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Best Paying Jobs in Puerto Rico

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Surgeon - Pediatric5,542 USD
2.   Anesthesiologist4,822 USD
3.   Endodontist4,436 USD
4.   Chief Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation4,162 USD
5.   Counseling Psychologist3,857 USD
6.   Orthoptist3,654 USD
7.   Executive Director3,414 USD
8.   Financial Manager3,167 USD
9.   Emergency Department Physician2,969 USD
10.   Brand Executive2,872 USD
11.   Deputy CFO2,802 USD
12.   Business Development Director2,741 USD
13.   Operations Executive2,705 USD
14.   Commercial Real Estate Manager2,664 USD
15.   Supply Chain Director2,622 USD
16.   Operations Director2,585 USD
17.   Finance Executive2,573 USD
18.   Sales Manager2,538 USD
19.   Marketing and Sales Head2,507 USD
20.   Operations Manager2,497 USD
21.   Territory Manager2,476 USD
22.   Professor - Industrial Engineering2,455 USD
23.   Global Technical Lead2,436 USD
24.   Academic Clinician2,436 USD
25.   Professor - Architecture2,415 USD
26.   Professor - Sociology2,396 USD
27.   University Teacher2,393 USD
28.   Supply Chain Manager2,375 USD
29.   Professor - Communication2,372 USD
30.   Mining Project Manager2,352 USD
31.   Information Technology Manager2,335 USD
32.   Emergency Services Director2,314 USD
33.   Economic Development Specialist2,296 USD
34.   Electric and Gas Operations Manager2,289 USD
35.   Exploration Manager2,276 USD
36.   Pharmaceutical Sales Manager2,257 USD
37.   Check Processing Manager2,237 USD
38.   Corporate Affairs Executive2,227 USD
39.   Assistant Bank Manager2,218 USD
40.   Financial Operations Manager2,199 USD
41.   Marketing Consultant2,185 USD
42.   Head of Middle Office2,180 USD
43.   Conservation Scientist2,172 USD
44.   Atmospheric and Space Scientist2,141 USD
45.   Retention Executive2,132 USD
46.   Production Supervisor2,123 USD
47.   Credit and Collections Manager2,118 USD
48.   Project Development Manager2,091 USD
49.   Technology Development Manager2,071 USD
50.   Cards Marketing Manager2,064 USD
51.   Assistant General Manager2,039 USD
52.   Regional Restaurant Manager2,039 USD
53.   Due Diligence Analyst2,025 USD
54.   Interface Design Manager2,018 USD
55.   Financial Reporting Manager1,998 USD
56.   Youth Development Manager1,990 USD
57.   Assistant Vice President1,979 USD
58.   Data Security Manager1,977 USD
59.   Online Marketing Manager1,969 USD
60.   Construction Project Manager1,956 USD
61.   Social Scientist1,949 USD
62.   Head of Sustainability1,948 USD
63.   Assistant Finance Manager1,940 USD
64.   Financial Customer Service Manager1,929 USD
65.   Associate Account Director1,929 USD
66.   Technology Director1,920 USD
67.   Nursery Manager1,909 USD
68.   Information Technology Project Director1,900 USD
69.   Intelligence Research Specialist1,894 USD
70.   Supply Chain Development Manager1,890 USD
71.   Grooming Salon Manager1,888 USD
72.   Restaurant General Manager1,881 USD
73.   Director of Learning Technology1,873 USD
74.   Occupational Therapist1,871 USD
75.   Group Home Manager1,861 USD
76.   Business Intelligence Team Leader1,861 USD

How much money does a person working in Puerto Rico make?

1,692 USD per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Puerto Rico typically earns around 1,692 USD per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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