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Best Paying Jobs in Pakistan

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Cardiology334,782 PKR
2.   Physician - Neurology280,174 PKR
3.   Oral Surgeon270,027 PKR
4.   Radiologist246,514 PKR
5.   Physician - Pediatric Neonatology234,347 PKR
6.   Physician - Nephrology219,223 PKR
7.   Physician - Hospitalist209,152 PKR
8.   Physician - Emergency Room199,212 PKR
9.   Group Financial Manager184,829 PKR
10.   Physician - Pulmonary Medicine177,055 PKR
11.   Director of Real Estate167,833 PKR
12.   Bank Operations Head162,402 PKR
13.   Mental Health Therapst160,101 PKR
14.   Director of Marketing156,243 PKR
15.   Marketing Manager155,000 PKR
16.   Investment Advisor152,515 PKR
17.   Professor - Medicine151,556 PKR
18.   College Dean150,030 PKR
19.   Head of Public Relations148,167 PKR
20.   Information Technology Manager146,400 PKR
21.   Sales Director145,068 PKR
22.   Planning Director144,057 PKR
23.   Operations Manager143,273 PKR
24.   Head of Projects142,748 PKR
25.   Professor - Psychology141,993 PKR
26.   Quality Control Manager141,091 PKR
27.   MIS Executive140,539 PKR
28.   Product Development Manager139,435 PKR
29.   Physicist138,383 PKR
30.   Brand Ambassador137,778 PKR
31.   Supply Chain Manager136,795 PKR
32.   Relationship Manager136,135 PKR
33.   Administrative Law Judge135,569 PKR
34.   Professor - History134,992 PKR
35.   Hardware Engineering Manager134,426 PKR
36.   Geothermal Production Manager133,620 PKR
37.   Import and Export Manager133,091 PKR
38.   Telecommunication Project Manager132,376 PKR
39.   Head of School131,870 PKR
40.   Foreign Exchange Manager131,163 PKR
41.   Loans Manager130,661 PKR
42.   Vice President of Finance129,840 PKR
43.   Professor - Drama128,858 PKR
44.   Corporate Compliance Director128,411 PKR
45.   Geologist127,976 PKR
46.   Business Manager127,270 PKR
47.   Microbiologist126,485 PKR
48.   Aviation Manager125,795 PKR
49.   Project Sales Executive125,114 PKR
50.   ATM Manager124,497 PKR
51.   Health Compliance Director123,869 PKR
52.   Bank Propositions Manager123,138 PKR
53.   Accounting Manager122,489 PKR
54.   ERP Project Manager121,522 PKR
55.   Government Affairs Advisor120,556 PKR
56.   Product Marketing Executive120,073 PKR
57.   Technology Development Manager119,458 PKR
58.   Capacity Planning Manager119,106 PKR
59.   Health Compliance Manager118,533 PKR
60.   Assistant Vice President118,032 PKR
61.   Telecommunication Service Delivery Manager117,111 PKR
62.   Dosimetrist116,690 PKR
63.   Quality Assurance Executive116,207 PKR
64.   Business Operations Lead115,383 PKR
65.   Risk Management Supervisor115,082 PKR
66.   Product Quality Leader114,491 PKR
67.   Fleet Controller113,757 PKR
68.   Construction Project Manager113,112 PKR
69.   Sales Analyst112,680 PKR
70.   Retail Operations Manager112,259 PKR
71.   Housing Manager111,990 PKR
72.   Dental Therapist111,702 PKR
73.   Solar Energy Installation Manager111,389 PKR
74.   Revenue Manager111,265 PKR
75.   Youth Development Manager110,719 PKR
76.   Quality Assurance Manager110,268 PKR
77.   Military Personnel110,202 PKR
78.   Approval Team Manager109,652 PKR
79.   Assistant Brand Manager109,502 PKR
80.   E-Commerce Manager109,219 PKR
81.   Gas Supply Manager108,915 PKR
82.   Information Technology Asset Manager108,642 PKR
83.   Mortgage Processing Manager108,242 PKR
84.   Laboratory Manager108,014 PKR
85.   Insurance Sales Manager107,634 PKR
86.   Quality Assurance Supervisor107,408 PKR
87.   Sociologist107,111 PKR
88.   Group Home Manager107,057 PKR
89.   Technical Service Director106,893 PKR
90.   Production Director106,456 PKR

How much money does a person working in Pakistan make?

94,839 PKR per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Pakistan typically earns around 94,839 PKR per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Bahawalpur85,187 PKR
Faisalabad98,992 PKR
Gujranwala95,714 PKR
Hyderabad90,101 PKR
Islamabad88,621 PKR
Karachi102,449 PKR
Lahore100,722 PKR
Multan91,846 PKR
Peshawar93,969 PKR
Quetta86,687 PKR
Rawalpindi97,258 PKR
Sargodha83,166 PKR
Sialkot81,401 PKR
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