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Best Paying Jobs in Depok

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Surgeon - Pediatric46,840,325 IDR
2.   Oral Surgeon40,509,026 IDR
3.   Endodontist38,477,200 IDR
4.   Radiation Therapist35,373,727 IDR
5.   Physician - Pediatric Neonatology33,084,294 IDR
6.   Clinical Director31,907,725 IDR
7.   Chief Executive Officer30,579,828 IDR
8.   Optometrist28,881,628 IDR
9.   Psychometrician27,773,266 IDR
10.   Director of Finance25,518,284 IDR
11.   Healthcare Practitioner24,790,675 IDR
12.   Chief Corporate Officer24,067,876 IDR
13.   Group Marketing Manager23,239,254 IDR
14.   Brand Director22,693,518 IDR
15.   Physical Therapist22,420,650 IDR
16.   Head of Strategy21,970,115 IDR
17.   Optician21,783,958 IDR
18.   Marketing Manager21,578,027 IDR
19.   Regional Sales Manager21,409,119 IDR
20.   Sales Director21,236,671 IDR
21.   Phlebotomist21,071,302 IDR
22.   Lecturer20,915,047 IDR
23.   Professor - Law20,665,255 IDR
24.   Program Director20,505,772 IDR
25.   Manager20,386,552 IDR
26.   Planning Director20,239,402 IDR
27.   Skin Care Specialist20,074,712 IDR
28.   Biological Scientist19,985,405 IDR
29.   Information Technology Manager19,856,084 IDR
30.   Manufacturing Manager19,762,872 IDR
31.   Commercial Leasing Manager19,697,580 IDR
32.   Business Development Manager19,606,951 IDR
33.   Technical Director19,536,433 IDR
34.   Finance Executive19,451,031 IDR
35.   Head of Information Technology19,330,860 IDR
36.   Professor - Legal Support19,219,100 IDR
37.   Chairman Office Manager19,162,887 IDR
38.   Mining Project Manager19,051,186 IDR
39.   Chief Product Officer18,983,244 IDR
40.   Sales Admin Executive18,903,982 IDR
41.   Product Development Manager18,827,351 IDR
42.   Business Manager18,714,632 IDR
43.   Production Executive18,669,190 IDR
44.   Judge Advocate18,577,220 IDR
45.   Day Spa Manager18,473,954 IDR
46.   Vice President of Finance18,330,356 IDR
47.   PMO Manager18,226,408 IDR
48.   Media Relation Executive18,125,036 IDR
49.   Human Resources Executive Director18,052,623 IDR
50.   Media Design Manager17,973,692 IDR
51.   Professor - Music17,902,226 IDR
52.   Professor - Drama17,818,123 IDR
53.   Head of Retail17,644,327 IDR
54.   Head of School17,544,897 IDR
55.   Fundraising Manager17,473,431 IDR
56.   R/D Director17,414,002 IDR
57.   Health Services Manager17,313,316 IDR
58.   Auditing Manager17,259,033 IDR
59.   Microbiologist17,155,108 IDR
60.   Cards Marketing Manager17,066,417 IDR
61.   Geophysicist17,014,780 IDR
62.   Accounting Manager16,951,437 IDR
63.   Research Executive16,858,185 IDR
64.   Loan Quality Assurance Manager16,754,588 IDR
65.   Sport and Recreation Manager16,690,271 IDR
66.   Insurance Operations Manager16,627,907 IDR
67.   Tax Research Manager16,542,147 IDR
68.   Product Quality Leader16,478,450 IDR
69.   Marine Biologist16,403,437 IDR
70.   Guidance Director16,304,369 IDR
71.   Ambulatory Services Director16,240,052 IDR
72.   Laboratory Manager16,201,072 IDR
73.   Debt Adviser16,140,337 IDR
74.   Key Affiliate Manager16,092,602 IDR
75.   Corporate Banker16,016,591 IDR
76.   Freelance Fashion Stylist15,954,870 IDR
77.   Airfield Management Specialist15,885,657 IDR
78.   Biochemist15,821,987 IDR
79.   Internal Sales Manager15,769,707 IDR
80.   Airfield Operations Specialist15,739,159 IDR
81.   Social Scientist15,685,561 IDR
82.   Project Portfolio Manager15,623,193 IDR
83.   Loan Collection and Recovery Manager15,567,307 IDR
84.   KYC Team Leader15,522,823 IDR
85.   Credit Risk Associate15,480,257 IDR
86.   Finance Specialist15,436,089 IDR
87.   Arbitrator15,399,382 IDR
88.   Mechanical Engineering Manager15,340,888 IDR
89.   Risk Management Supervisor15,311,353 IDR
90.   Staff Pharmacist15,289,914 IDR
91.   Information Technology Quality Assurance Manager15,271,738 IDR
92.   Assistant Quality Manager15,231,444 IDR
93.   Human Resources Officer15,195,387 IDR
94.   Molecular and Cellular Biologist15,174,927 IDR
95.   Security Manager15,120,706 IDR
96.   Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Manager15,092,422 IDR
97.   Revenue Manager15,090,777 IDR
98.   Broadcasting Presenter15,052,795 IDR
99.   Grants Specialist15,005,060 IDR
100.   Technology Director14,966,087 IDR

How much money does a person working in Depok make?

13,124,945 IDR per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Depok typically earns around 13,124,945 IDR per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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