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Best Paying Jobs in Australia

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Anesthesiology26,658 AUD
2.   Physician - Neurology23,828 AUD
3.   Physician - Rheumatology21,273 AUD
4.   Physician - Gastroenterology20,470 AUD
5.   Preventive Medicine Physician18,552 AUD
6.   Physician - Podiatry17,663 AUD
7.   Physician - CCU16,617 AUD
8.   Franchise Manager15,213 AUD
9.   Prosthetist14,574 AUD
10.   President of Marketing14,094 AUD
11.   Investment Advisor13,735 AUD
12.   Operations Manager13,450 AUD
13.   Chief Commercial Officer13,213 AUD
14.   Brand Executive12,897 AUD
15.   Genetic Counselor12,706 AUD
16.   Deputy Managing Director12,516 AUD
17.   Professor - Architecture12,377 AUD
18.   Inventory Accountant12,291 AUD
19.   Administrative Law Judge12,209 AUD
20.   Global Technical Lead12,115 AUD
21.   MIS Executive12,057 AUD
22.   Purchasing Manager12,005 AUD
23.   Respiratory Care Practitioner11,947 AUD
24.   General Counsel11,887 AUD
25.   Regional Manager11,793 AUD
26.   Chief Risk Officer11,689 AUD
27.   Director of Client Services11,610 AUD
28.   Market Development Manager11,510 AUD
29.   Emergency Services Director11,437 AUD
30.   Genomics Scientist11,372 AUD
31.   Professor - English11,318 AUD
32.   Import and Export Manager11,229 AUD
33.   Professor - Marketing11,168 AUD
34.   Education Director11,131 AUD
35.   Online Banking Manager11,039 AUD
36.   Professor - Biology10,970 AUD
37.   Director of Technology10,904 AUD
38.   Knowledge Manager10,814 AUD
39.   Operations Supervisor10,752 AUD
40.   Business Manager10,691 AUD
41.   Private Sector Executive10,619 AUD
42.   Cards Marketing Manager10,574 AUD
43.   Customer Service Manager10,468 AUD
44.   Marketing Segment Manager10,418 AUD
45.   Financial Systems Manager10,345 AUD
46.   Commercial Manager10,276 AUD
47.   Training Executive10,216 AUD
48.   Paralegal10,135 AUD
49.   Human Resources Executive10,053 AUD
50.   Gas Supply Manager9,999 AUD
51.   Media Design Manager9,956 AUD
52.   DNA Analyst9,890 AUD
53.   Clinical Laboratory Scientist9,843 AUD
54.   Sociologist9,789 AUD
55.   Investor Relations Manager9,745 AUD
56.   Housing Manager9,711 AUD
57.   Duty Manager9,676 AUD
58.   Business Advisor9,628 AUD
59.   Broadcasting Presenter9,590 AUD
60.   Business Intelligence Team Leader9,535 AUD
61.   Materials Scientist9,505 AUD
62.   CME Specialist9,471 AUD
63.   Mortgage Servicing Manager9,426 AUD
64.   Product and Brand Manager9,393 AUD
65.   Mortgage Processing Manager9,358 AUD
66.   Restaurant Manager9,314 AUD
67.   Associate Account Director9,258 AUD
68.   Assistant Product Manager9,233 AUD
69.   Production Manager9,177 AUD
70.   Contracts Executive9,159 AUD
71.   Insurance Sales Director9,130 AUD
72.   Web Security Manager9,112 AUD
73.   Tender Manager9,081 AUD
74.   Contracts Manager9,064 AUD
75.   Area Manager9,038 AUD
76.   Lab Manager9,018 AUD

How much money does a person working in Australia make?

7,629 AUD per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Australia typically earns around 7,629 AUD per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Adelaide8,412 AUD
Brisbane8,725 AUD
Canberra-Queanbeyan8,106 AUD
Gold Coast-Tweed8,255 AUD
Gosford7,465 AUD
Melbourne8,881 AUD
Newcastle7,933 AUD
Perth8,569 AUD
Sunshine Coast7,790 AUD
Sydney9,037 AUD
Wollongong7,617 AUD
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