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Best Paying Jobs in Korea (South) 2020

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Surgeon - Neurology36,900,000 KRW
2.   Physician - Radiology31,400,000 KRW
3.   Surgeon - Burn30,300,000 KRW
4.   Endodontist29,600,000 KRW
5.   Physician - Sports Medicine27,700,000 KRW
6.   Psychiatrist26,500,000 KRW
7.   Radiology Manager24,700,000 KRW
8.   Exercise Physiologist24,100,000 KRW
9.   Executive Director22,800,000 KRW
10.   Medical Director22,300,000 KRW
11.   Bank Manager21,600,000 KRW
12.   President20,800,000 KRW
13.   Healthcare Practitioner19,500,000 KRW
14.   Physician - Ophthalmology19,000,000 KRW
15.   Director of Board18,300,000 KRW
16.   Allergist18,000,000 KRW
17.   Physiotherapist17,700,000 KRW
18.   Optician17,500,000 KRW
19.   Director of Business Development17,100,000 KRW
20.   Marketing Manager16,800,000 KRW
21.   Physical Therapist16,700,000 KRW
22.   Nuclear Engineer16,600,000 KRW
23.   Deputy Managing Director16,500,000 KRW
24.   Quality Director16,400,000 KRW
25.   Epidemiologist16,200,000 KRW
26.   Planning Director16,100,000 KRW
27.   Deputy Manager16,000,000 KRW
28.   Brand Manager15,800,000 KRW
29.   Magistrate Judge15,700,000 KRW
30.   Sales and Marketing Director15,700,000 KRW
31.   Finance Executive15,600,000 KRW
32.   Professor - Chemistry15,600,000 KRW
33.   National Account Manager15,500,000 KRW
34.   Hospitality Director15,500,000 KRW
35.   Media Program Director15,400,000 KRW
36.   Project Control Manager15,300,000 KRW
37.   Sales Director15,300,000 KRW
38.   Chief Technologist15,200,000 KRW
39.   Head of Executive Search15,100,000 KRW
40.   Auditing Insurance Manager15,100,000 KRW
41.   Professor - Dentistry15,000,000 KRW
42.   General Counsel14,900,000 KRW
43.   Procurement Manager14,900,000 KRW
44.   Professor - English14,800,000 KRW
45.   Technical Director14,700,000 KRW
46.   State Advisor14,700,000 KRW
47.   Professor - History14,700,000 KRW
48.   Business Development Manager14,600,000 KRW
49.   Engineering Geologist14,600,000 KRW
50.   Head of Direct Sales14,500,000 KRW
51.   Head of Communications14,500,000 KRW
52.   Import and Export Manager14,500,000 KRW
53.   Director of Training and Development14,400,000 KRW
54.   Academic Clinician14,400,000 KRW
55.   Professor - Philosophy14,300,000 KRW
56.   Financial Operations Manager14,300,000 KRW
57.   Network and Infrastructure Manager14,200,000 KRW
58.   Emergency Management Director14,200,000 KRW
59.   Relationship Manager14,100,000 KRW
60.   Director of Communications14,000,000 KRW
61.   Aviation Safety Manager14,000,000 KRW
62.   Market Segmentation Director13,900,000 KRW
63.   Professor - Rehabilitation13,900,000 KRW
64.   Information Technology Manager13,800,000 KRW
65.   Supervisor13,800,000 KRW
66.   Product Executive13,700,000 KRW
67.   Bank Programme Manager13,700,000 KRW
68.   Bank Project Manager13,600,000 KRW
69.   Assistant Operations Manager13,600,000 KRW
70.   Information Systems Manager13,500,000 KRW
71.   Water Ecologist13,500,000 KRW
72.   Clinical Scientist13,400,000 KRW
73.   Bank Propositions Manager13,400,000 KRW
74.   Dosimetrist13,300,000 KRW
75.   Human Resources Manager13,300,000 KRW
76.   Life Scientist13,200,000 KRW
77.   Geophysicist13,100,000 KRW
78.   Insurance Operations Manager13,100,000 KRW
79.   Client Delivery Manager13,000,000 KRW
80.   Scientist12,900,000 KRW
81.   Assistant Bank Branch Manager12,900,000 KRW
82.   Investment Fund Manager12,800,000 KRW
83.   Mortgage Funding Manager12,800,000 KRW
84.   Lab Manager12,700,000 KRW
85.   Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Manager12,700,000 KRW
86.   Business Intelligence Manager12,700,000 KRW
87.   Campaign Manager12,600,000 KRW
88.   Real Estate Appraiser12,600,000 KRW
89.   Associate Producer12,500,000 KRW
90.   Quality Manager12,500,000 KRW
91.   Financial Reporting Manager12,400,000 KRW
92.   Assistant Food and Beverage Director12,400,000 KRW
93.   Assistant Marketing Manager12,300,000 KRW
94.   Supply Chain Development Manager12,300,000 KRW
95.   Call Center Manager12,300,000 KRW
96.   DNA Analyst12,200,000 KRW
97.   Sales Officer 12,200,000 KRW
98.   Law Teacher12,200,000 KRW
99.   Validation Manager12,200,000 KRW
100.   Clinical Biochemist12,100,000 KRW
101.   Accounting Head12,100,000 KRW
102.   Restaurant Manager12,100,000 KRW
103.   Media Operations Manager12,000,000 KRW
104.   Telecommunication Consultant12,000,000 KRW
105.   Education Assistant Professor12,000,000 KRW
106.   Military Personnel12,000,000 KRW
107.   Geologist11,900,000 KRW
108.   Intelligence Research Specialist11,900,000 KRW
109.   Actor11,900,000 KRW
110.   Respiratory Manager11,900,000 KRW
111.   Fashion Store Manager11,900,000 KRW
112.   Telecommunication Solution Architect11,900,000 KRW
113.   Pharmaceutical Team Leader11,800,000 KRW
114.   Human Resources Deputy Manager 11,800,000 KRW
115.   Operations Training Specialist Head11,800,000 KRW
116.   Corporate Dealer11,700,000 KRW
117.   Engineering Planning Manager11,700,000 KRW
118.   Mechanical Engineering Manager11,700,000 KRW
119.   Quality Assurance Supervisor11,700,000 KRW
120.   Operations Manager 11,700,000 KRW
121.   Learning and Development Manager11,600,000 KRW
122.   Reporter11,600,000 KRW
123.   Associate Attorney11,600,000 KRW
124.   Veterinarian11,600,000 KRW
125.   Recruitment Supervisor11,500,000 KRW

How much money does a person working in Korea (South) make?

Average Monthly Salary
9,800,000 KRW
( 118,000,000 KRW yearly)


A person working in Korea (South) typically earns around 9,800,000 KRW per month. Salaries range from 1,330,000 KRW (lowest average) to 43,400,000 KRW (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. Salaries vary drastically between different careers. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Bucheon9,080,000 KRW
Busan10,800,000 KRW
Daegu10,400,000 KRW
Daejeon10,200,000 KRW
Goyang9,480,000 KRW
Gwangju10,000,000 KRW
Incheon10,600,000 KRW
Seongnam9,260,000 KRW
Seoul11,000,000 KRW
Suweon9,850,000 KRW
Ulsan9,670,000 KRW

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