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Best Paying Jobs in Korea (South)

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Surgeon - Trauma14,543,670 KRW
2.   Physician - Internal Medicine13,206,978 KRW
3.   Physician - Pediatric Neonatology11,886,471 KRW
4.   Doctor10,810,134 KRW
5.   Physician - Nephrology10,060,988 KRW
6.   Chief Financial Officer9,467,557 KRW
7.   Podiatrist8,640,166 KRW
8.   Director of Board8,142,077 KRW
9.   Area Sales Director7,851,064 KRW
10.   President of Marketing7,612,003 KRW
11.   Maternity Services Director7,444,630 KRW
12.   Deputy CFO7,336,316 KRW
13.   Sales Director7,242,644 KRW
14.   Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Lead7,127,224 KRW
15.   Commercial Director7,014,025 KRW
16.   Sales and Marketing Director6,954,093 KRW
17.   Marketing and Sales Head6,910,810 KRW
18.   Information Technology Director6,881,277 KRW
19.   Membership Administration Manager6,815,139 KRW
20.   Chief Product Officer6,756,753 KRW
21.   Media Sales Manager6,689,050 KRW
22.   Power Plant Operations Manager6,659,087 KRW
23.   Attorney6,585,608 KRW
24.   Technical Director6,547,320 KRW
25.   Treatment Services Director6,512,587 KRW
26.   Bank Branch Manager6,488,838 KRW
27.   Geothermal Production Manager6,445,217 KRW
28.   Derivative Trader6,418,361 KRW
29.   Geophysicist6,369,084 KRW
30.   Chief of Police6,336,352 KRW
31.   General Manager6,282,849 KRW
32.   Director of Communications6,228,250 KRW
33.   Cards Marketing Manager6,187,300 KRW
34.   Director of Revenue Management6,141,012 KRW
35.   Media Product Development Manager6,084,740 KRW
36.   Aviation Resources Manager6,058,431 KRW
37.   Event Marketing6,021,039 KRW
38.   Fraud Prevention Manager5,982,403 KRW
39.   Head of Retail Design Management5,931,915 KRW
40.   Human Resources Manager5,884,627 KRW
41.   Government Affairs Advisor5,815,048 KRW
42.   Audit Supervisor5,768,434 KRW
43.   Regional Restaurant Manager5,738,357 KRW
44.   Associate Marketing Manager5,694,185 KRW
45.   Telecommunication Service Delivery Manager5,648,900 KRW
46.   Information Program Director5,619,372 KRW
47.   Publishing and Printing Manager5,582,979 KRW
48.   Quality Manager5,533,251 KRW
49.   Information Technology Asset Manager5,503,967 KRW
50.   Assistant Product Manager5,471,772 KRW
51.   Sociologist5,438,477 KRW
52.   Assistant Project Manager5,414,273 KRW
53.   Change Management5,393,409 KRW
54.   Mining Project Manager5,372,545 KRW
55.   Customer Service Manager5,348,579 KRW
56.   Education Assistant Professor5,324,719 KRW
57.   Patient Care Services Executive5,305,295 KRW
58.   Risk Management Supervisor5,284,652 KRW
59.   Finance Specialist5,273,997 KRW
60.   Social Scientist5,252,688 KRW
61.   Catering Manager5,233,044 KRW
62.   Service Delivery Manager5,211,173 KRW
63.   Engineering Production Manager5,190,974 KRW
64.   Laboratory Supervisor 5,174,335 KRW
65.   Hotel Sales Manager5,156,474 KRW
66.   Information Technology Executive5,145,471 KRW

How much money does a person working in Korea (South) make?

4,349,013 KRW per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Korea (South) typically earns around 4,349,013 KRW per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Bucheon4,031,860 KRW
Busan4,794,381 KRW
Daegu4,626,195 KRW
Daejeon4,541,832 KRW
Goyang4,206,813 KRW
Gwangju4,457,288 KRW
Incheon4,710,379 KRW
Seongnam4,109,006 KRW
Seoul4,878,204 KRW
Suweon4,372,563 KRW
Ulsan4,291,989 KRW
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