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Best Paying Jobs in Peru

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Radiology15,531 PEN
2.   Surgeon - Burn13,887 PEN
3.   Physician - Sports Medicine12,571 PEN
4.   Orthoptist11,292 PEN
5.   Medical Director10,525 PEN
6.   Healthcare Practitioner9,452 PEN
7.   Podiatrist9,045 PEN
8.   Area Sales Director8,551 PEN
9.   Corporate Treasurer8,357 PEN
10.   Director of Real Estate8,186 PEN
11.   Management Executive8,014 PEN
12.   Finance Executive7,918 PEN
13.   Commercial Real Estate Manager7,796 PEN
14.   Real Estate General Manager7,690 PEN
15.   MIS Executive7,601 PEN
16.   Government Affairs Director7,522 PEN
17.   Auditing Insurance Manager7,455 PEN
18.   Distribution Manager7,342 PEN
19.   Information Technology Project Manager7,284 PEN
20.   Global Technical Lead7,236 PEN
21.   Hotel Manager7,187 PEN
22.   Economics Lecturer7,144 PEN
23.   Engineering Geologist7,089 PEN
24.   Biological Scientist7,031 PEN
25.   Genomics Scientist6,995 PEN
26.   Vice President of Finance6,943 PEN
27.   Professor - Geological Sciences6,899 PEN
28.   Commercial Sales Manager6,834 PEN
29.   Financial Banking Analysis Manager6,771 PEN
30.   Loans Manager6,705 PEN
31.   Geoscientist6,644 PEN
32.   Cards Marketing Manager6,582 PEN
33.   Head of Middle Office6,539 PEN
34.   Post Doctoral Researcher6,459 PEN
35.   Laboratory Manager6,395 PEN
36.   Duty Manager6,336 PEN
37.   Supervisor6,307 PEN
38.   Private Sector Executive6,262 PEN
39.   E-Commerce Marketing Manager6,208 PEN
40.   Technology Development Manager6,150 PEN
41.   Training and Development Manager6,088 PEN
42.   Ambulatory Services Director6,030 PEN
43.   Actuarial Analyst6,026 PEN
44.   Assistant General Manager5,969 PEN
45.   Training Manager5,960 PEN
46.   Product and Brand Manager5,905 PEN
47.   Operational Excellence General Manager5,850 PEN
48.   Department Supervisor5,844 PEN
49.   External Sales Account Manager5,828 PEN
50.   Medical Records Director5,789 PEN
51.   Business Development Specialist5,782 PEN
52.   Financial Reporting Manager5,730 PEN
53.   Human Resources Consultant5,728 PEN
54.   Quality and Safety Site Leader5,708 PEN
55.   Supervising Counselor5,671 PEN
56.   Sales Promotion Manager5,653 PEN
57.   Project Portfolio Manager5,613 PEN
58.   Construction Project Manager5,610 PEN

How much money does a person working in Peru make?

5,051 PEN per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Peru typically earns around 5,051 PEN per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Arequipa5,420 PEN
Chiclayo5,126 PEN
Cusco4,836 PEN
Huancayo4,998 PEN
Iquitos4,628 PEN
Lima5,567 PEN
Trujillo5,273 PEN
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