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Best Paying Jobs in Surakarta

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Urology52,715,830 IDR
2.   Orthodontist45,077,477 IDR
3.   Generalist - Obstetrics and Gynecology41,501,600 IDR
4.   Nuclear Medicine Physician38,029,021 IDR
5.   Physician - Maternal / Fetal Medicine36,161,191 IDR
6.   Dietitian33,485,789 IDR
7.   Group Financial Manager31,224,079 IDR
8.   Financial Manager29,256,374 IDR
9.   Managing Director27,729,998 IDR
10.   Physiotherapist27,136,412 IDR
11.   Marketing Director26,148,165 IDR
12.   Chief Marketing Officer 25,487,150 IDR
13.   Professor - Physics25,154,659 IDR
14.   Regional Sales Director24,868,503 IDR
15.   Professor - Mathematics24,596,206 IDR
16.   Television Executive Producer24,256,278 IDR
17.   Sales Director23,885,164 IDR
18.   Online Banking Manager23,435,728 IDR
19.   Telecommunications Manager23,285,056 IDR
20.   Supply Chain Director23,181,176 IDR
21.   Foundation Director22,996,264 IDR
22.   Chief Product Officer22,878,970 IDR
23.   Program Manager22,717,756 IDR
24.   Search Marketing Strategist22,605,348 IDR
25.   Market Development Manager22,457,952 IDR
26.   Natural Sciences Manager22,314,894 IDR
27.   State Advisor22,205,253 IDR
28.   Head of Direct Sales22,094,116 IDR
29.   Goods Manufacturing Practices21,965,243 IDR
30.   Director of Product Management21,827,386 IDR
31.   Hotel Manager21,708,619 IDR
32.   Professor - Drama21,521,827 IDR
33.   Chief Technology Officer21,427,318 IDR
34.   eMarketing Manager21,296,767 IDR
35.   Professor - Rehabilitation21,162,861 IDR
36.   Media Production Manager21,070,731 IDR
37.   PMO Manager20,939,450 IDR
38.   Estimating Manager20,825,547 IDR
39.   Head of Information Technology20,692,122 IDR
40.   Economist20,590,174 IDR
41.   Mining Project Manager20,452,494 IDR
42.   Industrial Production Manager20,320,456 IDR
43.   Regional Manager20,163,972 IDR
44.   Equity Analyst20,026,102 IDR
45.   Wildlife Biologist19,866,778 IDR
46.   Finance Relationship Manager19,662,969 IDR
47.   Chief Human Resources Officer19,560,237 IDR
48.   Real Estate Project Manager19,470,619 IDR
49.   Sales Account Manager19,346,573 IDR
50.   Quality Assurance Executive19,141,140 IDR
51.   Legal Advisor19,092,236 IDR
52.   Youth Development Manager18,964,100 IDR
53.   Loan Area Manager18,835,964 IDR
54.   Operational Excellence General Manager18,726,134 IDR
55.   Interface Design Manager18,642,231 IDR
56.   Airport Services Manager18,551,631 IDR
57.   Production Director18,424,829 IDR
58.   Actuary18,365,846 IDR
59.   Assistant Hospitality Manager18,323,421 IDR
60.   Education Assistant Professor18,277,122 IDR
61.   Medical Office Manager18,221,626 IDR
62.   Airfield Operations Specialist18,169,514 IDR
63.   Insurance Program Manager18,117,419 IDR
64.   Legal Executive18,047,921 IDR
65.   Lead Technical Field Advisor17,993,205 IDR
66.   Drug Safety / Medical Information Specialist17,943,698 IDR
67.   Sociologist17,847,488 IDR
68.   Clinical Data Manager17,760,994 IDR
69.   Patient Care Services Executive17,700,512 IDR
70.   Product Quality Leader17,627,688 IDR
71.   Biomedical Engineering Director17,585,082 IDR
72.   Quantitative Research Analyst17,516,160 IDR
73.   Online Marketing Manager17,464,636 IDR
74.   Expatriate Administration Manager17,390,654 IDR
75.   Quality Control Manager17,364,869 IDR
76.   Paraprofessional17,297,629 IDR

How much money does a person working in Surakarta make?

15,139,241 IDR per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Surakarta typically earns around 15,139,241 IDR per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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