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Best Paying Jobs in Japan 2020

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Urology3,910,000 JPY
2.   Physician - Neurology3,340,000 JPY
3.   Oral Surgeon3,120,000 JPY
4.   Physician - Rheumatology2,990,000 JPY
5.   Physician - Pediatric Neonatology2,760,000 JPY
6.   Physician - Maternal / Fetal Medicine2,690,000 JPY
7.   Preventive Medicine Physician2,480,000 JPY
8.   Physician - Hospitalist2,350,000 JPY
9.   Physician - Pathology2,300,000 JPY
10.   Capital Risk Manager2,160,000 JPY
11.   Executive Manager2,020,000 JPY
12.   Registered Dietitian1,940,000 JPY
13.   Country Manager1,910,000 JPY
14.   Mental Health Therapst1,860,000 JPY
15.   Head of Marketing1,840,000 JPY
16.   Area Sales Director1,800,000 JPY
17.   Brand Marketing1,780,000 JPY
18.   Professor - Physics1,760,000 JPY
19.   Financial Services Manager1,740,000 JPY
20.   Chief Operating Officer1,730,000 JPY
21.   Physical Therapist1,710,000 JPY
22.   Quality Director1,700,000 JPY
23.   Epidemiologist1,690,000 JPY
24.   Professor - Computer Science1,680,000 JPY
25.   Skin Care Specialist1,660,000 JPY
26.   Supply Chain Director1,650,000 JPY
27.   Membership Administration Manager1,650,000 JPY
28.   Professor - Environmental Engineering1,640,000 JPY
29.   Global Master Data Manager1,630,000 JPY
30.   Supply Operations Manager1,620,000 JPY
31.   Distribution Manager1,610,000 JPY
32.   Academic Clinician1,610,000 JPY
33.   Fundraising Director1,600,000 JPY
34.   Human Resources Director1,600,000 JPY
35.   Bank Branch Manager1,590,000 JPY
36.   Marketing Executive1,590,000 JPY
37.   Professor - Communication1,580,000 JPY
38.   Commercial Leasing Manager1,570,000 JPY
39.   Power Plant Operations Manager1,560,000 JPY
40.   Professor - Business Administration1,550,000 JPY
41.   Derivative Trader1,550,000 JPY
42.   Real Estate Project Director1,540,000 JPY
43.   Patent Attorney1,530,000 JPY
44.   Professor - Special Education1,520,000 JPY
45.   Mathematician1,510,000 JPY
46.   Risk Management Director1,510,000 JPY
47.   Telecommunication Project Manager1,500,000 JPY
48.   Project Manager1,490,000 JPY
49.   Atmospheric and Space Scientist1,490,000 JPY
50.   Executive Human Capital Management1,480,000 JPY
51.   Water Ecologist1,480,000 JPY
52.   Human Resources Vice President1,470,000 JPY
53.   Check Processing Manager1,460,000 JPY
54.   Paralegal1,450,000 JPY
55.   Engineering Lecturer1,450,000 JPY
56.   Professor - Music1,440,000 JPY
57.   Operations Supervisor1,430,000 JPY
58.   Supervisor1,420,000 JPY
59.   Clinical Scientist1,420,000 JPY
60.   Department Head1,410,000 JPY
61.   Private Sector Executive1,400,000 JPY
62.   Customer Service Manager1,400,000 JPY
63.   Investment Analyst1,390,000 JPY
64.   Mortgage Development Manager1,380,000 JPY
65.   Depot Manager1,380,000 JPY
66.   Energy Advisor1,370,000 JPY
67.   Sales Executive1,360,000 JPY
68.   Import and Export Consultant1,360,000 JPY
69.   Pharmaceutical Research Scientist1,350,000 JPY
70.   Quality Manager1,340,000 JPY
71.   Aircraft Pilot1,340,000 JPY
72.   Head of Department1,330,000 JPY
73.   Business Development Executive1,330,000 JPY
74.   Assistant Finance Manager1,320,000 JPY
75.   Bankruptcy Coordinator1,310,000 JPY
76.   Associate Product Manager1,310,000 JPY
77.   Climate Change Analyst1,310,000 JPY
78.   Engineering Manager1,310,000 JPY
79.   Geomatics Scientist1,300,000 JPY
80.   Validation Manager1,290,000 JPY
81.   Account Manager1,290,000 JPY
82.   Claims Manager1,290,000 JPY
83.   Assistant Vice President1,280,000 JPY
84.   Psychology Teacher1,280,000 JPY
85.   Loan Collection Manager1,280,000 JPY
86.   Intelligence Research Specialist1,270,000 JPY
87.   Business Operations Specialist1,270,000 JPY
88.   Associate Account Director1,270,000 JPY
89.   Zoo Veterinarian1,260,000 JPY
90.   Loan Branch Manager1,260,000 JPY
91.   Assistant Manager1,260,000 JPY
92.   Project Portfolio Manager1,260,000 JPY
93.   Director of Engineering1,250,000 JPY
94.   Biomedical Engineering Director1,250,000 JPY
95.   Information Technology Project Manager1,250,000 JPY
96.   Learning and Development Manager1,240,000 JPY
97.   Mining Project Manager1,240,000 JPY
98.   Project Manager1,240,000 JPY
99.   Quality Assurance Executive1,230,000 JPY
100.   Regional Account Manager1,230,000 JPY

How much money does a person working in Japan make?

Average Monthly Salary
1,040,000 JPY
( 12,400,000 JPY yearly)


A person working in Japan typically earns around 1,040,000 JPY per month. Salaries range from 140,000 JPY (lowest average) to 4,590,000 JPY (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. Salaries vary drastically between different careers. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Fukuoka1,060,000 JPY
Hiroshima959,000 JPY
Kawasaki999,000 JPY
Kobe1,040,000 JPY
Kyoto1,020,000 JPY
Nagoya1,100,000 JPY
Osaka1,120,000 JPY
Saitama979,000 JPY
Sapporo1,080,000 JPY
Sendai939,000 JPY
Tokyo1,160,000 JPY
Yokohama1,140,000 JPY

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