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Best Paying Jobs Azerbaijan

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Dentist10,000 AZN
2.   Area Director10,000 AZN
3.   Construction Manager9,167 AZN
4.   Site engineer9,000 AZN
5.   Legal Consultant8,950 AZN
6.   Drilling Engineer8,125 AZN
7.   Engineer7,987 AZN
8.   VB.NET Developer7,333 AZN
9.   Chief Executive Officer7,000 AZN
10.   Branch Manager6,300 AZN
11.   Country Manager6,000 AZN
12.   Project Engineer6,000 AZN
13.   Aviation Technician6,000 AZN
14.   Chief Information Security Officer6,000 AZN
15.   Planning Director5,600 AZN
16.   Maintenance Engineer5,300 AZN
17.   Operations Manager5,050 AZN
18.   Chief Financial Officer (CFO)5,000 AZN
19.   Biotechnologist 5,000 AZN
20.   Art Director5,000 AZN
21.   Human Resources Manager5,000 AZN
22.   Sales Manager4,950 AZN
23.   Project Manager4,500 AZN
24.   Construction Supervisor4,300 AZN
25.   Area Sales Manager4,300 AZN
26.   Civil Engineer4,259 AZN
27.   Regional Manager4,167 AZN
28.   Retail Operations Manager4,000 AZN
29.   Equipment Engineering Manager4,000 AZN
30.   Instrumentation Engineer4,000 AZN
31.   Area Manager3,875 AZN
32.   Electric and Gas Operations Manager3,800 AZN
33.   Financial Analyst3,500 AZN
34.   Delivery Driver3,500 AZN
35.   Telecommunications Engineer3,150 AZN
36.   Supervisor of Food Services3,083 AZN
37.   Network Engineer3,000 AZN
38.   Oil and Petrochemical Engineer3,000 AZN
39.   Petroleum Engineer 3,000 AZN
40.   Security Manager2,800 AZN
41.   Geologist2,800 AZN
42.   Fitness Trainers2,600 AZN
43.   Welder2,500 AZN
44.   Hospitality Director2,500 AZN
45.   Project Coordinator2,500 AZN
46.   Call Center Representative2,500 AZN
47.   Tax Manager2,430 AZN
48.   Hotel Manager2,355 AZN
49.   Security Guard2,350 AZN
50.   Dining Room Supervisor2,000 AZN
51.   Dental Technician2,000 AZN
52.   Investment Operations Manager2,000 AZN
53.   Housekeeping Supervisor2,000 AZN
54.   Laboratory Manager2,000 AZN
55.   Waiter2,000 AZN
56.   Staff Nurse2,000 AZN
57.   Regional Restaurant Manager1,880 AZN
58.   Sales Executive1,780 AZN
59.   Marketing Assistant1,500 AZN
60.   Loan Business Development Officer1,500 AZN
61.   Brand Marketing1,500 AZN
62.   Developer / Programmer (General)1,500 AZN
63.   Principal Cost Engineer1,400 AZN
64.   Technical Manager1,354 AZN
65.   Construction Assistant1,200 AZN
66.   Administrative Manager1,200 AZN
67.   Financial Dealer and Broker1,200 AZN
68.   Cook1,100 AZN
69.   Project Engineer1,000 AZN
70.   CopyWriter1,000 AZN
71.   Business Advisor1,000 AZN
72.   Pharmacist1,000 AZN
73.   Secretary1,000 AZN
74.   Import Logistics Specialist1,000 AZN
75.   Pilot1,000 AZN
76.   Buyer1,000 AZN
77.   Cleaner900 AZN
78.   Environmental Engineer900 AZN

How much money does a person working in Azerbaijan make?

3,742 AZN per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Azerbaijan typically earns around 3,742 AZN per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

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