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Best Paying Jobs in Sao Tome and Principe

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Urology68,896,206 STD
2.   Physician - Dermatology60,224,135 STD
3.   Physician - Radiation Therapy57,860,045 STD
4.   Endodontist53,233,019 STD
5.   Chief Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation50,675,043 STD
6.   Clinical Director48,139,315 STD
7.   Operating Room Services Director45,168,101 STD
8.   Dietician43,852,526 STD
9.   President41,417,249 STD
10.   Healthcare Practitioner38,589,258 STD
11.   Correctional Treatment Specialist37,274,647 STD
12.   Franchise Manager35,550,716 STD
13.   Prosthetist35,082,020 STD
14.   Anatomic Pathology Supervisor34,449,579 STD
15.   Operations Executive33,626,146 STD
16.   Professor - Medicine33,123,274 STD
17.   Management Executive32,684,749 STD
18.   Head of Marketing32,401,169 STD
19.   Engagement Manager31,924,639 STD
20.   Administrative Director31,670,294 STD
21.   Risk Management Director31,367,741 STD
22.   Inventory Accountant31,063,200 STD
23.   Operations Manager31,014,406 STD
24.   Supply Chain Director30,696,768 STD
25.   Psychologist30,404,418 STD
26.   Director of Production Planning30,112,068 STD
27.   Head of Direct Sales29,862,137 STD
28.   Professor - Electrical Engineering29,701,842 STD
29.   Global Master Data Manager29,540,494 STD
30.   Territory Sales Manager29,426,009 STD
31.   Director of Operations29,282,290 STD
32.   Professor - Chemical Engineering29,161,930 STD
33.   General Counsel28,992,366 STD
34.   Professor - Philosophy28,942,667 STD
35.   Assistant Bank Manager28,856,394 STD
36.   Emergency Management Director28,746,792 STD
37.   Corporate Director of Human Resources28,650,317 STD
38.   Head of Information Technology28,544,106 STD
39.   Patent Attorney28,357,967 STD
40.   Risk Management Director28,261,491 STD
41.   Director of Medical Staff Services28,065,616 STD
42.   University Teacher28,015,917 STD
43.   Government Affairs Representative27,871,730 STD
44.   Paralegal27,773,266 STD
45.   Chief of Police27,603,732 STD
46.   Internal Bank Audit Manager27,413,646 STD
47.   Head of School27,335,735 STD
48.   Professor - Legal Support27,217,801 STD
49.   Trade Marketing Manager27,111,619 STD
50.   General Manager27,042,391 STD
51.   ATM Manager26,837,746 STD
52.   Geothermal Production Manager26,615,121 STD
53.   Human Resources Development Manager26,590,242 STD
54.   Operations Analyst26,348,059 STD
55.   Industrial Production Manager26,263,745 STD
56.   Project Manager26,096,112 STD
57.   Ecologist25,995,748 STD
58.   ERP Project Manager25,836,446 STD
59.   Bank Propositions Manager25,757,541 STD
60.   Clinical Cytogeneticist25,591,369 STD
61.   Professor - Rehabilitation25,459,753 STD
62.   Assistant Operations Manager25,324,834 STD
63.   Director of Rehabilitation Services25,098,262 STD
64.   Service Level Manager25,092,386 STD
65.   Global Product Manager24,995,940 STD
66.   Loan Collection Manager24,831,288 STD
67.   Energy Dispatch Director24,601,267 STD
68.   Plant Manager24,575,891 STD
69.   Executive24,361,540 STD
70.   Industrial Hygienist24,353,763 STD
71.   Export Logistics Manager24,323,534 STD
72.   E-Commerce Sales Manager24,104,272 STD
73.   Talent Management Officer24,071,178 STD
74.   Medical Policy Manager23,874,309 STD
75.   Associate Product Manager23,855,774 STD
76.   Social Media Marketing Manager23,839,724 STD
77.   Director of Process Simplification23,815,780 STD
78.   Business Intelligence Manager23,637,476 STD
79.   Market Research Manager23,622,829 STD
80.   Telecommunication Consultant23,608,270 STD
81.   Warehouse Manager23,398,714 STD
82.   Nursery Manager23,395,322 STD
83.   Scientist23,387,078 STD
84.   Advertising Sales Director23,376,758 STD
85.   Ward Manager23,311,067 STD
86.   Assistant Product Manager23,154,134 STD
87.   Digital Media Specialist23,128,787 STD
88.   Web Security Manager22,921,744 STD
89.   Operations Manager22,920,253 STD
90.   Metallurgist22,899,789 STD
91.   Real Estate Association Manager22,862,777 STD
92.   Information Technology Sales Manager22,803,313 STD
93.   Product Quality Leader22,685,438 STD
94.   Clinical Neuropsychologist22,682,427 STD
95.   Logistics Executive22,657,138 STD
96.   Corporate Dealer22,612,292 STD
97.   Wind Energy Operations Manager22,550,957 STD
98.   Revenue Manager22,451,002 STD
99.   Meteorologist22,430,567 STD
100.   Assistant Brand Manager22,390,603 STD

How much money does a person working in Sao Tome and Principe make?

20,598,505 STD per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Sao Tome and Principe typically earns around 20,598,505 STD per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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