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Best Paying Jobs in Ciudad de Panama

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Urologist7,465 PAB
2.   Physician - Dermatology6,374 PAB
3.   Naturopathic Physician5,987 PAB
4.   Physician - Rheumatology5,650 PAB
5.   Physician - Physiatry5,229 PAB
6.   Psychololgist4,958 PAB
7.   Medical Director4,621 PAB
8.   Executive Director4,462 PAB
9.   Finance President4,191 PAB
10.   Physician - Family Practice3,991 PAB
11.   Radiographer3,821 PAB
12.   Optician3,718 PAB
13.   Director3,638 PAB
14.   Head of Strategy3,571 PAB
15.   Operations Manager3,517 PAB
16.   Television Executive Producer3,486 PAB
17.   College President3,456 PAB
18.   Engagement Manager3,392 PAB
19.   Sales and Marketing Director3,365 PAB
20.   Chief Operating Officer3,333 PAB
21.   Sales Director3,311 PAB
22.   Quality Assurance Manager3,262 PAB
23.   Chief Product Officer3,240 PAB
24.   Head of Direct Sales3,222 PAB
25.   Professor - Special Education3,206 PAB
26.   State Advisor3,191 PAB
27.   Assistant Pharmacy Director3,170 PAB
28.   Quality Control Manager3,143 PAB
29.   Sales Admin Executive3,126 PAB
30.   Litigation Attorney3,113 PAB
31.   Biophysicist3,096 PAB
32.   Judge Advocate3,087 PAB
33.   Director of Operations3,074 PAB
34.   Bank Branch Manager3,051 PAB
35.   Audit Director3,031 PAB
36.   Information Technology Project Manager3,024 PAB
37.   Hotel Manager3,005 PAB
38.   Derivative Trader2,994 PAB
39.   Online Banking Manager2,974 PAB
40.   Geothermal Production Manager2,958 PAB
41.   Professor - Drama2,947 PAB
42.   Client Account Manager2,936 PAB
43.   Relationship Manager2,917 PAB
44.   Aviation Manager2,904 PAB
45.   Cards Marketing Manager2,886 PAB
46.   E-Commerce Strategy Manager2,874 PAB
47.   Planning and Supply Manager2,854 PAB
48.   Clinician2,841 PAB
49.   Private Sector Executive2,826 PAB
50.   Lab Manager2,810 PAB
51.   Portfolio Analyst 2,797 PAB
52.   Risk Manager2,784 PAB
53.   Investment Analyst2,767 PAB
54.   Physical Scientist2,746 PAB
55.   Ecologist2,739 PAB
56.   Clinical Study Manager2,723 PAB
57.   Insurance Manager2,716 PAB
58.   Credit and Collections Manager2,703 PAB
59.   Wildlife Biologist2,685 PAB
60.   Director of Application Development2,670 PAB
61.   Aircraft Pilot2,656 PAB
62.   Guidance Director2,640 PAB
63.   Finance Analyst2,621 PAB
64.   Gas Supply Manager2,608 PAB
65.   Information Technology Project Director2,595 PAB
66.   Residential Property Manager2,580 PAB
67.   Industrial Hygienist2,567 PAB
68.   Media Design Manager2,557 PAB
69.   Loan Collection and Recovery Manager2,552 PAB
70.   Assistant General Manager2,547 PAB
71.   Product and Brand Manager2,540 PAB
72.   Director of Engineering2,525 PAB
73.   Child Psychotherapist2,516 PAB
74.   Change Management2,506 PAB
75.   District Sales Manager2,501 PAB
76.   Biomedical Engineering Director2,490 PAB
77.   Client Relations Manager2,482 PAB
78.   Financial Planner2,478 PAB
79.   Lead Technical Field Advisor2,474 PAB
80.   Account Executive2,467 PAB
81.   Electoral Project Coordinator2,464 PAB
82.   Real Estate Association Manager2,458 PAB
83.   Biologist2,449 PAB
84.   Engineering Teacher2,443 PAB
85.   Director of Events2,436 PAB
86.   Meteorologist2,431 PAB
87.   Arbitrator2,424 PAB
88.   Clinical Biochemist2,415 PAB
89.   Energy Auditor2,410 PAB
90.   Training Manager2,405 PAB

How much money does a person working in Ciudad de Panama make?

2,104 PAB per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Ciudad de Panama typically earns around 2,104 PAB per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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