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Best Paying Jobs in Netherlands 2020

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Dermatologist35,300 EUR
2.   Cardiology Manager31,400 EUR
3.   Physician - Endocrinology29,400 EUR
4.   Physician - Sports Medicine27,700 EUR
5.   Physician - Pediatric Cardiology26,500 EUR
6.   Counseling Psychologist24,900 EUR
7.   Chief Executive Officer23,100 EUR
8.   Bank Manager22,200 EUR
9.   President21,200 EUR
10.   Finance Manager19,900 EUR
11.   Physician - Geriatrics19,400 EUR
12.   Chief Corporate Officer18,800 EUR
13.   President of Marketing18,200 EUR
14.   Optician17,900 EUR
15.   Executive Manager17,600 EUR
16.   Marketing Manager17,300 EUR
17.   Head of Marketing17,000 EUR
18.   Marketing Manager16,900 EUR
19.   Director of Sales16,600 EUR
20.   Ocean Services Manager16,400 EUR
21.   Program Director16,300 EUR
22.   Commercial Leasing Manager16,200 EUR
23.   Professor - Chemistry16,000 EUR
24.   Information Technology Director15,900 EUR
25.   Regional Sales Manager15,800 EUR
26.   Vice President Sales15,700 EUR
27.   Product Development Manager15,700 EUR
28.   Chief Operating Officer15,600 EUR
29.   Recreation Director15,500 EUR
30.   Brand Ambassador15,400 EUR
31.   Town Planner15,300 EUR
32.   Director of Technology15,200 EUR
33.   Magistrate Judge15,200 EUR
34.   Mortgage Operations Manager15,100 EUR
35.   Respiratory Care Practitioner15,000 EUR
36.   Real Estate Project Director14,900 EUR
37.   Professor - Communication14,800 EUR
38.   Professor - Marketing14,800 EUR
39.   Chief Technologist14,700 EUR
40.   Manufacturing Manager14,600 EUR
41.   General Manager14,600 EUR
42.   Chief Risk Officer14,500 EUR
43.   Power Plant Operations Manager14,400 EUR
44.   Cash Management Manager14,400 EUR
45.   Recruiting Manager14,300 EUR
46.   Community Development Manager14,300 EUR
47.   eMarketing Manager14,300 EUR
48.   Business Development Manager14,200 EUR
49.   Head of Information Technology14,100 EUR
50.   Associate Medical Affairs Director14,000 EUR
51.   Risk Management Director14,000 EUR
52.   Corporate Sales Manager13,900 EUR
53.   Depot Manager13,900 EUR
54.   Credit and Collections Manager13,800 EUR
55.   Commercial Sales Manager13,700 EUR
56.   Cards Marketing Manager13,700 EUR
57.   Atmospheric and Space Scientist13,600 EUR
58.   Geophysicist13,600 EUR
59.   Lab Manager13,500 EUR
60.   Commercial Manager13,400 EUR
61.   Aviation Resources Manager13,300 EUR
62.   Media Product Development Manager13,300 EUR
63.   Service Level Manager13,200 EUR
64.   Risk Manager13,100 EUR
65.   Mortgage Funding Manager13,000 EUR
66.   Assistant Vice President13,000 EUR
67.   Airfield Management Specialist12,900 EUR
68.   Youth Development Manager12,800 EUR
69.   Energy Dispatch Director12,700 EUR
70.   Assistant Manager12,700 EUR
71.   Clinical Research Manager12,700 EUR
72.   Information Technology Asset Manager12,600 EUR
73.   Art Director12,600 EUR
74.   Private Banker12,500 EUR
75.   Call Center Manager12,500 EUR
76.   Digital Media Specialist12,400 EUR
77.   Revenue Manager12,400 EUR
78.   Telecommunication Service Delivery Manager12,400 EUR
79.   Health Economist12,300 EUR
80.   Market Research Manager12,300 EUR
81.   Fitness Manager12,300 EUR
82.   Assistant Information Technology Project Manager12,200 EUR
83.   Spa Manager12,200 EUR
84.   Biomedical Engineering Director12,200 EUR
85.   Testing Manager12,100 EUR
86.   Guidance Director12,100 EUR
87.   Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Manager12,100 EUR
88.   Laboratory Supervisor 12,100 EUR
89.   Online Marketing Manager12,000 EUR
90.   Director of Process Simplification12,000 EUR
91.   Human Resources Consultant12,000 EUR
92.   Supply Chain Development Manager12,000 EUR
93.   Airline Copilot11,900 EUR
94.   Real Estate Appraiser11,900 EUR
95.   Information Technology Project Leader11,900 EUR
96.   Localization Manager11,800 EUR
97.   Chief Engineer11,800 EUR
98.   Tender Manager11,800 EUR
99.   Exchange Control Consultant11,800 EUR
100.   Telecommunication Technical Manager11,800 EUR

How much money does a person working in Netherlands make?

Average Monthly Salary
10,400 EUR
( 125,000 EUR yearly)


A person working in Netherlands typically earns around 10,400 EUR per month. Salaries range from 1,680 EUR (lowest average) to 45,100 EUR (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. Salaries vary drastically between different careers. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Almere10,300 EUR
Amsterdam11,500 EUR
Breda9,880 EUR
Eindhoven10,700 EUR
Groningen10,100 EUR
Nijmegen9,680 EUR
Rotterdam11,300 EUR
s-Gravenhage11,100 EUR
Tilburg10,500 EUR
Utrecht10,900 EUR

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