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Best Paying Jobs in Iraq

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Dermatologist9,322,589 IQD
2.   Physician - Radiation Therapy8,289,890 IQD
3.   Periodontist7,392,500 IQD
4.   Forensic Pathologist7,077,310 IQD
5.   Pediatrician6,435,290 IQD
6.   Executive Director6,049,009 IQD
7.   Ophthalmologist5,712,129 IQD
8.   Regional Director of Operations5,267,585 IQD
9.   Executive Manager5,093,462 IQD
10.   Anatomic Pathology Supervisor4,888,884 IQD
11.   Director of Business Development4,765,715 IQD
12.   Nuclear Engineer4,631,923 IQD
13.   Maternity Services Director4,570,199 IQD
14.   Deputy Managing Director4,521,814 IQD
15.   Area Sales Director4,435,500 IQD
16.   Physician Assistant4,376,659 IQD
17.   Physical Therapist4,315,078 IQD
18.   Marketing and Sales Head4,249,098 IQD
19.   Product Development Manager4,230,957 IQD
20.   Director of Operations4,195,840 IQD
21.   Purchasing and Sales Executive4,165,381 IQD
22.   Inventory Accountant4,140,914 IQD
23.   Professor - History4,115,305 IQD
24.   Bank Branch Manager4,086,141 IQD
25.   Chief Technologist4,056,359 IQD
26.   Respiratory Care Practitioner4,028,544 IQD
27.   Breast Center Manager3,999,513 IQD
28.   National Sales Manager3,975,150 IQD
29.   Foundation Director3,954,848 IQD
30.   Purchasing and Product Development Director3,936,983 IQD
31.   Professor - Music3,904,573 IQD
32.   Math Lecturer3,885,821 IQD
33.   Biomedical Scientist3,861,459 IQD
34.   Information Technology Operations Manager3,848,297 IQD
35.   Chief of Police3,818,963 IQD
36.   Medical Scientist3,797,168 IQD
37.   Group Head of Human Resources3,768,881 IQD
38.   Water Ecologist3,745,737 IQD
39.   Department Manager3,725,908 IQD
40.   Division Manager3,702,087 IQD
41.   Financial Operations Manager3,679,958 IQD
42.   Digital Marketing Strategist 3,646,020 IQD
43.   Aviation Resources Manager3,622,434 IQD
44.   Corporate Affairs Executive3,609,814 IQD
45.   Trade Marketing Manager3,595,331 IQD
46.   Marketing Communications Executive3,573,748 IQD
47.   Market Research Manager3,544,108 IQD
48.   Clinical Cytogeneticist3,526,204 IQD
49.   Interventional Radiographer3,500,490 IQD
50.   Geologist3,472,003 IQD
51.   Conservation Scientist3,446,883 IQD
52.   Regional Restaurant Manager3,425,812 IQD
53.   Contracts Executive3,407,504 IQD
54.   Assistant General Manager3,399,048 IQD
55.   Regional Manager3,385,882 IQD
56.   Real Estate Project Manager3,375,426 IQD
57.   Human Resources Consultant3,349,846 IQD
58.   Legal Advisor3,339,357 IQD
59.   Nursery Manager3,329,747 IQD
60.   Clinical Operations Manager3,312,828 IQD
61.   Arbitrator3,298,214 IQD
62.   Assistant Manager3,279,499 IQD
63.   Administrative Director3,263,220 IQD
64.   Real Estate Appraiser3,253,137 IQD
65.   Property Manager3,241,438 IQD
66.   Information Technology Quality Assurance Manager3,234,535 IQD
67.   Oil Trader3,224,278 IQD
68.   Debt Adviser3,210,028 IQD
69.   Drug Safety / Medical Information Specialist3,200,321 IQD
70.   Legal Counsel3,193,248 IQD
71.   Engineering Manager3,183,369 IQD
72.   Labor Relations Manager3,175,146 IQD
73.   Lead Technical Field Advisor3,169,629 IQD
74.   Publishing and Printing Manager3,154,134 IQD
75.   Child Psychotherapist3,148,721 IQD
76.   Pharmacist3,133,628 IQD

How much money does a person working in Iraq make?

2,621,578 IQD per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Iraq typically earns around 2,621,578 IQD per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Al-Basrah2,959,660 IQD
Al-Mawsil2,507,967 IQD
An-Najaf2,853,586 IQD
Baghdad3,059,241 IQD
Irbil2,728,202 IQD
Kirkuk2,627,190 IQD
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