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Best Paying Jobs in Lebanon

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Urology13,091,037 LBP
2.   Naturopathic Physician11,210,005 LBP
3.   Physician - Immunology / Allergy10,812,409 LBP
4.   Generalist - Obstetrics and Gynecology9,820,080 LBP
5.   Physician - Physiatry9,363,805 LBP
6.   Exercise Physiologist8,690,792 LBP
7.   CEO8,324,671 LBP
8.   President7,862,374 LBP
9.   Capital Risk Manager7,452,817 LBP
10.   Healthcare Practitioner7,024,024 LBP
11.   International Banking Manager6,872,611 LBP
12.   Director of Board6,655,325 LBP
13.   Executive Manager6,470,228 LBP
14.   Nuclear Engineer6,349,115 LBP
15.   Quality Director6,239,400 LBP
16.   College President6,120,580 LBP
17.   Head of Marketing6,089,620 LBP
18.   Deputy Manager6,037,761 LBP
19.   Risk Management Director5,971,037 LBP
20.   Genetic Counselor5,916,363 LBP
21.   Deputy General Manager5,866,937 LBP
22.   Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Lead5,820,648 LBP
23.   Hospitality Director5,781,712 LBP
24.   Operational Manager5,740,296 LBP
25.   Production Executive5,707,204 LBP
26.   General Manager5,665,746 LBP
27.   Regional Manager5,637,585 LBP
28.   Chief Technology Officer5,588,436 LBP
29.   Director of Product Management5,553,005 LBP
30.   Professor - Physical Therapy5,525,759 LBP
31.   Professor - History5,509,194 LBP
32.   Media Relations Manager5,466,528 LBP
33.   Product Development Manager5,439,337 LBP
34.   Skin Care Specialist5,411,726 LBP
35.   Fraud Prevention Manager5,377,035 LBP
36.   Academic Clinician5,345,460 LBP
37.   Head of Investment5,334,416 LBP
38.   Bank Branch Manager5,300,914 LBP
39.   Hardware Engineering Manager5,273,031 LBP
40.   Check Processing Manager5,236,629 LBP
41.   Rehabilitation Services Manager5,206,440 LBP
42.   Marketing Executive5,174,742 LBP
43.   Clinician5,143,168 LBP
44.   Global Product Manager5,119,051 LBP
45.   Head of School5,097,608 LBP
46.   Health Compliance Director5,082,467 LBP
47.   Human Resources Development Manager5,057,070 LBP
48.   Information Technology Manager5,037,884 LBP
49.   Engineering Lecturer5,014,687 LBP
50.   Staff Attorney4,979,893 LBP
51.   Chief Information Security Officer4,950,582 LBP
52.   Geophysicist4,924,119 LBP
53.   Mortgage Development Manager4,894,713 LBP
54.   Relationship Manager4,865,313 LBP
55.   Cards Marketing Manager4,835,485 LBP
56.   Corporate Strategy Analyst4,822,502 LBP
57.   Financial Banking Analysis Manager4,810,140 LBP
58.   E-Commerce Strategy Manager4,776,125 LBP
59.   Cluster Director4,742,578 LBP
60.   ERP Project Manager4,715,933 LBP
61.   Post Doctoral Researcher4,696,605 LBP
62.   Technical Project Manager4,677,913 LBP
63.   Legal Consultant4,645,255 LBP
64.   Academic Manager4,622,705 LBP
65.   Web Security Manager4,606,404 LBP
66.   Online Marketing Manager4,588,550 LBP
67.   Quality Assurance Manager4,568,586 LBP
68.   Biochemistry Professor 4,554,686 LBP
69.   Clinical Biochemist4,537,015 LBP
70.   Fitness Manager4,516,175 LBP
71.   Clinical School Psychologist4,496,426 LBP
72.   Assistant Marketing Manager4,478,386 LBP
73.   Localization Manager4,468,033 LBP
74.   Customer Service Manager4,457,496 LBP
75.   Journalist4,446,451 LBP
76.   Biologist4,428,737 LBP
77.   SAP Resource Manager4,408,900 LBP
78.   Commercial Project Manager4,392,697 LBP
79.   Youth Development Manager4,383,677 LBP
80.   Associate Account Director4,371,902 LBP
81.   Financial Customer Service Manager4,354,414 LBP
82.   Logistics Executive4,343,877 LBP
83.   Financial Reporting Manager4,333,799 LBP
84.   Project Manager4,323,859 LBP
85.   Project Portfolio Manager4,316,128 LBP
86.   Art Director4,310,695 LBP
87.   Benefits Manager4,297,355 LBP
88.   Information Security Director4,284,458 LBP
89.   Restaurant Manager4,275,720 LBP
90.   Casino Shift Manager4,263,721 LBP

How much money does a person working in Lebanon make?

3,625,205 LBP per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Lebanon typically earns around 3,625,205 LBP per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Beirut3,958,918 LBP
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