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Best Paying Jobs in Kisumu 2020

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Invasive Cardiologist532,000 KES
2.   Surgeon - Pediatric473,000 KES
3.   Physician - Radiation Therapy427,000 KES
4.   Interventionist410,000 KES
5.   Cardiology Manager395,000 KES
6.   Periodontist376,000 KES
7.   Generalist - Obstetrics and Gynecology368,000 KES
8.   Physician348,000 KES
9.   Physician - Infectious Disease339,000 KES
10.   Orthoptist318,000 KES
11.   Counseling Psychologist313,000 KES
12.   CEO304,000 KES
13.   President287,000 KES
14.   Optometrist283,000 KES
15.   Financial Manager267,000 KES
16.   Finance President263,000 KES
17.   Chief Corporate Officer253,000 KES
18.   Prosthetist247,000 KES
19.   Head of Strategy243,000 KES
20.   Physician - Pain Medicine241,000 KES
21.   Executive238,000 KES
22.   Country Manager235,000 KES
23.   Director of Board234,000 KES
24.   Group Marketing Manager232,000 KES
25.   Professor - Medical Administration230,000 KES
26.   Director of Sales229,000 KES
27.   President of Marketing227,000 KES
28.   Pharmacy Manager226,000 KES
29.   Real Estate General Manager225,000 KES
30.   Brand Manager223,000 KES
31.   Credit Portfolio Manager221,000 KES
32.   Zone Manager219,000 KES
33.   Deputy Managing Director218,000 KES
34.   Brand Marketing217,000 KES
35.   Foundation Director216,000 KES
36.   Risk Management Director215,000 KES
37.   Director of Project Management214,000 KES
38.   National Sales Manager214,000 KES
39.   Market Development Manager213,000 KES
40.   Head of Executive Search213,000 KES
41.   Project Control Manager211,000 KES
42.   Online Banking Manager210,000 KES
43.   Production Executive209,000 KES
44.   Government Property Inspector208,000 KES
45.   Hotel Manager208,000 KES
46.   Economics Lecturer207,000 KES
47.   Business Manager207,000 KES
48.   Quality Manager206,000 KES
49.   Emergency Services Director206,000 KES
50.   Chief Technologist205,000 KES
51.   Purchasing and Product Development Director205,000 KES
52.   Mining Project Manager204,000 KES
53.   Information Technology Project Manager204,000 KES
54.   Portfolio Manager203,000 KES
55.   Knowledge Manager202,000 KES
56.   Human Resources Executive Director202,000 KES
57.   Attorney201,000 KES
58.   Geothermal Production Manager200,000 KES
59.   Atmospheric and Space Scientist199,000 KES
60.   Director of Revenue Management198,000 KES
61.   Search Marketing Strategist198,000 KES
62.   Supply Chain Manager197,000 KES
63.   Media Product Development Manager197,000 KES
64.   Purchasing Manager196,000 KES
65.   Biophysicist195,000 KES
66.   Statistics Lecturer195,000 KES
67.   Client Services Manager194,000 KES
68.   Product Marketing Manager194,000 KES
69.   Head of Supply Chain193,000 KES
70.   Product Manager192,000 KES
71.   Media Production Manager192,000 KES
72.   Banking Business Planning Executive191,000 KES
73.   Geophysicist190,000 KES
74.   Distribution Director189,000 KES
75.   Petroleum Geologist189,000 KES
76.   Market Segmentation Director188,000 KES
77.   Operations Analyst188,000 KES
78.   Portfolio Analyst 187,000 KES
79.   Water Ecologist186,000 KES
80.   Media Design Manager185,000 KES
81.   Tax Research Manager185,000 KES
82.   National Customer Solution Specialist184,000 KES
83.   Investment Operations Manager183,000 KES
84.   Client Delivery Manager183,000 KES
85.   Electric and Gas Operations Manager182,000 KES
86.   Product Marketing Executive182,000 KES
87.   Financial Banking Analysis Manager181,000 KES
88.   Corporate Affairs Executive180,000 KES
89.   Policy Change Director179,000 KES
90.   Chief Information Security Officer179,000 KES
91.   Journalist179,000 KES
92.   Key Affiliate Manager178,000 KES
93.   Medical Policy Manager177,000 KES
94.   Assistant Product Manager177,000 KES
95.   Digital Marketing Strategist 176,000 KES
96.   Lab Manager176,000 KES
97.   Project Development Manager175,000 KES
98.   Revenue Recognition Analyst174,000 KES
99.   Assistant Marketing Manager174,000 KES
100.   Clinical Cytogeneticist173,000 KES
101.   Lab Manager173,000 KES
102.   Airport Services Manager172,000 KES
103.   HSE Manager172,000 KES
104.   Regional Restaurant Manager171,000 KES
105.   Web Security Manager171,000 KES
106.   Warehouse Manager170,000 KES
107.   Information Technology Project Manager170,000 KES
108.   Guidance Director170,000 KES
109.   Pharmaceutical Quality Auditor169,000 KES
110.   Youth Care Counselor169,000 KES
111.   Group Home Manager169,000 KES
112.   Financial Bank Planning Consultant168,000 KES
113.   Oil Trader168,000 KES
114.   Clinical Neuropsychologist167,000 KES
115.   Capacity Planning Supervisor167,000 KES
116.   Product Development167,000 KES
117.   Business Operations Lead166,000 KES
118.   Business Development Specialist166,000 KES
119.   Business Operations Associate165,000 KES
120.   Nursing Director165,000 KES
121.   Import and Export Consultant165,000 KES
122.   Biochemist165,000 KES
123.   Mechanical Engineering Manager164,000 KES
124.   Clinical Biochemist164,000 KES
125.   Engineering Manager164,000 KES
126.   Real Estate Association Manager164,000 KES
127.   Credit Card Fraud Investigator163,000 KES
128.   Pharmaceutical Team Leader163,000 KES
129.   Bankruptcy Coordinator163,000 KES
130.   Youth Development Manager163,000 KES
131.   Mortgage Processing Manager162,000 KES
132.   Engineering Teacher162,000 KES
133.   Contracts Manager162,000 KES
134.   Legal Advisor162,000 KES
135.   Production Director161,000 KES
136.   Credit Risk Associate161,000 KES
137.   Department Supervisor161,000 KES
138.   Trainer161,000 KES
139.   Information Security Director161,000 KES
140.   Management Consultant160,000 KES
141.   Neurophysiology Technologist160,000 KES
142.   Insurance Sales Manager160,000 KES

How much money does a person working in Kisumu make?

Average Monthly Salary
144,000 KES
( 1,720,000 KES yearly)


A person working in Kisumu typically earns around 144,000 KES per month. Salaries range from 19,400 KES (lowest) to 636,000 KES (highest).

This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

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