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Best Paying Jobs in Madagascar

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Dermatologist11,755,557 MGA
2.   Anesthesiologist10,049,376 MGA
3.   Surgeon - Burn9,452,656 MGA
4.   Physician - Physiatry8,791,701 MGA
5.   Chief Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation8,267,178 MGA
6.   Physician - Pediatrics7,853,497 MGA
7.   CEO7,381,842 MGA
8.   President6,971,904 MGA
9.   Group Financial Manager6,604,755 MGA
10.   Physician - Geriatrics6,175,897 MGA
11.   Director of Board5,946,248 MGA
12.   Immunologist5,828,571 MGA
13.   Director of Business Development5,718,858 MGA
14.   Chief Investment Officer5,605,402 MGA
15.   Operations Executive5,473,771 MGA
16.   College President5,400,512 MGA
17.   Head of Strategy5,339,045 MGA
18.   Planning Director5,270,014 MGA
19.   Crown Prosecution Service Lawyer5,225,599 MGA
20.   Brand Manager5,177,522 MGA
21.   Management Executive5,122,706 MGA
22.   Marketing and Sales Head5,098,917 MGA
23.   Product Development Manager5,077,148 MGA
24.   Director of Accreditation5,035,008 MGA
25.   Biomedical Scientist4,999,188 MGA
26.   Area Sales Manager4,964,021 MGA
27.   Real Estate General Manager4,943,718 MGA
28.   Audit Director4,922,771 MGA
29.   Commercial Leasing Manager4,904,418 MGA
30.   Client Services Manager4,870,397 MGA
31.   Territory Sales Manager4,844,888 MGA
32.   Market Development Manager4,819,879 MGA
33.   Professor - Geological Sciences4,762,385 MGA
34.   Marketing Vice President4,744,443 MGA
35.   Marketing Executive4,724,056 MGA
36.   Professor - Communication4,693,682 MGA
37.   Production Executive4,667,297 MGA
38.   Fundraising Director4,648,368 MGA
39.   Sales Manager4,629,276 MGA
40.   Knowledge Manager4,622,626 MGA
41.   Information Systems Manager4,593,871 MGA
42.   Production Director4,564,889 MGA
43.   Government Affairs Representative4,547,023 MGA
44.   Recruiting Manager4,516,079 MGA
45.   Risk Modeling Manager4,492,534 MGA
46.   Professor - Foreign Languages4,471,496 MGA
47.   Director of Training and Development4,454,531 MGA
48.   Distribution Director4,434,465 MGA
49.   Financial Systems Manager4,421,957 MGA
50.   Fundraising Manager4,404,091 MGA
51.   Due Diligence Analyst4,374,289 MGA
52.   Aviation Resources Manager4,346,921 MGA
53.   Duty Manager4,324,260 MGA
54.   Information Technology Product Manager4,306,074 MGA
55.   Retention Executive4,271,967 MGA
56.   Financial Banking Analysis Manager4,239,815 MGA
57.   Bank Project Manager4,204,410 MGA
58.   ATM Manager4,183,531 MGA
59.   Clinical Research Manager4,162,424 MGA
60.   Energy Dispatch Director4,133,344 MGA
61.   Import and Export Consultant4,103,859 MGA
62.   Insurance Operations Manager4,090,064 MGA
63.   Patient Safety Manager4,077,310 MGA
64.   Aircraft Quality Assurance4,061,718 MGA
65.   Sport and Recreation Manager4,043,934 MGA
66.   Pharmaceutical Quality Auditor4,030,534 MGA
67.   Paralegal4,011,848 MGA
68.   Quality Assurance Manager4,003,249 MGA
69.   Business Development Executive3,984,246 MGA
70.   Infection Control Practitioner3,976,930 MGA
71.   Quality Manager3,962,075 MGA
72.   HSE Manager3,947,458 MGA
73.   Bank Relationship Manager3,934,546 MGA
74.   Key Account Manager3,922,208 MGA
75.   Internal Sales Manager3,911,566 MGA
76.   Climate Change Analyst3,900,597 MGA
77.   Quality Assurance Executive3,889,475 MGA
78.   Labor Relations Director3,880,706 MGA
79.   Lecturer3,865,276 MGA
80.   Head of Department3,857,244 MGA
81.   Energy Analyst3,844,074 MGA
82.   Account Executive3,832,877 MGA
83.   Pilot3,818,985 MGA
84.   Recruitment Consultant3,808,998 MGA
85.   Advertising and Promotions Manager3,804,537 MGA
86.   Product and Brand Manager3,796,654 MGA
87.   Art Director3,788,124 MGA
88.   Logistic Executive3,780,176 MGA
89.   Oil Trader3,772,694 MGA
90.   Master Instructor3,761,326 MGA

How much money does a person working in Madagascar make?

3,228,420 MGA per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Madagascar typically earns around 3,228,420 MGA per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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