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Best Paying Jobs in Barbados

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Dermatologist11,733 BBD
2.   Oral Surgeon10,127 BBD
3.   Interventionist9,648 BBD
4.   Physician - Pediatric Neonatology8,911 BBD
5.   Physician - Maternal / Fetal Medicine8,413 BBD
6.   Nuclear Medicine Physician8,007 BBD
7.   Chief Executive Officer7,462 BBD
8.   Optometrist7,220 BBD
9.   Physician - CCU6,827 BBD
10.   Financial Manager6,386 BBD
11.   Healthcare Practitioner6,198 BBD
12.   Podiatrist6,078 BBD
13.   Correctional Treatment Specialist5,890 BBD
14.   Physical Therapist5,747 BBD
15.   Deputy Head of Finance5,637 BBD
16.   Marketing Manager5,526 BBD
17.   Operations Director5,452 BBD
18.   Area Sales Director5,388 BBD
19.   Regional Sales Manager5,352 BBD
20.   Chief Commercial Officer5,326 BBD
21.   Engagement Manager5,264 BBD
22.   Genetic Counselor5,220 BBD
23.   Immigration Executive5,177 BBD
24.   Human Resources Director5,146 BBD
25.   Information Technology Director5,111 BBD
26.   Tax Director5,083 BBD
27.   Operations Manager5,053 BBD
28.   Head of Direct Sales5,016 BBD
29.   Audiologist4,989 BBD
30.   Emergency Management Director4,959 BBD
31.   Commercial Leasing Manager4,924 BBD
32.   Director of Product Management4,900 BBD
33.   Professor - Physical Therapy4,876 BBD
34.   Zone Manager4,863 BBD
35.   Professor - Chemistry4,828 BBD
36.   Business Development Manager4,800 BBD
37.   Director of Medical Staff Services4,780 BBD
38.   Media Relation Executive4,767 BBD
39.   Group Head of Human Resources4,732 BBD
40.   Product Manager4,712 BBD
41.   Vice President of Finance4,698 BBD
42.   Distribution Director4,671 BBD
43.   Engineering Geologist4,648 BBD
44.   Check Processing Manager4,621 BBD
45.   Head of Information Technology4,597 BBD
46.   Patient Services Director4,570 BBD
47.   Human Resources Manager4,551 BBD
48.   Head of Retail4,525 BBD
49.   Client Services Manager4,508 BBD
50.   Project Manager4,493 BBD
51.   Geoscientist4,482 BBD
52.   Sales Manager4,461 BBD
53.   PMO Manager4,443 BBD
54.   Finance Relationship Manager4,417 BBD
55.   Staff Attorney4,394 BBD
56.   Fundraising Manager4,368 BBD
57.   Loans Manager4,346 BBD
58.   Conservation Scientist4,327 BBD
59.   Government Affairs Advisor4,298 BBD
60.   Head of Retail Design Management4,278 BBD
61.   Technology Development Manager4,258 BBD
62.   Financial Banking Systems Manager4,251 BBD
63.   Medical Policy Manager4,235 BBD
64.   Health Compliance Manager4,205 BBD
65.   Capacity Planning Manager4,182 BBD
66.   ERP Project Manager4,161 BBD
67.   Talent Acquisition Manager4,145 BBD
68.   Enterprise Architecture Manager4,131 BBD
69.   Market Research Manager4,105 BBD
70.   Media Design Manager4,084 BBD
71.   Warehouse Manager4,071 BBD
72.   Quality Assurance Executive4,059 BBD
73.   Medical Records Director4,046 BBD
74.   Legal Advisor4,023 BBD
75.   Discount Brokerage Department Manager4,012 BBD
76.   Import and Export Consultant4,001 BBD
77.   Fitness Manager3,985 BBD
78.   Telecommunication Service Delivery Manager3,971 BBD
79.   Data Security Manager3,954 BBD
80.   Geomatics Scientist3,943 BBD
81.   Climate Change Analyst3,935 BBD
82.   Quality Control Executive3,927 BBD
83.   Human Resources Services Manager3,916 BBD
84.   Airline Pilot3,900 BBD
85.   Telecommunication Solution Architect3,888 BBD
86.   Housing Manager3,875 BBD
87.   Nursery Manager3,867 BBD
88.   Human Resources Assistant Manager3,858 BBD
89.   Laboratory Supervisor 3,843 BBD
90.   Capacity Planning Supervisor3,833 BBD
91.   Youth Care Counselor3,824 BBD
92.   Animal Scientist3,818 BBD
93.   Clinical Pharmacy Specialist3,812 BBD
94.   Residential Property Manager3,804 BBD
95.   Account Director3,797 BBD
96.   Legal Executive3,788 BBD
97.   Clinical Policy Developer3,780 BBD
98.   Telecommunication Consultant3,769 BBD
99.   Casino Shift Manager3,762 BBD
100.   Food Services Director3,757 BBD

How much money does a person working in Barbados make?

3,199 BBD per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Barbados typically earns around 3,199 BBD per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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