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Best Paying Jobs in Medan

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Surgeon - Trauma56,709,334 IDR
2.   Internist50,198,157 IDR
3.   Physician - Pediatric Neonatology46,335,066 IDR
4.   Chief Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation42,609,265 IDR
5.   Clinical Director39,273,657 IDR
6.   Medical Director36,751,340 IDR
7.   Surgical Assistant34,491,260 IDR
8.   International Banking Manager31,533,156 IDR
9.   Emergency Department Physician30,879,487 IDR
10.   COO29,758,324 IDR
11.   College Dean28,960,208 IDR
12.   Brand Executive28,467,403 IDR
13.   Nuclear Engineer27,991,067 IDR
14.   Deputy Manager27,702,669 IDR
15.   Area Sales Manager27,422,917 IDR
16.   Operations Executive27,035,874 IDR
17.   Professor - Economics26,521,087 IDR
18.   Litigation Attorney26,385,967 IDR
19.   Physical Therapist26,157,551 IDR
20.   Director of Product Management25,981,026 IDR
21.   Purchasing Manager25,711,131 IDR
22.   Information Technology Director25,522,581 IDR
23.   Rehabilitation Services Manager25,370,586 IDR
24.   Professor - Computer Science25,235,667 IDR
25.   Chief Technologist25,007,634 IDR
26.   Quality Manager24,855,611 IDR
27.   Fundraising Director24,754,263 IDR
28.   Internal Bank Audit Manager24,575,176 IDR
29.   Import and Export Manager24,426,144 IDR
30.   Director of Medical Staff Services24,348,871 IDR
31.   Corporate Compliance Director24,184,814 IDR
32.   Enterprise Infrastructure Manager24,049,036 IDR
33.   Risk Management Director23,880,960 IDR
34.   Professor - Drama23,649,169 IDR
35.   Global Product Manager23,487,413 IDR
36.   Professor - Nursing23,287,230 IDR
37.   Distribution Manager23,145,363 IDR
38.   Product Manager23,059,217 IDR
39.   Foreign Exchange Manager22,921,556 IDR
40.   Location Manager22,677,507 IDR
41.   Distribution Executive22,483,195 IDR
42.   Recruiting Manager22,288,338 IDR
43.   Insurance Manager22,065,119 IDR
44.   Bank Programme Manager21,960,412 IDR
45.   Geomatics Scientist21,794,900 IDR
46.   Assistant Finance Manager21,665,299 IDR
47.   Energy Advisor21,518,101 IDR
48.   Youth Development Manager21,354,908 IDR
49.   Assistant General Manager21,210,058 IDR
50.   Head of Sustainability21,112,904 IDR
51.   Spa Manager20,999,318 IDR
52.   Investment Analyst20,911,905 IDR
53.   Public Management Assistant Professor20,838,861 IDR
54.   Medical Policy Manager20,754,408 IDR
55.   Corporate Banker20,620,975 IDR
56.   Assistant Sales and Marketing Manager20,547,891 IDR
57.   Market Research Analyst20,460,906 IDR
58.   Financial Bank Planning Consultant20,361,656 IDR
59.   Expatriate Administration Manager20,280,628 IDR
60.   Online Banking Specialist20,223,567 IDR
61.   Loan Area Manager20,134,036 IDR
62.   Assistant Vice President20,078,781 IDR
63.   Loan Collection and Recovery Manager20,030,572 IDR
64.   Real Estate Association Manager19,950,388 IDR
65.   Solar Energy Installation Manager19,920,594 IDR
66.   Operations Training Specialist Head19,865,512 IDR
67.   Engineering Planning Manager19,800,877 IDR
68.   Quality Assurance Manager19,720,181 IDR
69.   Fashion Design Manager19,678,188 IDR
70.   Anthropologist19,616,533 IDR
71.   Health Economist19,548,786 IDR

How much money does a person working in Medan make?

16,976,601 IDR per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Medan typically earns around 16,976,601 IDR per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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