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Best Paying Jobs in Panama

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Surgeon - Trauma8,860 PAB
2.   Physician - Neurology7,815 PAB
3.   Physician - Sports Medicine7,131 PAB
4.   Obstetrician / Gynecologist6,603 PAB
5.   Clinical Director6,091 PAB
6.   Physician - Generalist5,565 PAB
7.   President5,329 PAB
8.   Physician - Otolaryngology4,955 PAB
9.   International Banking Manager4,663 PAB
10.   Director of Real Estate4,552 PAB
11.   Chief Investment Officer4,458 PAB
12.   Sales Director4,371 PAB
13.   Deputy General Manager4,274 PAB
14.   Telecommunications Manager4,218 PAB
15.   Litigation Attorney4,187 PAB
16.   Professor - Law4,125 PAB
17.   Director of Project Management4,069 PAB
18.   Head of Investment4,046 PAB
19.   National Account Manager4,027 PAB
20.   National Human Resource Manager4,003 PAB
21.   Lawyer3,972 PAB
22.   Producer3,953 PAB
23.   Rehabilitation Services Manager3,918 PAB
24.   Psychologist3,886 PAB
25.   Information Technology Director3,862 PAB
26.   Media Relation Executive3,828 PAB
27.   Cash Management Manager3,804 PAB
28.   Professor - Communication3,781 PAB
29.   Head of Communications3,758 PAB
30.   Market Development Executive3,725 PAB
31.   Professor - History3,703 PAB
32.   Medical Insurance Manager3,679 PAB
33.   Geothermal Production Manager3,661 PAB
34.   Bioinformatics Scientist3,640 PAB
35.   Chairman Office Manager3,616 PAB
36.   Government Relations Associate3,594 PAB
37.   Director of Training and Development3,571 PAB
38.   Atmospheric and Space Scientist3,555 PAB
39.   Bank Programme Manager3,531 PAB
40.   Retention Executive3,506 PAB
41.   Financial Banking Systems Manager3,482 PAB
42.   Director of Talent Acquisition3,455 PAB
43.   Professor - Music3,434 PAB
44.   Investment Banking Analyst3,405 PAB
45.   Advertising Sales Director3,379 PAB
46.   Campaign Manager3,348 PAB
47.   Aircraft Pilot3,327 PAB
48.   Project Development Manager3,306 PAB
49.   Chief People Officer3,281 PAB
50.   Academic Manager3,263 PAB
51.   Head of Department3,248 PAB
52.   Ambulatory Services Director3,232 PAB
53.   Quality Executive3,216 PAB
54.   Recruitment Consultant3,197 PAB
55.   Fashion Designer3,185 PAB
56.   Export Services Manager3,171 PAB
57.   Assistant Finance Manager3,155 PAB
58.   Chemical Plant Operator3,143 PAB
59.   Engineering Teacher3,130 PAB
60.   Call Center Manager3,120 PAB
61.   Nursery Manager3,107 PAB
62.   Administrative Director3,096 PAB
63.   Operations Support Manager3,083 PAB
64.   Internal Sales Manager3,074 PAB
65.   Lab Manager3,063 PAB
66.   Trade Product Manager3,057 PAB
67.   Section Head3,045 PAB
68.   Network Security Systems Manager3,033 PAB
69.   Information Security Director3,024 PAB
70.   Youth Care Counselor3,011 PAB
71.   International Cooperation Specialist3,003 PAB

How much money does a person working in Panama make?

2,686 PAB per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Panama typically earns around 2,686 PAB per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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