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Best Paying Jobs in Russia 2020

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Urologist358,000 RUB
2.   Physician - Neurology317,000 RUB
3.   Interventionist297,000 RUB
4.   Obstetrician272,000 RUB
5.   Physician - Sports Medicine263,000 RUB
6.   Physician - Maternal / Fetal Medicine244,000 RUB
7.   Preventive Medicine Physician229,000 RUB
8.   Ophthalmologist223,000 RUB
9.   Bank Manager213,000 RUB
10.   Group Financial Manager200,000 RUB
11.   Physician - Otolaryngology193,000 RUB
12.   Physiotherapist184,000 RUB
13.   Global Wholesale Manager180,000 RUB
14.   Mental Health Therapst177,000 RUB
15.   Director of Marketing171,000 RUB
16.   Area Sales Director169,000 RUB
17.   Maternity Services Director167,000 RUB
18.   Planning Director166,000 RUB
19.   Supply Chain Director165,000 RUB
20.   Manager163,000 RUB
21.   Professor - Medicine161,000 RUB
22.   Professor - Medical Administration160,000 RUB
23.   Sales Director158,000 RUB
24.   National Sales Manager157,000 RUB
25.   Operational Manager156,000 RUB
26.   Relationship Manager155,000 RUB
27.   Sales Manager154,000 RUB
28.   Business Development Manager153,000 RUB
29.   Audit Director153,000 RUB
30.   Professor - Psychology152,000 RUB
31.   Professor - Industrial Engineering151,000 RUB
32.   Pharmaceutical Researcher151,000 RUB
33.   Litigation Attorney150,000 RUB
34.   Fundraising Director150,000 RUB
35.   Academic Clinician148,000 RUB
36.   Audiologist148,000 RUB
37.   Bank Branch Manager147,000 RUB
38.   Head of Projects146,000 RUB
39.   Banking Business Planning Executive146,000 RUB
40.   Market Development Manager145,000 RUB
41.   Online Banking Manager145,000 RUB
42.   Media Relation Executive144,000 RUB
43.   eMarketing Manager143,000 RUB
44.   Manager143,000 RUB
45.   Fundraising Development Director142,000 RUB
46.   Human Resources Manager141,000 RUB
47.   Media Design Manager140,000 RUB
48.   Location Manager140,000 RUB
49.   Head of Retail139,000 RUB
50.   Conservation Scientist139,000 RUB
51.   Director of Communications138,000 RUB
52.   Operations Analyst138,000 RUB
53.   Financial Systems Manager137,000 RUB
54.   Retention Executive136,000 RUB
55.   Risk Modeling Manager135,000 RUB
56.   Aviation Safety Manager135,000 RUB
57.   Sales Executive134,000 RUB
58.   ERP Project Manager133,000 RUB
59.   Bank Programme Manager133,000 RUB
60.   Relationship Manager132,000 RUB
61.   Professor - Music132,000 RUB
62.   Key Acoount Manager131,000 RUB
63.   Tax Research Manager131,000 RUB
64.   Production Supervisor130,000 RUB
65.   Cards Marketing Manager129,000 RUB
66.   Credit Analyst128,000 RUB
67.   Branch Manager128,000 RUB
68.   Client Delivery Manager127,000 RUB
69.   Real Estate Appraiser127,000 RUB
70.   Product Executive126,000 RUB
71.   Business Intelligence Manager125,000 RUB
72.   Telecommunication Service Delivery Manager125,000 RUB
73.   Assistant Marketing Manager124,000 RUB
74.   International Cooperation Specialist124,000 RUB
75.   Director of Rehabilitation Services123,000 RUB
76.   Human Resources Deputy Manager 123,000 RUB
77.   Recruitment Consultant122,000 RUB
78.   Real Estate Project Manager122,000 RUB
79.   Cluster Director121,000 RUB
80.   Energy Analyst121,000 RUB
81.   Construction Project Manager121,000 RUB
82.   CME Specialist120,000 RUB
83.   Veterinary Office Manager120,000 RUB
84.   Corporate Banker120,000 RUB
85.   Executive119,000 RUB
86.   Director of Application Development119,000 RUB
87.   Aircraft Captain119,000 RUB
88.   Lead Technical Field Advisor119,000 RUB
89.   Asset Protection Associate118,000 RUB
90.   Chiropractor118,000 RUB
91.   Mental Health Counselor118,000 RUB
92.   Fleet Controller118,000 RUB
93.   Management Consultant117,000 RUB
94.   Lab Manager117,000 RUB
95.   Benefits Manager117,000 RUB
96.   News Reporter116,000 RUB
97.   Employment Counselor116,000 RUB
98.   Pharmaceutical Project Manager116,000 RUB
99.   Program Lead116,000 RUB
100.   Department Supervisor115,000 RUB

How much money does a person working in Russia make?

Average Monthly Salary
105,000 RUB
( 1,250,000 RUB yearly)


A person working in Russia typically earns around 105,000 RUB per month. Salaries range from 14,200 RUB (lowest average) to 463,000 RUB (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. Salaries vary drastically between different careers. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Chelyabinsk115,000 RUB
Izhevsk89,600 RUB
Kazan117,000 RUB
Krasnodar93,300 RUB
Krasnoyarsk96,700 RUB
Moscow125,000 RUB
Nizhny Novgorod119,000 RUB
Omsk113,000 RUB
Rostov-on-Don111,000 RUB
Saint Petersburg123,000 RUB
Samara108,000 RUB
Saratov91,000 RUB
Volgograd94,600 RUB
Yekaterinburg121,000 RUB

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