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Best Paying Jobs in Kuwait

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Internal Medicine4,243 KWD
2.   Physician - Endocrinology3,773 KWD
3.   Neurologist3,394 KWD
4.   Dentist3,117 KWD
5.   Chief Executive Officer2,880 KWD
6.   Physician - Family Practice2,664 KWD
7.   Financial Manager2,482 KWD
8.   Chief Corporate Officer2,343 KWD
9.   Regional Sales Director2,263 KWD
10.   Astronomer2,196 KWD
11.   College President2,160 KWD
12.   Phlebotomist2,122 KWD
13.   Area Sales Director2,094 KWD
14.   Certified Respiratory Therapist2,061 KWD
15.   Lecturer2,042 KWD
16.   Audiologist2,027 KWD
17.   Tax Director2,016 KWD
18.   Education Director1,993 KWD
19.   Head of Investment1,968 KWD
20.   Attorney1,952 KWD
21.   Professor - Special Education1,939 KWD
22.   Assistant Bank Manager1,924 KWD
23.   Media Program Director1,913 KWD
24.   Producer1,900 KWD
25.   Economist1,879 KWD
26.   Corporate Director of Human Resources1,861 KWD
27.   Associate Medical Affairs Director1,849 KWD
28.   Fundraising Development Director1,834 KWD
29.   Health Services Manager1,823 KWD
30.   Head of Human Resources1,812 KWD
31.   Industrial Production Manager1,796 KWD
32.   Exploration Manager1,784 KWD
33.   Risk Modeling Manager1,773 KWD
34.   Aviation Safety Manager1,755 KWD
35.   Six Sigma Black Belt1,731 KWD
36.   Clinical Laboratory Scientist1,722 KWD
37.   Training Executive1,713 KWD
38.   Bioinformatics Scientist1,699 KWD
39.   Credit Risk Analyst1,686 KWD
40.   Microbiologist1,675 KWD
41.   Head of Retail Design Management1,665 KWD
42.   Clinical Study Manager1,654 KWD
43.   Real Estate Project Manager1,640 KWD
44.   Project Portfolio Manager1,629 KWD
45.   Sport and Recreation Manager1,616 KWD
46.   Human Resources Consultant1,608 KWD
47.   District Manager1,600 KWD
48.   Respiratory Manager1,595 KWD
49.   Labor Relations Director1,589 KWD
50.   Infection Control Practitioner1,580 KWD
51.   Education Consultant1,572 KWD
52.   Insurance Sales Manager1,563 KWD
53.   Legal Counsel1,557 KWD
54.   Bankruptcy Coordinator1,550 KWD
55.   HSE Manager1,544 KWD
56.   Bank Auditing Manager1,536 KWD
57.   Environmental Health and Safety Manager1,528 KWD
58.   Hairstylist1,520 KWD
59.   OPS Manager1,513 KWD
60.   Nursing Director1,510 KWD
61.   Low Vision Therapist1,503 KWD
62.   College and Career Readiness Specialist1,496 KWD

How much money does a person working in Kuwait make?

1,274 KWD per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Kuwait typically earns around 1,274 KWD per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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