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Best Paying Jobs in Singapore

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Anesthesiologist25,790 SGD
2.   Cardiology Manager23,220 SGD
3.   Physician - Sports Medicine21,491 SGD
4.   Physician - Podiatry19,372 SGD
5.   Dietitian17,632 SGD
6.   Financial Manager16,377 SGD
7.   Physician - Ophthalmology15,223 SGD
8.   Chief Corporate Officer14,493 SGD
9.   Marketing Manager13,819 SGD
10.   Physical Therapist13,567 SGD
11.   Professor - Law13,410 SGD
12.   College Dean13,170 SGD
13.   Maternity Services Director12,994 SGD
14.   Purchasing and Sales Executive12,796 SGD
15.   Deputy Director12,694 SGD
16.   Professor - Architecture12,488 SGD
17.   Supply Operations Manager12,372 SGD
18.   Property Operations Manager12,267 SGD
19.   Project Control Manager12,144 SGD
20.   Distribution Manager11,999 SGD
21.   Tax Manager11,909 SGD
22.   Bank Regional Manager11,848 SGD
23.   Fundraising Director11,754 SGD
24.   Professor - Business Administration11,679 SGD
25.   Corporate Director of Human Resources11,562 SGD
26.   Supply Chain Manager11,507 SGD
27.   Health Compliance Director11,451 SGD
28.   Medical Scientist11,374 SGD
29.   Political Scientist11,317 SGD
30.   Relationship Manager11,244 SGD
31.   Geophysicist11,141 SGD
32.   Information Technology Project Manager11,080 SGD
33.   Trade Marketing Manager10,996 SGD
34.   R/D Director10,910 SGD
35.   Foreign Exchange Manager10,851 SGD
36.   Regional Manager10,771 SGD
37.   Pharmaceutical Research Scientist10,646 SGD
38.   Operations Analyst10,538 SGD
39.   Market Research Manager10,460 SGD
40.   Bank Project Manager10,371 SGD
41.   Bank Programme Manager10,267 SGD
42.   Head of Sustainability10,217 SGD
43.   Loan Branch Manager10,094 SGD
44.   Clinical Laboratory Scientist10,033 SGD
45.   Education Researcher9,980 SGD
46.   Marine Biologist9,915 SGD
47.   Quality Assurance Engineering Manager9,865 SGD
48.   Psychometrist9,835 SGD
49.   Clinical Biochemist9,788 SGD
50.   Fitness Manager9,725 SGD
51.   Manufacturing Manager9,687 SGD
52.   Information Technology Executive9,649 SGD
53.   Mental Health Counselor9,621 SGD
54.   Aircraft Quality Assurance9,557 SGD
55.   Legal Consultant9,521 SGD
56.   Revenue Manager9,496 SGD
57.   Project Manager9,429 SGD
58.   Associate Producer9,404 SGD
59.   Infection Control Practitioner9,358 SGD
60.   Data Processing Manager9,324 SGD
61.   Network Administration Team Lead9,278 SGD
62.   Sonography Technologist9,248 SGD

How much money does a person working in Singapore make?

8,517 SGD per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Singapore typically earns around 8,517 SGD per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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