Manager27,934 ARS
43.   Derivative Trader27,854 ARS
44.   Marketing and Business Development Manager27,773 ARS
45.   Ecologist27,604 ARS
46.   Fundraising Development Director27,364 ARS
47.   Professor - Nursing27,255 ARS
48.   Digital Marketing Strategist 27,112 ARS
49.   General Manager27,042 ARS
50.   Biophysicist26,895 ARS
51.   Electric and Gas Operations Manager26,800 ARS
52.   Wildlife Biologist26,604 ARS
53.   Media Production Manager26,554 ARS
54.   Chemist26,348 ARS
55.   Product Marketing Manager26,312 ARS
56.   Head of Middle Office26,154 ARS
57.   Chief of Police25,996 ARS
58.   Planning and Supply Manager25,836 ARS
59.   Human Resources Manager25,728 ARS
60.   Educational Psychologist25,591 ARS
61.   National Customer Solution Specialist25,460 ARS
62.   Assistant Vice President25,336 ARS
63.   Professor - Social Work25,259 ARS
64.   Clinical Cytogeneticist25,085 ARS
65.   Global Product Manager24,996 ARS
66.   Project Development Manager24,841 ARS
67.   Technical Project Manager24,765 ARS
68.   Associate Producer24,593 ARS
69.   Customer Service Manager24,557 ARS
70.   Assistant Sales and Marketing Manager24,354 ARS
71.   Print Production Manager24,340 ARS
72.   Product Development24,118 ARS
73.   Aircraft Pilot24,104 ARS
74.   Lab Manager24,090 ARS
75.   Media Design Manager23,878 ARS
76.   Lab Manager23,867 ARS
77.   Associate Director23,840 ARS
78.   Broadcasting Presenter23,816 ARS
79.   Research Executive23,631 ARS
80.   Service Manager23,622 ARS
81.   Legal Counsel23,587 ARS
82.   Import and Export Consultant23,394 ARS
83.   Distribution Manager23,377 ARS
84.   Human Resources Executive23,337 ARS
85.   Residential Property Manager23,154 ARS
86.   Change Management23,129 ARS
87.   Animal Scientist23,087 ARS
88.   Risk Management Supervisor22,920 ARS
89.   Human Resources Consultant22,913 ARS
90.   Trade Product Manager22,884 ARS
91.   OPS Manager22,803 ARS
92.   Medical Records Director22,686 ARS
93.   Contracts Manager22,682 ARS
94.   Clinical Neuropsychologist22,682 ARS
95.   Area Manager22,639 ARS
96.   HRIS Manager22,584 ARS
97.   Export Services Manager22,452 ARS
98.   Corporate Banker22,451 ARS
99.   Occupational Therapist22,449 ARS
100.   Agricultural Manager22,431 ARS

How much money does a person working in Argentina make?

19,014 ARS per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Argentina typically earns around 19,014 ARS per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Avellaneda19,173 ARS
Bahia Blanca20,404 ARS
Buenos Aires21,896 ARS
Cordoba21,718 ARS
Corrientes20,566 ARS
La Plata21,383 ARS
Lanus19,432 ARS
Mar del Plata21,226 ARS
Mendoza18,767 ARS
Neuquen19,721 ARS
Quilmes19,616 ARS
Resistencia20,103 ARS
Rosario21,540 ARS
Salta20,846 ARS
San Juan18,678 ARS
San Miguel de Tucuman21,005 ARS
Santa Fe20,666 ARS
Santiago del Estero19,942 ARS
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