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Best Paying Jobs in Niger

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Surgeon - Pediatric1,828,516 XOF
2.   Orthodontist1,649,145 XOF
3.   Generalist - Obstetrics and Gynecology1,503,681 XOF
4.   Obstetrician1,379,933 XOF
5.   Radiology Manager1,279,343 XOF
6.   Physician - Emergency Room1,194,981 XOF
7.   Chairman of The Board1,149,918 XOF
8.   Director of Finance1,051,352 XOF
9.   Correctional Treatment Specialist1,016,120 XOF
10.   Director971,145 XOF
11.   Physiotherapist943,954 XOF
12.   College Dean920,903 XOF
13.   Crown Prosecution Service Lawyer910,521 XOF
14.   Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Lead896,445 XOF
15.   Physician Assistant884,129 XOF
16.   Dean of Faculty875,556 XOF
17.   Manager866,493 XOF
18.   Epidemiologist856,857 XOF
19.   Professor - Dentistry850,177 XOF
20.   Marketing and Business Development Manager844,567 XOF
21.   Director of Product Management839,168 XOF
22.   Program Director829,029 XOF
23.   Administrative Law Judge825,077 XOF
24.   Commercial Director819,866 XOF
25.   Quality Manager814,520 XOF
26.   Product Development Manager810,460 XOF
27.   Public Relations Manager806,399 XOF
28.   International Tax Director801,567 XOF
29.   Legal Executive797,723 XOF
30.   Market Development Executive791,538 XOF
31.   Petroleum Geologist786,780 XOF
32.   Real Estate Project Director781,225 XOF
33.   Patent Attorney776,352 XOF
34.   Engineering Lecturer772,318 XOF
35.   Fundraising Manager769,748 XOF
36.   Business Development Manager765,768 XOF
37.   Recruiting Manager760,943 XOF
38.   Assistant Managing Director756,348 XOF
39.   Bank Programme Manager750,204 XOF
40.   Geophysicist745,168 XOF
41.   Bank Operations Specialist738,996 XOF
42.   Distribution Executive732,526 XOF
43.   Government Affairs Advisor727,627 XOF
44.   Supervisor722,863 XOF
45.   Finance Relationship Manager719,871 XOF
46.   Conservation Scientist715,446 XOF
47.   Bid Manager711,101 XOF
48.   E-Commerce Sales Manager708,218 XOF
49.   Advertising Sales Director704,037 XOF
50.   Energy Dispatch Director698,554 XOF
51.   Duty Manager694,223 XOF
52.   Training and Development Manager687,768 XOF
53.   Insurance Operations Manager684,465 XOF
54.   Property Manager678,063 XOF
55.   Loan Audit Team Leader676,033 XOF
56.   Information Technology Asset Manager673,144 XOF
57.   Project Portfolio Manager669,807 XOF
58.   Bank Accounts Manager666,715 XOF
59.   Education Researcher663,310 XOF
60.   Veterinary Office Manager662,215 XOF
61.   Localization Manager658,377 XOF
62.   Human Resources Deputy Manager 657,071 XOF
63.   Information Program Director654,438 XOF
64.   Loan Collection and Recovery Manager652,617 XOF
65.   Clinical Operations Manager650,627 XOF
66.   Charities Fundraiser647,068 XOF
67.   Cash Management Manager645,498 XOF
68.   Pharmaceutical Team Leader643,514 XOF
69.   Zoo Veterinarian641,303 XOF
70.   Arbitrator639,069 XOF
71.   Budget Manager636,497 XOF
72.   Online Banking Specialist634,197 XOF
73.   Sales Promotion Manager632,430 XOF
74.   Learning and Development Manager631,234 XOF
75.   Social Scientist628,878 XOF
76.   Business Operations Associate626,564 XOF

How much money does a person working in Niger make?

554,025 XOF per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Niger typically earns around 554,025 XOF per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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