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Best Paying Jobs in Macedonia

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Urology190,893 MKD
2.   Surgeon - Trauma167,090 MKD
3.   Surgeon - Burn155,985 MKD
4.   Psychiatrist143,451 MKD
5.   Nuclear Medicine Physician137,683 MKD
6.   Clinical Director131,928 MKD
7.   Dietician124,748 MKD
8.   Physician - Hospitalist116,989 MKD
9.   Optometrist114,776 MKD
10.   Capital Risk Manager107,408 MKD
11.   Surgical Assistant101,122 MKD
12.   Brand Director96,008 MKD
13.   Physiotherapist94,431 MKD
14.   Director of Board91,830 MKD
15.   President of Marketing90,790 MKD
16.   Physical Therapist89,415 MKD
17.   Risk and Capital Manager88,750 MKD
18.   Quality Director87,852 MKD
19.   Deputy Manager87,015 MKD
20.   Professor - Chemistry86,099 MKD
21.   Administrative Director85,783 MKD
22.   Manager84,916 MKD
23.   Zone Manager84,064 MKD
24.   Professor - Marketing83,166 MKD
25.   Skin Care Specialist82,768 MKD
26.   Finance Executive82,334 MKD
27.   Marketing Manager81,989 MKD
28.   Supply Chain Manager81,360 MKD
29.   Recreation Director81,079 MKD
30.   Math Lecturer80,619 MKD
31.   Project Control Manager80,001 MKD
32.   Chief Information Technology Officer79,584 MKD
33.   Economist79,158 MKD
34.   Audiologist78,948 MKD
35.   Distribution Manager78,556 MKD
36.   Pharmaceutical Researcher78,096 MKD
37.   Administrative Law Judge77,674 MKD
38.   Legal Executive77,394 MKD
39.   Territory Sales Manager77,029 MKD
40.   Property Operations Manager76,768 MKD
41.   Industrial Production Manager76,530 MKD
42.   General Manager76,242 MKD
43.   Sales Administration Manager75,923 MKD
44.   Professor - Communication75,681 MKD
45.   Media Relations Manager75,427 MKD
46.   Medical Insurance Manager75,122 MKD
47.   Professor - Drama74,893 MKD
48.   Financial Operations Manager74,547 MKD
49.   Marketing Communications Executive73,804 MKD
50.   Clinical Scientist73,542 MKD
51.   Sales Executive73,319 MKD
52.   Biophysicist72,986 MKD
53.   Ecologist72,663 MKD
54.   Training Executive72,476 MKD
55.   Due Diligence Analyst72,004 MKD
56.   Regional Restaurant Manager71,518 MKD
57.   Atmospheric and Space Scientist71,112 MKD
58.   Six Sigma Black Belt70,700 MKD
59.   R/D Director70,327 MKD
60.   Bioinformatics Scientist69,973 MKD
61.   Policy Change Director69,665 MKD
62.   Market Research Manager69,197 MKD
63.   Geomatics Scientist68,729 MKD
64.   Assistant Sales and Marketing Manager68,181 MKD
65.   Asset Protection Associate67,921 MKD
66.   Director of Catering Services67,772 MKD
67.   Event Marketing67,559 MKD
68.   Credit Analyst67,113 MKD
69.   Real Estate Appraiser66,881 MKD
70.   Marine Biologist66,649 MKD
71.   Guidance Director66,445 MKD
72.   Contracts Executive66,278 MKD
73.   Director of Application Development66,051 MKD
74.   SAP Resource Manager65,832 MKD
75.   Human Resources Consultant65,657 MKD
76.   Training and Development Manager65,451 MKD
77.   Psychometrist65,256 MKD
78.   Biochemist65,126 MKD
79.   Education Assistant Professor64,897 MKD
80.   Mental Health Counselor64,770 MKD
81.   Telecommunication Service Delivery Manager64,593 MKD
82.   KYC Team Leader64,456 MKD
83.   Account Manager64,267 MKD
84.   Talent Management Officer64,078 MKD
85.   Product Quality Leader63,878 MKD
86.   Production Manager63,604 MKD
87.   Recreation Manager63,267 MKD
88.   Clinical Data Manager63,064 MKD
89.   Zoo Veterinarian62,848 MKD
90.   Animal Scientist62,604 MKD
91.   Logistics Manager62,480 MKD
92.   Leasing Manager62,338 MKD
93.   Training Manager62,251 MKD
94.   Client Accounts Officer62,099 MKD
95.   Financial Reporting Manager61,948 MKD
96.   Industrial Organizational Psychologist61,802 MKD
97.   Legal Executive61,616 MKD
98.   Internal Sales Manager61,495 MKD
99.   Assistant Project Manager61,341 MKD
100.   Psychology Teacher61,180 MKD

How much money does a person working in Macedonia make?

52,677 MKD per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Macedonia typically earns around 52,677 MKD per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Skopje61,207 MKD
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