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Best Paying Jobs Jordan

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Pilot8,000 JOD
2.   Chief Information Technology Officer8,000 JOD
3.   Warehouse Manager7,000 JOD
4.   Area Manager6,000 JOD
5.   Project Manager5,500 JOD
6.   Managing Director5,500 JOD
7.   Sales Director5,250 JOD
8.   Physical Therapist5,167 JOD
9.   Planning Director5,000 JOD
10.   Creative Director5,000 JOD
11.   Telecommunications Engineer4,000 JOD
12.   Site engineer4,000 JOD
13.   General Manager3,850 JOD
14.   Chief Financial Officer (CFO)3,750 JOD
15.   Group Branch Manager3,200 JOD
16.   Deputy General Manager3,000 JOD
17.   Professor - Business Administration3,000 JOD
18.   Civil Engineer2,980 JOD
19.   Financial Planning Consultant2,900 JOD
20.   Financial Manager2,825 JOD
21.   Administrative Director2,500 JOD
22.   Security Manager2,500 JOD
23.   Enterprise Architecture Manager2,500 JOD
24.   Audit Supervisor2,500 JOD
25.   IT Product Manager2,500 JOD
26.   Chief Accountant2,500 JOD
27.   Auditor2,400 JOD
28.   Compliance Director2,400 JOD
29.   Technical Manager2,300 JOD
30.   Call Centre Manager2,300 JOD
31.   Customer Service Manager2,300 JOD
32.   Associate Creative Director2,200 JOD
33.   Art Director2,200 JOD
34.   Beverage Manager2,000 JOD
35.   Quality Control Engineer2,000 JOD
36.   IT Manager2,000 JOD
37.   Petroleum Geologist2,000 JOD
38.   Senior Electrical Engineer2,000 JOD
39.   Sales Manager2,000 JOD
40.   Operations Manager2,000 JOD
41.   Operations Manager2,000 JOD
42.   Marketing Manager1,950 JOD
43.   National Sales Manager1,917 JOD
44.   Call Center Supervisor1,800 JOD
45.   Human Resources Assistant Manager1,800 JOD
46.   Java Developer1,700 JOD
47.   ERP / CRM - Technical Consultant1,650 JOD
48.   Purchaser1,600 JOD
49.   Government Affairs Director1,500 JOD
50.   Consultant1,500 JOD
51.   Compensation Analyst1,500 JOD
52.   Project Engineer1,500 JOD
53.   Human Resources Manager1,450 JOD
54.   Administrative Assistant1,400 JOD
55.   Sales Manager1,350 JOD
56.   Business Development Manager1,300 JOD
57.   Business Intelligence Analyst1,300 JOD
58.   Engineer1,250 JOD
59.   Sharepoint Developer1,210 JOD
60.   Project Manager1,200 JOD
61.   Project Manager1,192 JOD
62.   Business Development1,185 JOD
63.   Translator1,100 JOD
64.   Purchasing Manager1,040 JOD
65.   Account Manager1,000 JOD
66.   Bus Driver1,000 JOD
67.   Hotel Service Supervisor1,000 JOD
68.   Sales Manager950 JOD
69.   Executive Assistant900 JOD
70.   Human Resources (HR) Officer845 JOD
71.   Media Planner830 JOD
72.   Production Manager800 JOD
73.   Interior Designer800 JOD
74.   Design Engineer795 JOD
75.   Senior Accountant750 JOD
76.   Social Media Executive750 JOD
77.   Room Reservations Manager750 JOD
78.   Engineer750 JOD
79.   Leasing Consultant730 JOD
80.   Quality Manager700 JOD
81.   Accounting Supervisor700 JOD
82.   Quantity Surveyors700 JOD
83.   Accounts Payable and Receivable Specialist650 JOD
84.   Staff Nurse600 JOD
85.   PHP Developer600 JOD
86.   Development Coordinator600 JOD
87.   Python Developer600 JOD
88.   Accountant590 JOD
89.   Project Leader550 JOD
90.   Graphic Designer533 JOD
91.   Quality Control Analyst500 JOD
92.   Industrial Engineer500 JOD
93.   Marketing Officer478 JOD
94.   Employment Services Coordinator450 JOD
95.   Mechanic450 JOD
96.   Architect450 JOD
97.   Client Service Representative450 JOD
98.   Logistics Coordinator400 JOD
99.   Banking Operations Department Manager300 JOD

How much money does a person working in Jordan make?

2,004 JOD per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Jordan typically earns around 2,004 JOD per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

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