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Best Paying Jobs in Liechtenstein

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Surgeon - Trauma17,261 CHF
2.   Clinical Psychologist16,089 CHF
3.   Neurologist14,441 CHF
4.   Preventive Medicine Physician13,398 CHF
5.   Medical Director12,413 CHF
6.   Chairman of The Board11,475 CHF
7.   Finance Manager10,563 CHF
8.   Emergency Department Physician9,897 CHF
9.   Corporate Services General Manager9,526 CHF
10.   Physical Therapist9,351 CHF
11.   Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Lead9,158 CHF
12.   Quality Director9,070 CHF
13.   Chief Marketing Officer 8,938 CHF
14.   Professor - Medicine8,808 CHF
15.   Epidemiologist8,674 CHF
16.   Commercial Real Estate Manager8,533 CHF
17.   Professor - Special Education8,438 CHF
18.   Production Executive8,393 CHF
19.   Professor - Architecture8,347 CHF
20.   Engineering Geologist8,267 CHF
21.   Relationship Manager8,190 CHF
22.   Global Master Data Manager8,155 CHF
23.   Internal Bank Audit Manager8,075 CHF
24.   Technical Manager8,023 CHF
25.   Immigration Executive7,967 CHF
26.   Knowledge Manager7,899 CHF
27.   National Human Resource Manager7,820 CHF
28.   Atmospheric and Space Scientist7,767 CHF
29.   Economist7,738 CHF
30.   Search Marketing Strategist7,675 CHF
31.   Health Compliance Director7,624 CHF
32.   Internal Bank Audit Manager7,568 CHF
33.   Medical Insurance Manager7,510 CHF
34.   Project Manager7,459 CHF
35.   Chemist7,418 CHF
36.   Vice President of Finance7,368 CHF
37.   Media Product Development Manager7,317 CHF
38.   Professor - Social Work7,258 CHF
39.   Professor - Rehabilitation7,221 CHF
40.   Credit Manager7,170 CHF
41.   Production Director7,087 CHF
42.   Lab Manager7,035 CHF
43.   Regional Restaurant Manager6,991 CHF
44.   Microbiologist6,951 CHF
45.   Regional Manager6,914 CHF
46.   Assistant Bank Branch Manager6,863 CHF
47.   International Cooperation Specialist6,802 CHF
48.   Project Development Manager6,775 CHF
49.   Bank Accounts Manager6,706 CHF
50.   Localization Manager6,676 CHF
51.   E-Commerce Manager6,647 CHF
52.   Advertising Sales Director6,630 CHF
53.   Change Management6,603 CHF
54.   Accounting Head6,573 CHF
55.   Legal Advisor6,546 CHF
56.   Clinical Neuropsychologist6,500 CHF
57.   Lecturer6,474 CHF
58.   Business Operations Associate6,456 CHF
59.   Associate Account Director6,429 CHF
60.   Metallurgist6,393 CHF
61.   Credit Card Fraud Investigator6,367 CHF
62.   Electrical Engineering Manager6,343 CHF
63.   Airline Copilot6,316 CHF
64.   Food Consultant6,288 CHF
65.   Fraud Detection Supervisor6,269 CHF
66.   Bankruptcy Coordinator6,253 CHF

How much money does a person working in Liechtenstein make?

5,353 CHF per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Liechtenstein typically earns around 5,353 CHF per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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