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Best Paying Jobs in Papua New Guinea 2020

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Surgeon - Neurology20,400 PGK
2.   Physician - Radiation Therapy17,400 PGK
3.   Naturopathic Physician16,700 PGK
4.   Surgeon - Burn15,800 PGK
5.   Physician - Endocrinology15,000 PGK
6.   Physician - Physiatry14,400 PGK
7.   Psychiatrist13,800 PGK
8.   Chief Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation13,000 PGK
9.   Operating Room Services Director12,500 PGK
10.   Physician - Hospitalist11,800 PGK
11.   Chairman of The Board11,300 PGK
12.   Physician - CCU11,000 PGK
13.   Allergist10,600 PGK
14.   Physician - Ophthalmology10,300 PGK
15.   International Banking Manager9,910 PGK
16.   Deputy CFO9,770 PGK
17.   Emergency Department Physician9,640 PGK
18.   Vice President9,400 PGK
19.   General Manager9,270 PGK
20.   Manager9,200 PGK
21.   Registered Dietitian9,110 PGK
22.   Corporate Services General Manager9,060 PGK
23.   College President9,000 PGK
24.   COO8,930 PGK
25.   Phlebotomist8,850 PGK
26.   Operational Manager8,780 PGK
27.   Sales Director8,710 PGK
28.   Commercial Leasing Manager8,670 PGK
29.   Supply Chain Manager8,540 PGK
30.   Head of Executive Search8,490 PGK
31.   Supply Chain Director8,440 PGK
32.   Genetic Counselor8,430 PGK
33.   Professor - Chemistry8,370 PGK
34.   Membership Administration Manager8,330 PGK
35.   Quality Assurance Manager8,270 PGK
36.   Operations Manager8,230 PGK
37.   Program Director8,210 PGK
38.   Immigration Executive8,170 PGK
39.   Technical Manager8,140 PGK
40.   Commercial Director8,110 PGK
41.   Professor - Drama8,080 PGK
42.   Product Manager8,070 PGK
43.   Biological Scientist8,040 PGK
44.   Treatment Services Director8,010 PGK
45.   Business Development Manager7,970 PGK
46.   Chairman Office Manager7,950 PGK
47.   Executive Human Capital Management7,920 PGK
48.   Corporate Compliance Director7,900 PGK
49.   Market Development Manager7,870 PGK
50.   Marketing Manager7,810 PGK
51.   Head of Projects7,780 PGK
52.   Information Technology Manager7,740 PGK
53.   Power Plant Operations Manager7,710 PGK
54.   University Teacher7,700 PGK
55.   General Counsel7,650 PGK
56.   Respiratory Care Practitioner7,620 PGK
57.   Professor - Social Work7,590 PGK
58.   Market Segmentation Director7,560 PGK
59.   Media Product Development Manager7,540 PGK
60.   Pharmaceutical Researcher7,520 PGK
61.   Department Manager7,490 PGK
62.   Auditing Manager7,460 PGK
63.   Head of Communications7,440 PGK
64.   Natural Sciences Manager7,420 PGK
65.   Geologist7,380 PGK
66.   Patient Services Director7,360 PGK
67.   Audit Supervisor7,320 PGK
68.   Health Compliance Manager7,290 PGK
69.   Wildlife Biologist7,260 PGK
70.   Planning and Supply Manager7,230 PGK
71.   Electric and Gas Operations Manager7,220 PGK
72.   Regional Manager7,190 PGK
73.   Energy Dispatch Director7,170 PGK
74.   Campaign Manager7,140 PGK
75.   Corporate Affairs Executive7,110 PGK
76.   Medical Policy Manager7,080 PGK
77.   Director of Rehabilitation Services7,050 PGK
78.   Real Estate Project Manager7,030 PGK
79.   Market Research Manager6,990 PGK
80.   Regional Restaurant Manager6,960 PGK
81.   Life Scientist6,940 PGK
82.   Legal Advisor6,910 PGK
83.   Media Operations Manager6,890 PGK
84.   Operations Analyst6,860 PGK
85.   Retention Executive6,840 PGK
86.   Psychometrist6,810 PGK
87.   Chemist6,780 PGK
88.   Laboratory Manager6,750 PGK
89.   Assistant Finance Manager6,730 PGK
90.   Assistant Product Manager6,710 PGK
91.   Legal Consultant6,700 PGK
92.   Bank Accounts Manager6,670 PGK
93.   Technology Development Manager6,670 PGK
94.   Electoral Project Coordinator6,650 PGK
95.   Advertising Sales Director6,630 PGK
96.   Human Resources Services Manager6,620 PGK
97.   Telecommunication Solution Architect6,600 PGK
98.   Advertising Manager6,580 PGK
99.   Group Home Manager6,550 PGK
100.   Enterprise Architecture Manager6,540 PGK
101.   Business Intelligence Team Leader6,530 PGK
102.   Psychology Teacher6,520 PGK
103.   Mortgage Processing Manager6,500 PGK
104.   Credit Analyst6,480 PGK
105.   Molecular and Cellular Biologist6,480 PGK
106.   Clinical Biochemist6,460 PGK
107.   Insurance Sales Manager6,430 PGK
108.   Freelance Fashion Stylist6,420 PGK
109.   Medical Records Director6,410 PGK
110.   Director of Application Development6,390 PGK
111.   Human Resources Executive6,380 PGK
112.   SEO Manager6,370 PGK
113.   Pilot6,360 PGK
114.   Financial Bank Planning Consultant6,350 PGK
115.   Electrical Engineering Manager6,340 PGK
116.   Technical Service Director6,340 PGK
117.   Internet Banking Supervisor6,320 PGK
118.   Drug Safety / Medical Information Specialist6,310 PGK
119.   Environmental Health and Safety Manager6,300 PGK
120.   Business Operations Lead6,290 PGK
121.   Operations Manager6,280 PGK
122.   Quality Control Chemist6,270 PGK
123.   Insurance Program Manager6,260 PGK
124.   Climate Change Analyst6,250 PGK
125.   Behavioral Health Specialist6,230 PGK

How much money does a person working in Papua New Guinea make?

Average Monthly Salary
5,600 PGK
( 67,200 PGK yearly)


A person working in Papua New Guinea typically earns around 5,600 PGK per month. Salaries range from 760 PGK (lowest average) to 24,800 PGK (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. Salaries vary drastically between different careers. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

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