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Best Paying Jobs in Russia

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Clinical Psychologist484,603 RUB
2.   Surgeon - Burn436,576 RUB
3.   Chief Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation397,550 RUB
4.   Operating Room Services Director350,625 RUB
5.   Dietitian331,525 RUB
6.   Franchise Manager299,836 RUB
7.   Immunologist280,242 RUB
8.   Brand Director270,063 RUB
9.   Genetic Counselor258,394 RUB
10.   Maternity Services Director252,975 RUB
11.   Marketing Manager250,179 RUB
12.   Registered Respiratory Therapist245,832 RUB
13.   Tax Director242,137 RUB
14.   Recreation Director238,287 RUB
15.   Human Resources Director235,425 RUB
16.   Education Director233,424 RUB
17.   Property Operations Manager231,859 RUB
18.   Group Head of Human Resources229,680 RUB
19.   Lawyer228,066 RUB
20.   Fundraising Director226,701 RUB
21.   Product Development Manager223,973 RUB
22.   Patient Services Director221,836 RUB
23.   Auditing Insurance Manager220,335 RUB
24.   Genomics Scientist219,372 RUB
25.   Marketing Executive217,549 RUB
26.   Director of Accreditation215,574 RUB
27.   Human Resources Manager213,761 RUB
28.   Sales Manager212,315 RUB
29.   Operations Supervisor210,750 RUB
30.   Professor - Business Administration209,403 RUB
31.   Product Marketing Manager207,715 RUB
32.   Talent Acquisition Manager205,596 RUB
33.   Airport Services Manager203,971 RUB
34.   Professor - Social Work202,394 RUB
35.   Physical Scientist200,814 RUB
36.   Clinical Study Manager199,358 RUB
37.   Insurance Manager198,020 RUB
38.   Nursery Manager195,470 RUB
39.   Occupational Health Safety Specialist193,788 RUB
40.   Client Delivery Manager192,889 RUB
41.   Quality Assurance Engineering Manager190,820 RUB
42.   Head of Department189,479 RUB
43.   Clinical Molecular Geneticist187,940 RUB
44.   Social Media Marketing Manager186,860 RUB
45.   Financial Reporting Manager185,727 RUB
46.   Visual Merchandising Projects Manager184,328 RUB
47.   Plant Manager183,610 RUB
48.   Information Security Manager182,547 RUB
49.   Information Technology Asset Manager181,640 RUB
50.   Executive180,952 RUB
51.   Airfield Operations Specialist180,099 RUB
52.   Insurance Program Manager179,479 RUB
53.   Sonography Technologist178,894 RUB
54.   Mortgage Processing Manager178,280 RUB
55.   HRIS Manager177,700 RUB
56.   Youth Development Manager176,790 RUB
57.   Information Program Director176,258 RUB
58.   Health Economist175,438 RUB

How much money does a person working in Russia make?

158,516 RUB per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Russia typically earns around 158,516 RUB per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Chelyabinsk174,192 RUB
Izhevsk135,772 RUB
Kazan177,248 RUB
Krasnodar141,380 RUB
Krasnoyarsk146,654 RUB
Moscow188,867 RUB
Nizhny Novgorod179,781 RUB
Omsk170,640 RUB
Rostov-on-Don167,901 RUB
Saint Petersburg185,844 RUB
Samara164,043 RUB
Saratov138,000 RUB
Volgograd143,419 RUB
Yekaterinburg183,167 RUB
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