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Best Paying Jobs in Morocco

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Urologist85,540 MAD
2.   Physician - Dermatology73,036 MAD
3.   Naturopathic Physician68,605 MAD
4.   Physician - Rheumatology64,743 MAD
5.   Physician - Physiatry59,911 MAD
6.   Psychololgist56,815 MAD
7.   Medical Director52,954 MAD
8.   Executive Director51,123 MAD
9.   Finance President48,022 MAD
10.   Physician - Family Practice45,735 MAD
11.   Radiographer43,779 MAD
12.   Optician42,605 MAD
13.   Director41,688 MAD
14.   Head of Strategy40,922 MAD
15.   Operations Manager40,301 MAD
16.   Television Executive Producer39,947 MAD
17.   College President39,604 MAD
18.   Engagement Manager38,869 MAD
19.   Sales and Marketing Director38,553 MAD
20.   Chief Operating Officer38,193 MAD
21.   Sales Director37,934 MAD
22.   Quality Assurance Manager37,375 MAD
23.   Chief Product Officer37,128 MAD
24.   Head of Direct Sales36,923 MAD
25.   Professor - Special Education36,732 MAD
26.   State Advisor36,569 MAD
27.   Assistant Pharmacy Director36,328 MAD
28.   Quality Control Manager36,018 MAD
29.   Sales Admin Executive35,820 MAD
30.   Litigation Attorney35,673 MAD
31.   Biophysicist35,474 MAD
32.   Judge Advocate35,371 MAD
33.   Director of Operations35,223 MAD
34.   Bank Branch Manager34,956 MAD
35.   Audit Director34,731 MAD
36.   Information Technology Project Manager34,653 MAD
37.   Hotel Manager34,432 MAD
38.   Derivative Trader34,308 MAD
39.   Online Banking Manager34,081 MAD
40.   Geothermal Production Manager33,899 MAD
41.   Professor - Drama33,762 MAD
42.   Client Account Manager33,638 MAD
43.   Relationship Manager33,429 MAD
44.   Aviation Manager33,279 MAD
45.   Cards Marketing Manager33,073 MAD
46.   E-Commerce Strategy Manager32,930 MAD
47.   Planning and Supply Manager32,703 MAD
48.   Clinician32,559 MAD
49.   Private Sector Executive32,382 MAD
50.   Lab Manager32,203 MAD
51.   Portfolio Analyst 32,053 MAD
52.   Risk Manager31,901 MAD
53.   Investment Analyst31,708 MAD
54.   Physical Scientist31,465 MAD
55.   Ecologist31,380 MAD
56.   Clinical Study Manager31,203 MAD
57.   Insurance Manager31,117 MAD
58.   Credit and Collections Manager30,970 MAD
59.   Wildlife Biologist30,765 MAD
60.   Director of Application Development30,599 MAD
61.   Aircraft Pilot30,433 MAD
62.   Guidance Director30,245 MAD
63.   Finance Analyst30,037 MAD
64.   Gas Supply Manager29,882 MAD
65.   Information Technology Project Director29,729 MAD
66.   Residential Property Manager29,557 MAD
67.   Industrial Hygienist29,416 MAD
68.   Media Design Manager29,302 MAD
69.   Loan Collection and Recovery Manager29,240 MAD
70.   Assistant General Manager29,182 MAD
71.   Product and Brand Manager29,100 MAD
72.   Director of Engineering28,928 MAD
73.   Child Psychotherapist28,828 MAD
74.   Change Management28,716 MAD
75.   District Sales Manager28,653 MAD
76.   Biomedical Engineering Director28,535 MAD
77.   Client Relations Manager28,437 MAD
78.   Financial Planner28,396 MAD
79.   Lead Technical Field Advisor28,345 MAD
80.   Account Executive28,272 MAD
81.   Electoral Project Coordinator28,232 MAD
82.   Real Estate Association Manager28,163 MAD
83.   Biologist28,062 MAD
84.   Engineering Teacher27,989 MAD
85.   Director of Events27,908 MAD
86.   Meteorologist27,858 MAD
87.   Arbitrator27,780 MAD
88.   Clinical Biochemist27,671 MAD
89.   Energy Auditor27,615 MAD
90.   Training Manager27,553 MAD

How much money does a person working in Morocco make?

24,111 MAD per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Morocco typically earns around 24,111 MAD per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Agadir21,329 MAD
Casablanca26,282 MAD
Marrakech24,523 MAD
Rabat23,227 MAD
Tangier25,799 MAD
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