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Best Paying Jobs in New Zealand

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Cardiology30,859 NZD
2.   Oral Surgeon26,794 NZD
3.   Radiation Therapist24,416 NZD
4.   Obstetrician / Gynecologist23,193 NZD
5.   Forensic Pathologist21,829 NZD
6.   Dietitian20,270 NZD
7.   Medical Director19,782 NZD
8.   Physician - CCU18,500 NZD
9.   Regional Director17,687 NZD
10.   Financial Manager16,664 NZD
11.   Chief Corporate Officer15,935 NZD
12.   Director of Business Development15,311 NZD
13.   Physical Therapist15,084 NZD
14.   Registered Dietitian14,705 NZD
15.   Tax Director14,568 NZD
16.   Brand Executive14,419 NZD
17.   Purchasing and Sales Executive14,257 NZD
18.   Sales Director14,146 NZD
19.   Director of Project Management13,941 NZD
20.   Deputy Managing Director13,794 NZD
21.   Director of Sales13,724 NZD
22.   Professor - Chemical Engineering13,643 NZD
23.   Director of Medical Staff Services13,578 NZD
24.   Relationship Manager13,465 NZD
25.   Real Estate General Manager13,400 NZD
26.   Professor - Marketing13,318 NZD
27.   Professor - Computer Science13,253 NZD
28.   Online Banking Manager13,167 NZD
29.   Professor - Industrial Engineering13,096 NZD
30.   Director of Communications13,012 NZD
31.   Director of Training and Development12,950 NZD
32.   Technical Manager12,887 NZD
33.   Vice President Sales12,798 NZD
34.   Human Resources Director12,733 NZD
35.   Genomics Scientist12,686 NZD
36.   Natural Sciences Manager12,591 NZD
37.   Education Director12,521 NZD
38.   Academic Clinician12,474 NZD
39.   Supply Operations Manager12,435 NZD
40.   Property Operations Manager12,329 NZD
41.   Network and Infrastructure Manager12,259 NZD
42.   Trade Marketing Executive12,162 NZD
43.   Corporate Compliance Director12,098 NZD
44.   Bioinformatics Scientist12,038 NZD
45.   Credit and Collections Manager11,992 NZD
46.   Equity Analyst11,934 NZD
47.   Operations Supervisor11,899 NZD
48.   Professor - Foreign Languages11,850 NZD
49.   Geophysicist11,778 NZD
50.   Project Sales Executive11,707 NZD
51.   Financial Systems Manager11,613 NZD
52.   Information Systems Manager11,566 NZD
53.   Marketing Segment Manager11,487 NZD
54.   Market Research Manager11,429 NZD
55.   Project Development Manager11,375 NZD
56.   Event Marketing11,354 NZD
57.   Associate Marketing Manager11,265 NZD
58.   Mortgage Development Manager11,199 NZD
59.   Gas Supply Manager11,089 NZD
60.   Technical Project Manager11,007 NZD
61.   Airfield Management Specialist10,983 NZD
62.   Key Account Manager10,936 NZD
63.   Clinical Cytogeneticist10,923 NZD
64.   Academic Manager10,877 NZD
65.   Validation Manager10,823 NZD
66.   Clinical Operations Manager10,771 NZD
67.   Enterprise Architecture Manager10,718 NZD
68.   Assistant Product Manager10,666 NZD
69.   Director of Application Development10,612 NZD
70.   Spa Manager10,603 NZD
71.   Solar Energy Installation Manager10,559 NZD
72.   Mental Health Counselor10,534 NZD
73.   Training Manager10,493 NZD
74.   Quality Assurance Manager10,452 NZD
75.   E-Commerce Manager10,432 NZD
76.   Senor Environmental Health Practitioner10,397 NZD
77.   Labor Relations Director10,390 NZD
78.   Assistant Manager10,343 NZD
79.   Section Head10,311 NZD
80.   Aviation Analyst10,287 NZD
81.   Clinical School Psychologist10,240 NZD
82.   Waste Management Manager10,229 NZD
83.   Electoral Project Coordinator10,184 NZD
84.   Leasing Manager10,178 NZD
85.   Computer Scientist10,127 NZD
86.   Clinical Pharmacist10,086 NZD
87.   Information Security Director10,081 NZD
88.   Quality Assurance Supervisor10,050 NZD
89.   Plant Manager10,030 NZD
90.   Manufacturing Engineering Manager10,001 NZD

How much money does a person working in New Zealand make?

8,847 NZD per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in New Zealand typically earns around 8,847 NZD per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Auckland9,819 NZD
Christchurch9,382 NZD
Hamilton8,505 NZD
Rotorua8,113 NZD
Wellington9,033 NZD
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