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Best Paying Jobs in Bekasi

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Surgeon - Pediatric46,385,564 IDR
2.   Interventionist39,369,823 IDR
3.   Generalist - Obstetrics and Gynecology36,802,969 IDR
4.   Physician - Nuclear Medicine34,187,421 IDR
5.   Pediatrician31,846,008 IDR
6.   Clinical Director29,500,759 IDR
7.   Chairman of The Board28,081,216 IDR
8.   Regional Director of Operations26,921,529 IDR
9.   General Medical Practitioner24,947,215 IDR
10.   Podiatrist23,923,989 IDR
11.   Optician23,239,254 IDR
12.   Group Marketing Manager22,693,518 IDR
13.   Corporate Services General Manager22,189,378 IDR
14.   Finance Executive21,958,070 IDR
15.   Risk and Capital Manager21,690,445 IDR
16.   Quality Director21,366,892 IDR
17.   Professor - Electrical Engineering21,121,310 IDR
18.   Tax Director20,944,621 IDR
19.   Project Control Manager20,708,800 IDR
20.   Media Sales Manager20,449,590 IDR
21.   Membership Administration Manager20,256,000 IDR
22.   Head of Direct Sales20,140,031 IDR
23.   Corporate Director20,017,216 IDR
24.   Emergency Management Director19,931,109 IDR
25.   Purchasing and Sales Executive19,727,790 IDR
26.   Information Technology Operations Manager19,573,787 IDR
27.   Technical Services Research and Development Manager19,490,011 IDR
28.   Professor - Education19,379,554 IDR
29.   Chairman Office Manager19,312,305 IDR
30.   Real Estate Project Director19,217,151 IDR
31.   Production Manager19,101,529 IDR
32.   Director of Technology18,976,114 IDR
33.   Information Technology Project Manager18,901,405 IDR
34.   Medical Affairs Director18,781,238 IDR
35.   Chief Technology Officer18,671,431 IDR
36.   Professor - Pharmaceutical Sciences18,555,115 IDR
37.   Fraud Prevention Manager18,463,866 IDR
38.   Loans Manager18,375,483 IDR
39.   Network and Infrastructure Manager18,280,656 IDR
40.   Investment Operations Manager18,172,487 IDR
41.   Geophysicist18,067,241 IDR
42.   Enterprise Infrastructure Manager17,971,747 IDR
43.   Chief Information Security Officer17,844,400 IDR
44.   Auditing Manager17,759,294 IDR
45.   Manager17,652,096 IDR
46.   Chief of Police17,544,897 IDR
47.   Regional Manager17,466,321 IDR
48.   Quality Assurance Executive17,360,728 IDR
49.   Pharmaceutical Research Scientist17,263,617 IDR
50.   Director of Rehabilitation Services17,129,771 IDR
51.   Production Director17,044,635 IDR
52.   Accounting Manager16,985,545 IDR
53.   Mortgage Development Manager16,917,330 IDR
54.   Assistant Product Manager16,786,747 IDR
55.   Director of Application Development16,690,271 IDR
56.   Client Delivery Manager16,599,643 IDR
57.   Product Development16,468,401 IDR
58.   Property Manager16,338,473 IDR
59.   Key Acoount Manager16,273,509 IDR
60.   Lab Manager16,184,505 IDR
61.   Labor Relations Director16,078,312 IDR
62.   Information Program Director16,005,837 IDR
63.   Solar Energy Installation Manager15,950,625 IDR
64.   Materials Scientist15,935,033 IDR
65.   Health Economist15,877,187 IDR
66.   Director of Engineering15,779,113 IDR
67.   Public Management Assistant Professor15,721,314 IDR
68.   HSE Manager15,661,199 IDR
69.   Clinical Pharmacy Specialist15,623,193 IDR
70.   Mortgage Collection Manager15,553,684 IDR
71.   Localization Manager15,501,716 IDR
72.   Operations Manager15,467,273 IDR
73.   Anthropologist15,429,564 IDR
74.   Revenue Manager15,399,382 IDR
75.   Fraud Analyst15,370,447 IDR
76.   SAP Resource Manager15,311,353 IDR
77.   Engineering Teacher15,266,526 IDR
78.   Export Logistics Manager15,217,801 IDR
79.   Product Quality Leader15,186,640 IDR
80.   Risk Analyst15,143,739 IDR
81.   Department Supervisor15,090,777 IDR
82.   Research Scientist15,059,916 IDR
83.   Campaign Manager14,997,564 IDR

How much money does a person working in Bekasi make?

13,151,353 IDR per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Bekasi typically earns around 13,151,353 IDR per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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