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Best Paying Jobs in Surabaya

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Urologist59,673,664 IDR
2.   Physician - Immunology / Allergy53,517,622 IDR
3.   Neurologist49,684,008 IDR
4.   Physician - Rheumatology47,293,639 IDR
5.   Doctor43,502,575 IDR
6.   CEO40,059,282 IDR
7.   Psychometrician38,480,591 IDR
8.   Optometrist35,709,952 IDR
9.   Capital Risk Manager33,778,263 IDR
10.   Vice President31,696,827 IDR
11.   Prosthetist31,343,593 IDR
12.   Speech and Language Pathologist30,547,669 IDR
13.   Professor - Medicine29,926,718 IDR
14.   Crown Prosecution Service Lawyer29,500,879 IDR
15.   Deputy CFO29,168,946 IDR
16.   President of Marketing28,805,847 IDR
17.   Operations Manager28,500,607 IDR
18.   Investment Advisor28,298,035 IDR
19.   Manager28,074,387 IDR
20.   Sales Admin Executive27,874,456 IDR
21.   Foundation Director27,521,845 IDR
22.   Sales Manager27,344,258 IDR
23.   Chief Information Officer27,074,549 IDR
24.   Emergency Services Director26,890,369 IDR
25.   Hotel Manager26,777,637 IDR
26.   Director of Product Management26,667,179 IDR
27.   Corporate Sales Manager26,449,827 IDR
28.   Marketing Executive26,363,683 IDR
29.   General Manager26,258,892 IDR
30.   Fundraising Director26,074,712 IDR
31.   Head of Human Resources25,869,898 IDR
32.   Associate Medical Affairs Director25,769,040 IDR
33.   Sales Administration Manager25,627,416 IDR
34.   Atmospheric and Space Scientist25,457,707 IDR
35.   Director of Medical Staff Services25,337,989 IDR
36.   Distribution Executive25,181,036 IDR
37.   Banking Business Planning Executive25,047,668 IDR
38.   Head of Supply Chain24,915,718 IDR
39.   Distribution Manager24,745,980 IDR
40.   Life Scientist24,564,691 IDR
41.   Equity Analyst24,447,381 IDR
42.   Market Development Executive24,146,078 IDR
43.   Engineering Lecturer24,040,850 IDR
44.   Bank Operations Specialist23,943,479 IDR
45.   Financial Systems Manager23,757,970 IDR
46.   Head of Communications23,647,945 IDR
47.   Ecologist23,540,892 IDR
48.   Supervisor23,420,774 IDR
49.   Bank Project Manager23,301,281 IDR
50.   Commercial Manager23,121,244 IDR
51.   Chief of Police23,010,257 IDR
52.   Bank Propositions Manager22,847,204 IDR
53.   Journalist22,748,936 IDR
54.   Assistant Manager22,596,987 IDR
55.   Director of Facilities Management22,391,136 IDR
56.   Technical Project Manager22,288,879 IDR
57.   Human Resources Services Manager22,176,250 IDR
58.   Product Development22,100,789 IDR
59.   Depot Manager21,940,515 IDR
60.   Pharmaceutical Quality Auditor21,806,984 IDR
61.   Business Operations Lead21,735,485 IDR
62.   Print Production Manager21,607,879 IDR
63.   Information Technology Executive21,518,244 IDR
64.   Engineering Manager21,470,197 IDR
65.   Training Manager21,414,090 IDR
66.   Business Development Specialist21,351,763 IDR
67.   District Manager21,294,567 IDR
68.   Industrial Ecologist21,217,606 IDR
69.   Information Technology Project Director21,154,458 IDR
70.   Risk Management Specialist21,063,226 IDR
71.   Real Estate Association Manager21,000,133 IDR
72.   Marine Biologist20,938,743 IDR
73.   Grooming Salon Manager20,880,819 IDR
74.   Pharmaceutical Team Leader20,849,863 IDR
75.   Chemical Plant Operator20,796,622 IDR
76.   Biomedical Engineering Director20,758,057 IDR
77.   Assistant Project Manager20,692,249 IDR
78.   Labor Relations Manager20,615,730 IDR
79.   Service Delivery Manager20,570,535 IDR
80.   Telecommunication Solution Architect20,497,533 IDR
81.   Logistics Manager20,452,599 IDR
82.   Veterinarian20,393,437 IDR
83.   News Reporter20,315,376 IDR

How much money does a person working in Surabaya make?

17,593,896 IDR per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Surabaya typically earns around 17,593,896 IDR per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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