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Best Paying Jobs in Latvia

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Urology4,557 LVL
2.   Clinical Psychologist4,125 LVL
3.   Cardiology Manager3,812 LVL
4.   Radiologist3,530 LVL
5.   Nuclear Medicine Physician3,385 LVL
6.   Perfusionist3,216 LVL
7.   Operating Room Services Director3,000 LVL
8.   Physician - Nephrology2,885 LVL
9.   Physician - CCU2,783 LVL
10.   Capital Risk Manager2,566 LVL
11.   Surgical Assistant2,474 LVL
12.   General Medical Practitioner2,417 LVL
13.   Mental Health Therapst2,338 LVL
14.   Country Manager2,283 LVL
15.   Executive2,247 LVL
16.   Director of Board2,219 LVL
17.   Director of Sales2,196 LVL
18.   Corporate Services General Manager2,174 LVL
19.   Director of Marketing2,149 LVL
20.   Credit Portfolio Manager2,116 LVL
21.   Sales Executive2,100 LVL
22.   Inventory Accountant2,079 LVL
23.   Immigration Executive2,061 LVL
24.   Commercial Director2,045 LVL
25.   Chief Product Officer2,033 LVL
26.   Engagement Manager2,022 LVL
27.   Business Development Manager2,011 LVL
28.   Professor - Special Education1,996 LVL
29.   Regional Manager1,986 LVL
30.   Chief Technology Officer1,976 LVL
31.   Production Executive1,965 LVL
32.   Product Development Manager1,953 LVL
33.   Knowledge Manager1,942 LVL
34.   Foundation Director1,937 LVL
35.   Territory Manager1,933 LVL
36.   Property Operations Manager1,924 LVL
37.   Professor - Industrial Engineering1,916 LVL
38.   Human Resources Director1,906 LVL
39.   PMO Manager1,899 LVL
40.   Director of Communications1,890 LVL
41.   Relationship Manager1,879 LVL
42.   Head of Projects1,867 LVL
43.   Technical Manager1,860 LVL
44.   Chief Information Technology Officer1,852 LVL
45.   Media Production Manager1,841 LVL
46.   Fraud Prevention Manager1,832 LVL
47.   Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Manager1,824 LVL
48.   Industrial Production Manager1,815 LVL
49.   Media Product Development Manager1,809 LVL
50.   Equity Analyst1,804 LVL
51.   Manager1,794 LVL
52.   Human Resources Vice President1,783 LVL
53.   Director of Catering Services1,773 LVL
54.   Patient Services Director1,766 LVL
55.   Hardware Engineering Manager1,758 LVL
56.   Life Scientist1,752 LVL
57.   E-Commerce Strategy Manager1,740 LVL
58.   Professor - Social Work1,733 LVL
59.   Market Segmentation Director1,726 LVL
60.   Product Marketing Manager1,719 LVL
61.   Laboratory Manager1,705 LVL
62.   Key Affiliate Manager1,696 LVL
63.   Head of Sustainability1,690 LVL
64.   Financial Banking Systems Manager1,678 LVL
65.   Sport and Recreation Manager1,666 LVL
66.   Wildlife Biologist1,658 LVL
67.   Actuarial Analyst1,651 LVL
68.   Assistant Manager1,647 LVL
69.   Lab Manager1,635 LVL
70.   Contracts Executive1,628 LVL
71.   Property Manager1,621 LVL
72.   Operations Manager1,615 LVL
73.   Manufacturing Manager1,611 LVL
74.   Finance Analyst1,607 LVL
75.   Technology Development Manager1,600 LVL
76.   Revenue Manager1,595 LVL
77.   Assistant General Manager1,592 LVL
78.   Plant Manager1,588 LVL
79.   Telecommunication Solution Architect1,583 LVL
80.   Import and Export Consultant1,579 LVL
81.   Behavioral Health Specialist1,571 LVL
82.   Telecommunication Service Delivery Manager1,569 LVL
83.   Risk Management Supervisor1,565 LVL
84.   Operations Training Specialist Head1,560 LVL
85.   Credit Analyst1,556 LVL
86.   Area Manager1,551 LVL
87.   Animal Scientist1,545 LVL
88.   Mining Project Manager1,542 LVL
89.   Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Manager1,538 LVL
90.   Aircraft Maintenance Manager1,534 LVL
91.   Retail Operations Manager1,531 LVL
92.   Real Estate Association Manager1,530 LVL
93.   Business Intelligence Manager1,525 LVL
94.   Warehouse Manager1,522 LVL
95.   Low Vision Therapist1,517 LVL
96.   Child Psychotherapist1,511 LVL
97.   Fraud Analyst1,507 LVL
98.   Web Security Manager1,503 LVL
99.   Logistics Manager1,498 LVL
100.   Veterinary Office Manager1,497 LVL

How much money does a person working in Latvia make?

1,278 LVL per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Latvia typically earns around 1,278 LVL per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Riga1,383 LVL
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