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Best Paying Jobs in Poland

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Anesthesiology30,833 PLN
2.   Interventionist26,766 PLN
3.   Endodontist25,153 PLN
4.   Physician - Sports Medicine23,257 PLN
5.   Psychololgist21,699 PLN
6.   Exercise Physiologist20,531 PLN
7.   Clinical Director19,605 PLN
8.   Chief Financial Officer18,545 PLN
9.   Group Financial Manager17,341 PLN
10.   Physician - Otolaryngology16,615 PLN
11.   Managing Director16,044 PLN
12.   Podiatrist15,689 PLN
13.   Regional Sales Director15,296 PLN
14.   Operations Manager14,945 PLN
15.   Physician Assistant14,709 PLN
16.   Professor - Law14,525 PLN
17.   Tax Director14,371 PLN
18.   Nuclear Engineer14,237 PLN
19.   Professor - Medicine14,093 PLN
20.   Planning Director13,926 PLN
21.   Planning Director13,778 PLN
22.   Hospitality Director13,630 PLN
23.   Psychologist13,552 PLN
24.   Bank Regional Manager13,453 PLN
25.   Regional Manager13,372 PLN
26.   Administrative Law Judge13,305 PLN
27.   Area Sales Manager13,170 PLN
28.   Audiologist13,097 PLN
29.   Human Resources Manager13,037 PLN
30.   Medical Affairs Director12,968 PLN
31.   Legal Executive12,917 PLN
32.   Membership Administration Manager12,873 PLN
33.   Professor - Liberal Arts12,808 PLN
34.   Professor - Psychology12,738 PLN
35.   Professor - Architecture12,695 PLN
36.   eMarketing Manager12,615 PLN
37.   Director of Communications12,539 PLN
38.   Relationship Manager12,460 PLN
39.   Academic Clinician12,422 PLN
40.   MIS Executive12,357 PLN
41.   Pharmaceutical Operations Excellence Manager12,263 PLN
42.   Trade Marketing Executive12,209 PLN
43.   Marketing Executive12,150 PLN
44.   Staff Attorney12,092 PLN
45.   Digital Marketing Strategist 12,015 PLN
46.   Digital Marketing Manager11,911 PLN
47.   Chemist11,869 PLN
48.   Global Product Manager11,811 PLN
49.   Information Technology Product Manager11,767 PLN
50.   Operations Supervisor11,706 PLN
51.   Interventional Radiographer11,661 PLN
52.   Division Manager11,619 PLN
53.   Professor - Rehabilitation11,554 PLN
54.   Chief of Police11,506 PLN
55.   Geoscientist11,390 PLN
56.   Industrial Production Manager11,327 PLN
57.   Financial Banking Analysis Manager11,247 PLN
58.   Head of Retail Design Management11,166 PLN
59.   Telecommunication Service Delivery Manager11,109 PLN
60.   Airfield Management Specialist11,047 PLN
61.   Psychometrist11,001 PLN
62.   Web Security Manager10,965 PLN
63.   Key Account Manager10,892 PLN
64.   Information Program Director10,849 PLN
65.   Technology Vice President10,812 PLN
66.   Technology Director10,765 PLN
67.   Actor10,708 PLN
68.   Assistant Information Technology Manager10,666 PLN
69.   Export Services Manager10,634 PLN
70.   Payments and Strategic Alliances Manager10,595 PLN
71.   Clinical Molecular Geneticist10,575 PLN
72.   Drug Safety / Medical Information Specialist10,543 PLN
73.   Youth Care Counselor10,524 PLN
74.   Gas Supply Manager10,474 PLN
75.   Waste Management Manager10,412 PLN
76.   Budget Manager10,390 PLN
77.   International Cooperation Specialist10,363 PLN
78.   Social Media Marketing Manager10,349 PLN
79.   Information Technology Team Leader10,320 PLN
80.   Human Resources Assistant Manager10,287 PLN
81.   Patient Safety Manager10,249 PLN
82.   Project Manager10,213 PLN
83.   Pilot10,184 PLN
84.   Risk Analyst10,164 PLN
85.   Marketing Communications Manager10,143 PLN
86.   Information Technology Asset Manager10,112 PLN
87.   Assistant Sales and Marketing Manager10,092 PLN
88.   Buyer10,071 PLN
89.   X-Ray Technologist10,057 PLN
90.   Loan Quality Assurance Auditor10,032 PLN

How much money does a person working in Poland make?

9,005 PLN per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Poland typically earns around 9,005 PLN per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Gdansk8,204 PLN
Katowice7,482 PLN
Krakow9,871 PLN
Lublin7,726 PLN
Poznan8,446 PLN
Szczecin7,961 PLN
Warsaw10,138 PLN
Wroclaw9,603 PLN
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