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Best Paying Jobs in Malta

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Internal Medicine8,620 EUR
2.   Prosthodontist7,860 EUR
3.   Psychololgist7,052 EUR
4.   Physician6,504 EUR
5.   Physician - Generalist6,046 EUR
6.   Regional Director of Operations5,430 EUR
7.   Franchise Manager5,179 EUR
8.   Top Research and Development Executive4,916 EUR
9.   Brand Executive4,758 EUR
10.   Finance Executive4,597 EUR
11.   Marketing and Sales Head4,513 EUR
12.   Financial Services Manager4,460 EUR
13.   Head of Strategy4,404 EUR
14.   Supply Chain Manager4,357 EUR
15.   Online Banking Manager4,270 EUR
16.   Director of Project Management4,221 EUR
17.   Procurement Manager4,182 EUR
18.   Professor - Sociology4,136 EUR
19.   Quality Assurance Manager4,093 EUR
20.   Distribution Manager4,066 EUR
21.   Professor - Pharmaceutical Sciences4,047 EUR
22.   Chairman Office Manager4,016 EUR
23.   Lawyer3,983 EUR
24.   University Teacher3,949 EUR
25.   Business Development Manager3,926 EUR
26.   Biophysicist3,903 EUR
27.   Executive Human Capital Management3,881 EUR
28.   Human Resources Vice President3,864 EUR
29.   Online Banking Manager3,833 EUR
30.   Director of Client Services3,798 EUR
31.   Portfolio Analyst 3,758 EUR
32.   Microbiologist3,731 EUR
33.   Life Scientist3,704 EUR
34.   Distribution Manager3,673 EUR
35.   Laboratory Manager3,642 EUR
36.   Media Design Manager3,599 EUR
37.   Duty Manager3,569 EUR
38.   Equity Analyst3,541 EUR
39.   Government Officer3,526 EUR
40.   Energy Advisor3,496 EUR
41.   Policy Administration Executive3,469 EUR
42.   Associate Product Manager3,441 EUR
43.   Loan Area Manager3,419 EUR
44.   Business Development Executive3,389 EUR
45.   Hotel Sales Manager3,367 EUR
46.   Chief People Officer3,350 EUR
47.   Loan Quality Assurance Manager3,330 EUR
48.   Fitness Manager3,314 EUR
49.   Low Vision Therapist3,301 EUR
50.   Restaurant General Manager3,282 EUR
51.   Broadcasting Presenter3,266 EUR
52.   Agricultural Manager3,248 EUR
53.   Localization Manager3,238 EUR
54.   Social Scientist3,222 EUR
55.   Mining Project Manager3,212 EUR
56.   Network Administration Team Lead3,199 EUR
57.   Airfield Management Specialist3,187 EUR
58.   Operations Manager 3,177 EUR
59.   Arbitrator3,170 EUR
60.   Export Logistics Manager3,161 EUR
61.   Account Manager3,150 EUR
62.   Reporter3,141 EUR

How much money does a person working in Malta make?

2,704 EUR per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Malta typically earns around 2,704 EUR per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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