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Best Paying Jobs in Mombasa 2020

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Anesthesiology548,000 KES
2.   Oral Surgeon475,000 KES
3.   Endodontist436,000 KES
4.   Periodontist413,000 KES
5.   Obstetrician386,000 KES
6.   Clinical Director366,000 KES
7.   Physician - Pathology344,000 KES
8.   Ophthalmologist324,000 KES
9.   Bank Manager310,000 KES
10.   Finance Manager292,000 KES
11.   Franchise Manager283,000 KES
12.   Top Research and Development Executive271,000 KES
13.   College Dean266,000 KES
14.   Director of Business Development261,000 KES
15.   Country Manager257,000 KES
16.   Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Lead256,000 KES
17.   Credit Portfolio Manager253,000 KES
18.   Operations Executive250,000 KES
19.   Registered Respiratory Therapist247,000 KES
20.   Crown Prosecution Service Lawyer245,000 KES
21.   Regional Manager243,000 KES
22.   Engineering Geologist239,000 KES
23.   Assistant Pharmacy Director239,000 KES
24.   Inventory Accountant237,000 KES
25.   Government Property Inspector236,000 KES
26.   Corporate Director234,000 KES
27.   Risk Management Director233,000 KES
28.   Director of Operations232,000 KES
29.   Immigration Executive230,000 KES
30.   General Manager229,000 KES
31.   Knowledge Manager228,000 KES
32.   Director of Technology226,000 KES
33.   Associate Medical Affairs Director225,000 KES
34.   Power Plant Operations Manager224,000 KES
35.   State Advisor223,000 KES
36.   Rehabilitation Services Manager222,000 KES
37.   Portfolio Manager221,000 KES
38.   Health Compliance Director220,000 KES
39.   Information Technology Manager219,000 KES
40.   Banking Business Planning Executive219,000 KES
41.   Investment Banking Analyst217,000 KES
42.   Clinical Scientist216,000 KES
43.   Exploration Manager215,000 KES
44.   Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Manager214,000 KES
45.   Statistics Lecturer213,000 KES
46.   Technical Director211,000 KES
47.   Bioinformatics Scientist210,000 KES
48.   Fundraising Manager209,000 KES
49.   Accounting Manager208,000 KES
50.   Event Marketing207,000 KES
51.   Investment Fund Manager206,000 KES
52.   Training Executive205,000 KES
53.   Six Sigma Black Belt204,000 KES
54.   Commercial Sales Manager204,000 KES
55.   Cards Marketing Manager202,000 KES
56.   Aviation Resources Manager201,000 KES
57.   Human Resources Development Manager199,000 KES
58.   Chief Information Security Officer198,000 KES
59.   Credit and Collections Manager196,000 KES
60.   Exports Sales Manager195,000 KES
61.   Geomatics Scientist194,000 KES
62.   Energy Dispatch Director194,000 KES
63.   Energy Advisor193,000 KES
64.   Corporate Strategy Analyst192,000 KES
65.   Investor Relations Manager191,000 KES
66.   Ambulatory Services Director190,000 KES
67.   Sports Manager190,000 KES
68.   Clinical Research Manager189,000 KES
69.   Hotel Sales Manager188,000 KES
70.   Commercial Project Manager188,000 KES
71.   Contracts Executive188,000 KES
72.   Production Manager187,000 KES
73.   Business Development Specialist186,000 KES
74.   Telecommunication Consultant186,000 KES
75.   Visual Merchandising Projects Manager185,000 KES
76.   Scientist184,000 KES
77.   Trade Product Manager184,000 KES
78.   Medical Office Manager183,000 KES
79.   Human Resources Executive183,000 KES
80.   Molecular and Cellular Biologist182,000 KES
81.   Chemical Plant Operator182,000 KES
82.   Health Economist181,000 KES
83.   Human Resources Officer180,000 KES
84.   Manufacturing Engineering Manager180,000 KES
85.   Lecturer179,000 KES
86.   Head Coach178,000 KES
87.   Network Administration Team Lead178,000 KES
88.   Director of Learning Technology177,000 KES
89.   Information Technology Sales Manager177,000 KES
90.   Risk Management Supervisor177,000 KES

How much money does a person working in Mombasa make?

Average Monthly Salary
161,000 KES
( 1,940,000 KES yearly)


A person working in Mombasa typically earns around 161,000 KES per month. Salaries range from 21,800 KES (lowest average) to 714,000 KES (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. Salaries vary drastically between different careers. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

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