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Best Paying Jobs in Mauritius

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Anesthesiology147,494 MUR
2.   Physician - Internal Medicine134,127 MUR
3.   Endodontist123,276 MUR
4.   Radiation Therapist118,508 MUR
5.   Physician111,420 MUR
6.   Pediatrician100,702 MUR
7.   Physician - CCU96,364 MUR
8.   Physician - Occupational Medicine93,235 MUR
9.   Director of Finance87,573 MUR
10.   Emergency Department Physician83,239 MUR
11.   Managing Director78,038 MUR
12.   Prosthetist77,392 MUR
13.   Marketing Manager75,573 MUR
14.   Brand Executive74,039 MUR
15.   Executive73,295 MUR
16.   Pharmacy Manager72,349 MUR
17.   Brand Marketing71,535 MUR
18.   Real Estate General Manager70,789 MUR
19.   Certified Respiratory Therapist70,180 MUR
20.   Telecommunications Manager69,604 MUR
21.   Professor - Medical Administration69,092 MUR
22.   Regional Manager68,741 MUR
23.   Real Estate Project Director67,695 MUR
24.   Sales Manager67,517 MUR
25.   Sales Manager66,864 MUR
26.   Online Banking Manager66,437 MUR
27.   Product Development Manager66,136 MUR
28.   Education Director65,926 MUR
29.   Director of Operations65,587 MUR
30.   Economics Lecturer65,184 MUR
31.   Chief Product Officer64,995 MUR
32.   Patent Attorney64,707 MUR
33.   Head of Executive Search64,252 MUR
34.   Marketing Manager63,862 MUR
35.   Economic Development Specialist63,620 MUR
36.   Sales Administration Manager63,278 MUR
37.   Professor - Computer Science62,888 MUR
38.   Director of Medical Staff Services62,563 MUR
39.   Information Technology Manager62,221 MUR
40.   Information Technology Manager62,009 MUR
41.   Professor - Nursing61,669 MUR
42.   Legal Executive61,263 MUR
43.   Geologist60,809 MUR
44.   Trade Marketing Executive60,575 MUR
45.   Biophysicist60,203 MUR
46.   Relationship Manager59,599 MUR
47.   Operations Analyst59,347 MUR
48.   Bank Operations Specialist59,120 MUR
49.   Check Processing Manager58,793 MUR
50.   Risk Manager58,412 MUR
51.   Loans Manager58,183 MUR
52.   Global Product Manager57,885 MUR
53.   Technology Development Manager57,651 MUR
54.   Energy Advisor57,253 MUR
55.   Government Relations Associate56,944 MUR
56.   Quality Assurance Executive56,618 MUR
57.   Campaign Manager56,363 MUR
58.   Media Operations Manager56,140 MUR
59.   Corporate Affairs Executive55,787 MUR
60.   Director of Facilities Management55,287 MUR
61.   Quality Manager55,086 MUR
62.   Operational Excellence General Manager54,809 MUR
63.   Accounting Head54,597 MUR
64.   Psychometrist54,353 MUR
65.   Fleet Controller54,052 MUR
66.   Geologist53,748 MUR
67.   Sport and Recreation Manager53,544 MUR
68.   Youth Care Counselor53,229 MUR
69.   Analytical Chemist53,117 MUR
70.   Real Estate Appraiser53,005 MUR
71.   Director of Application Development52,847 MUR
72.   Business Development Specialist52,720 MUR
73.   Capacity Planning Supervisor52,615 MUR
74.   Revenue Manager52,411 MUR
75.   Department Supervisor52,257 MUR
76.   Benefits Manager52,051 MUR
77.   Laboratory Manager51,921 MUR
78.   Recruitment Consultant51,754 MUR
79.   Product Quality Leader51,620 MUR
80.   Human Resources Deputy Manager 51,537 MUR
81.   Operations Manager 51,448 MUR
82.   Human Resources Executive51,346 MUR
83.   Account Executive51,254 MUR
84.   Assistant Project Manager51,092 MUR
85.   Xray Tech50,918 MUR
86.   Trainer50,820 MUR
87.   Metallurgist50,634 MUR
88.   Infection Control Practitioner50,532 MUR
89.   Head Coach50,414 MUR
90.   Architectural Manager50,258 MUR

How much money does a person working in Mauritius make?

43,442 MUR per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Mauritius typically earns around 43,442 MUR per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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