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Best Paying Jobs in Azerbaijan

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Surgeon - Trauma9,903 AZN
2.   Physician - Dermatology8,913 AZN
3.   Radiologist8,045 AZN
4.   Radiology Manager7,380 AZN
5.   Chairman of The Board6,930 AZN
6.   Bank Manager6,346 AZN
7.   General Medical Practitioner5,884 AZN
8.   Radiographer5,550 AZN
9.   Group Marketing Manager5,412 AZN
10.   International Banking Manager5,220 AZN
11.   Anatomic Pathology Supervisor5,094 AZN
12.   Sales and Marketing Director5,000 AZN
13.   Government Affairs Director4,926 AZN
14.   Zone Manager4,879 AZN
15.   Administrative Director4,803 AZN
16.   Lecturer4,765 AZN
17.   Manufacturing Manager4,730 AZN
18.   Telecommunications Manager4,705 AZN
19.   Product Development Manager4,661 AZN
20.   Information Technology Manager4,606 AZN
21.   MIS Executive4,570 AZN
22.   Operational Manager4,536 AZN
23.   Head of Projects4,502 AZN
24.   National Account Manager4,479 AZN
25.   Product Manager4,450 AZN
26.   Media Sales Manager4,416 AZN
27.   Professor - Liberal Arts4,375 AZN
28.   Chief Information Officer4,343 AZN
29.   State Advisor4,307 AZN
30.   Market Segmentation Director4,277 AZN
31.   Assistant Managing Director4,252 AZN
32.   Statistics Lecturer4,227 AZN
33.   Market Development Executive4,191 AZN
34.   Technical Manager4,162 AZN
35.   Planning and Supply Manager4,138 AZN
36.   Investment Banking Analyst4,106 AZN
37.   Chemist4,059 AZN
38.   Government Relations Associate4,027 AZN
39.   Production Director4,002 AZN
40.   Duty Manager3,981 AZN
41.   Professor - Rehabilitation3,960 AZN
42.   Assistant Vice President3,922 AZN
43.   Recreation Manager3,903 AZN
44.   Industrial Hygienist3,881 AZN
45.   Media Operations Manager3,846 AZN
46.   Lab Manager3,823 AZN
47.   Head of Department3,790 AZN
48.   District Sales Manager3,771 AZN
49.   Insurance Program Manager3,762 AZN
50.   Biomedical Engineering Director3,733 AZN
51.   KYC Team Leader3,726 AZN
52.   Arbitrator3,708 AZN
53.   Energy Advisor3,694 AZN
54.   Aircraft Quality Assurance3,675 AZN
55.   Business Analyst3,654 AZN
56.   Engineering Manager3,638 AZN
57.   Retail Operations Manager3,621 AZN
58.   Behavioral Health Specialist3,613 AZN
59.   Associate Account Director3,600 AZN
60.   Dental Therapist3,582 AZN
61.   Leasing Manager3,562 AZN
62.   E-Commerce Marketing Manager3,547 AZN
63.   Import and Export Consultant3,529 AZN
64.   Nursing Director3,524 AZN
65.   Product Development Scientist3,508 AZN
66.   Operations Training Specialist Head3,492 AZN

How much money does a person working in Azerbaijan make?

2,973 AZN per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Azerbaijan typically earns around 2,973 AZN per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Baku3,250 AZN
Ganja3,017 AZN
Sumqayit2,762 AZN
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