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Best Paying Jobs in Mayotte

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Urologist8,895 EUR
2.   Physician - Immunology / Allergy7,858 EUR
3.   Periodontist7,426 EUR
4.   Neurologist6,932 EUR
5.   Exercise Physiologist6,406 EUR
6.   Physician - Emergency Room5,870 EUR
7.   Medical Director5,637 EUR
8.   President5,301 EUR
9.   Healthcare Practitioner4,979 EUR
10.   Allergist4,804 EUR
11.   Physician - Pain Medicine4,666 EUR
12.   Director4,548 EUR
13.   Deputy CFO4,420 EUR
14.   Country Manager4,384 EUR
15.   Corporate Treasurer4,330 EUR
16.   Director of Marketing4,298 EUR
17.   Operational Manager4,216 EUR
18.   Assistant Pharmacy Director4,174 EUR
19.   Administrative Director4,138 EUR
20.   Chief Commercial Officer4,088 EUR
21.   Head of Executive Search4,038 EUR
22.   Certified Respiratory Therapist4,012 EUR
23.   Commercial Real Estate Manager3,992 EUR
24.   Professor - Philosophy3,968 EUR
25.   Director of Medical Staff Services3,945 EUR
26.   Professor - Liberal Arts3,920 EUR
27.   Information Technology Operations Manager3,900 EUR
28.   Medical Insurance Manager3,885 EUR
29.   Technical Manager3,870 EUR
30.   Political Scientist3,851 EUR
31.   Information Technology Manager3,833 EUR
32.   Shopping Center Manager3,816 EUR
33.   Director of Accreditation3,796 EUR
34.   Head of Information Technology3,776 EUR
35.   Banking Business Planning Executive3,747 EUR
36.   Fraud Prevention Manager3,737 EUR
37.   Quality Manager3,711 EUR
38.   Head of Communications3,682 EUR
39.   Professor - Biology3,657 EUR
40.   Pharmaceutical Operations Excellence Manager3,641 EUR
41.   Professor - Legal Support3,614 EUR
42.   Mathematician3,588 EUR
43.   Product Executive3,574 EUR
44.   Assistant Managing Director3,552 EUR
45.   Check Processing Manager3,539 EUR
46.   Clinical Cytogeneticist3,520 EUR
47.   R/D Director3,490 EUR
48.   Campaign Manager3,459 EUR
49.   Exports Sales Manager3,439 EUR
50.   Credit Manager3,424 EUR
51.   Laboratory Manager3,411 EUR
52.   Clinical Study Manager3,390 EUR
53.   Energy Advisor3,373 EUR
54.   Physical Scientist3,340 EUR
55.   Revenue Recognition Analyst3,327 EUR
56.   Bank Relationship Manager3,313 EUR
57.   Associate Product Manager3,287 EUR
58.   Pharmaceutical Research Scientist3,264 EUR
59.   Wildlife Biologist3,247 EUR
60.   Director of Engineering3,231 EUR
61.   Finance Analyst3,214 EUR
62.   Key Account Manager3,203 EUR
63.   Clinical Operations Manager3,196 EUR
64.   Sociologist3,183 EUR
65.   Business Analyst3,172 EUR
66.   Labor Relations Director3,166 EUR
67.   Media Design Manager3,158 EUR
68.   Fleet Controller3,150 EUR
69.   Nursery Manager3,132 EUR
70.   Market Research Manager3,123 EUR
71.   E-Commerce Manager3,114 EUR
72.   Hotel Sales Manager3,107 EUR
73.   Associate Attorney3,096 EUR
74.   Manufacturing Engineering Manager3,086 EUR
75.   Human Resources Deputy Manager 3,080 EUR
76.   Corporate Recruiter3,068 EUR
77.   Information Technology Executive3,061 EUR
78.   Change Control Analyst3,051 EUR
79.   Laboratory Manager3,044 EUR
80.   Hydrologist3,035 EUR
81.   Testing Manager3,027 EUR
82.   Security Management Specialist3,018 EUR
83.   Patient Safety Manager3,012 EUR

How much money does a person working in Mayotte make?

2,609 EUR per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Mayotte typically earns around 2,609 EUR per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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