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Best Paying Jobs in Jamaica 2020

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Cardiology773,000 JMD
2.   Physician - Radiology635,000 JMD
3.   Interventionist606,000 JMD
4.   Prosthodontist558,000 JMD
5.   Physician - Pediatric Cardiology536,000 JMD
6.   Physician - Infectious Disease514,000 JMD
7.   Exercise Physiologist478,000 JMD
8.   CEO459,000 JMD
9.   Physician - CCU440,000 JMD
10.   Physician - Generalist425,000 JMD
11.   Financial Manager397,000 JMD
12.   Physician - Family Practice384,000 JMD
13.   Emergency Department Physician375,000 JMD
14.   General Medical Practitioner362,000 JMD
15.   Marketing Manager352,000 JMD
16.   Professor - Medicine344,000 JMD
17.   Risk and Capital Manager341,000 JMD
18.   Operations Executive338,000 JMD
19.   Area Sales Director335,000 JMD
20.   Registered Respiratory Therapist332,000 JMD
21.   Tax Director329,000 JMD
22.   Speech and Language Pathologist326,000 JMD
23.   Bank Operations Head324,000 JMD
24.   Marketing and Sales Head319,000 JMD
25.   Operational Manager318,000 JMD
26.   Inventory Accountant315,000 JMD
27.   Public Relations Manager313,000 JMD
28.   Litigation Attorney312,000 JMD
29.   Corporate Director of Human Resources310,000 JMD
30.   Management Executive308,000 JMD
31.   Emergency Management Director307,000 JMD
32.   Deputy General Manager305,000 JMD
33.   Procurement Manager303,000 JMD
34.   Search Marketing Strategist302,000 JMD
35.   Professor - Environmental Engineering300,000 JMD
36.   Psychologist299,000 JMD
37.   Brand Ambassador298,000 JMD
38.   Distribution Manager296,000 JMD
39.   Professor - History296,000 JMD
40.   Global Technical Lead295,000 JMD
41.   Media Program Director293,000 JMD
42.   Professor - Education292,000 JMD
43.   Location Manager290,000 JMD
44.   Professor - Business Administration289,000 JMD
45.   Assistant Bank Manager288,000 JMD
46.   Information Technology Manager287,000 JMD
47.   Professor - Pharmaceutical Sciences286,000 JMD
48.   Media Relations Manager285,000 JMD
49.   Petroleum Geologist284,000 JMD
50.   Physicist283,000 JMD
51.   Medical Insurance Manager282,000 JMD
52.   Human Resources Development Manager280,000 JMD
53.   Equity Analyst280,000 JMD
54.   Recruiting Manager279,000 JMD
55.   Credit Risk Analyst278,000 JMD
56.   Financial Banking Analysis Manager277,000 JMD
57.   Trade Marketing Executive275,000 JMD
58.   Exploration Manager274,000 JMD
59.   Financial Operations Manager273,000 JMD
60.   Natural Sciences Manager272,000 JMD
61.   Airport Services Manager270,000 JMD
62.   Financial Systems Manager270,000 JMD
63.   Investment Operations Manager269,000 JMD
64.   Revenue Recognition Analyst267,000 JMD
65.   Head of School266,000 JMD
66.   DNA Analyst265,000 JMD
67.   Human Resources Manager263,000 JMD
68.   Department Manager262,000 JMD
69.   Technology Development Manager261,000 JMD
70.   Marketing Segment Manager259,000 JMD
71.   Medical Policy Manager258,000 JMD
72.   Assistant Hospitality Manager257,000 JMD
73.   Product Marketing Executive256,000 JMD
74.   Key Acoount Manager255,000 JMD
75.   District Manager254,000 JMD
76.   Assistant Marketing Manager253,000 JMD
77.   Project Portfolio Manager252,000 JMD
78.   Assistant Vice President251,000 JMD
79.   Psychometrist250,000 JMD
80.   Patient Safety Manager250,000 JMD
81.   Telecommunication Consultant249,000 JMD
82.   Localization Manager248,000 JMD
83.   Director of Engineering248,000 JMD
84.   Biochemist246,000 JMD
85.   Operational Excellence General Manager246,000 JMD
86.   Assistant General Manager245,000 JMD
87.   Health Economist244,000 JMD
88.   Human Resources Deputy Manager 244,000 JMD
89.   Laboratory Manager243,000 JMD
90.   Engineering Manager242,000 JMD
91.   Financial Bank Planning Consultant242,000 JMD
92.   Training Manager241,000 JMD
93.   Biologist240,000 JMD
94.   Insurance Program Manager239,000 JMD
95.   Spa Manager239,000 JMD
96.   Digital Media Specialist238,000 JMD
97.   Airline Pilot238,000 JMD
98.   Market Research Analyst237,000 JMD
99.   Molecular and Cellular Biologist236,000 JMD
100.   Aircraft Captain236,000 JMD
101.   Compliance Specialist235,000 JMD
102.   Safety Manager235,000 JMD
103.   Technical Manager234,000 JMD
104.   Corporate Dealer234,000 JMD
105.   Warehouse Manager233,000 JMD
106.   Business Intelligence Team Leader233,000 JMD
107.   Product Development Scientist233,000 JMD
108.   Major Incident Manager232,000 JMD
109.   Change Management232,000 JMD
110.   Infection Control Practitioner231,000 JMD
111.   Client Relationship Executive231,000 JMD

How much money does a person working in Jamaica make?

Average Monthly Salary
194,000 JMD
( 2,330,000 JMD yearly)


A person working in Jamaica typically earns around 194,000 JMD per month. Salaries range from 26,300 JMD (lowest average) to 860,000 JMD (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. Salaries vary drastically between different careers. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Kingston214,000 JMD

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