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Best Paying Jobs in Oman

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Surgeon - Pediatric6,276 OMR
2.   Surgeon - Trauma5,411 OMR
3.   Surgeon5,181 OMR
4.   Physician - Rheumatology4,727 OMR
5.   Nuclear Medicine Physician4,426 OMR
6.   Exercise Physiologist4,271 OMR
7.   Medical Director4,050 OMR
8.   Physician - Generalist3,907 OMR
9.   Finance President3,635 OMR
10.   Finance Director3,479 OMR
11.   Physician - Pulmonary Medicine3,304 OMR
12.   Allergist3,203 OMR
13.   Executive3,132 OMR
14.   Investment Advisor3,052 OMR
15.   Operations Executive2,977 OMR
16.   Manager2,944 OMR
17.   Area Sales Director2,897 OMR
18.   Professor - Mechanical Engineering2,860 OMR
19.   Deputy Manager2,841 OMR
20.   Strategy Director2,804 OMR
21.   Deputy Managing Director2,781 OMR
22.   Program Director2,761 OMR
23.   Commercial Real Estate Manager2,730 OMR
24.   Magistrate Judge2,712 OMR
25.   Management Executive2,690 OMR
26.   Professor - Computer Science2,682 OMR
27.   Project Control Manager2,666 OMR
28.   Recreation Director2,658 OMR
29.   Marketing Manager2,643 OMR
30.   Fundraising Director2,622 OMR
31.   Professor - Marketing2,612 OMR
32.   General Manager2,604 OMR
33.   Math Lecturer2,591 OMR
34.   Statistics Lecturer2,575 OMR
35.   Search Marketing Strategist2,559 OMR
36.   MIS Executive2,549 OMR
37.   Quality Manager2,539 OMR
38.   Genomics Scientist2,527 OMR
39.   Media Program Director2,520 OMR
40.   Manager2,513 OMR
41.   Import and Export Manager2,495 OMR
42.   Assistant Managing Director2,487 OMR
43.   Head of School2,475 OMR
44.   Financial Banking Analysis Manager2,462 OMR
45.   Community Development Manager2,451 OMR
46.   Health Compliance Manager2,439 OMR
47.   Department Manager2,432 OMR
48.   Investment Banking Analyst2,423 OMR
49.   Attorney2,413 OMR
50.   Chief Human Resources Officer2,401 OMR
51.   Head of Information Technology2,392 OMR
52.   Digital Marketing Manager2,382 OMR
53.   Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Manager2,374 OMR
54.   ATM Manager2,360 OMR
55.   eMarketing Manager2,352 OMR
56.   Neonatologist2,337 OMR
57.   Recruiting Manager2,324 OMR
58.   Six Sigma Black Belt2,309 OMR
59.   Credit and Collections Manager2,296 OMR
60.   Commercial Manager2,284 OMR
61.   Human Resources Development Manager2,269 OMR
62.   Retention Executive2,256 OMR
63.   Planning and Supply Manager2,247 OMR
64.   Distribution Manager2,234 OMR
65.   Investment Analyst2,224 OMR
66.   Equity Analyst2,220 OMR
67.   Sustainability Specialist2,210 OMR
68.   Energy Analyst2,199 OMR
69.   Debt Adviser2,182 OMR
70.   SAP Resource Manager2,175 OMR
71.   Investor Relations Manager2,165 OMR
72.   Corporate Strategy Analyst2,157 OMR
73.   Internal Sales Manager2,148 OMR
74.   Fitness Manager2,142 OMR
75.   Associate Product Manager2,136 OMR
76.   Branch Manager2,128 OMR
77.   Assistant Finance Manager2,120 OMR
78.   Laboratory Supervisor 2,115 OMR
79.   Plant Manager2,107 OMR
80.   Policy Change Director2,100 OMR
81.   Clinical Pharmacy Specialist2,091 OMR
82.   Training and Development Manager2,086 OMR
83.   Online Banking Specialist2,082 OMR
84.   Budget Manager2,078 OMR
85.   Key Acoount Manager2,070 OMR
86.   Business Operations Associate2,066 OMR
87.   Warehouse Manager2,061 OMR
88.   Mining Project Manager2,056 OMR
89.   Cluster Director2,052 OMR
90.   Administration Manager2,045 OMR
91.   Chief Pilot2,038 OMR
92.   Compliance Specialist2,034 OMR
93.   Electrical Engineering Manager2,030 OMR
94.   Assistant Project Manager2,027 OMR
95.   Revenue Manager2,018 OMR
96.   Recruitment Supervisor2,016 OMR
97.   Molecular and Cellular Biologist2,011 OMR
98.   Patient Safety Manager2,008 OMR
99.   Charities Fundraiser2,004 OMR
100.   Automotive General Manager2,003 OMR

How much money does a person working in Oman make?

1,783 OMR per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Oman typically earns around 1,783 OMR per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Muscat1,888 OMR
Salalah1,804 OMR
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