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Best Paying Jobs in Jamaica

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[1]   IT Manager (Information Technology)450,000 JMD
[2]   Police Captain (Law Enforcement / Security / Fire)416,667 JMD
[3]   Quality Manager (Quality Control and Compliance)400,000 JMD
[4]   Professor - Computer Science (Teaching / Education)266,667 JMD
[5]   Head of School (Teaching / Education)250,000 JMD
[6]   Print Production Manager (Publishing and Printing)200,000 JMD
[7]   Network Engineer (Information Technology)193,000 JMD
[8]   Creative Director (Advertising / Grapic Design / Event Management)180,000 JMD
[9]   Web Developer (Information Technology)166,667 JMD
[10]   Pharmacist (Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology)150,000 JMD
[11]   Mechanical Engineering Manager (Engineering)134,150 JMD
[12]   Purchasing Manager (Purchasing and Inventory)125,000 JMD
[13]   Business Development Officer (Banking)125,000 JMD
[14]   Sales Representative (Sales Retail and Wholesale)124,000 JMD
[15]   Art Supervisor (Publishing and Printing)119,000 JMD
[16]   Financial Accountant (Accounting and Finance)110,000 JMD
[17]   Development Coordinator (Fundraising and Non Profit)101,000 JMD
[18]   Receptionist (Administration / Reception / Secretarial)96,000 JMD
[19]   Administrative Assistant (Administration / Reception / Secretarial)83,000 JMD
[20]   Accounting Clerk (Accounting and Finance)65,222 JMD
[21]   Accounting Assistant (Accounting and Finance)51,900 JMD
[22]   IT Support (Information Technology)50,000 JMD
[23]   Graphic Designer (Advertising / Grapic Design / Event Management)50,000 JMD

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