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Best Paying Jobs in Belarus

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Cardiology135,008,933 BYR
2.   Physician - Radiology114,874,184 BYR
3.   Orthodontist107,981,623 BYR
4.   Physician - Obstetrics / Gynecology100,475,069 BYR
5.   Physician - Infectious Disease96,138,696 BYR
6.   Chief Executive Officer87,826,864 BYR
7.   Operating Room Services Director84,416,112 BYR
8.   Orthotist81,005,360 BYR
9.   Chief Financial Officer75,818,174 BYR
10.   Physician - Family Practice72,002,964 BYR
11.   Chief Corporate Officer69,373,729 BYR
12.   Director of Real Estate66,985,293 BYR
13.   Physician - Pain Medicine65,658,852 BYR
14.   General Manager64,332,410 BYR
15.   Marketing Manager63,312,084 BYR
16.   Maternity Services Director62,196,938 BYR
17.   Professor - Medicine61,905,149 BYR
18.   Epidemiologist60,965,316 BYR
19.   Deputy Director60,761,580 BYR
20.   Real Estate General Manager59,808,503 BYR
21.   Commercial Director59,529,048 BYR
22.   Government Property Inspector58,551,242 BYR
23.   Marketing Manager58,551,242 BYR
24.   Lecturer58,355,181 BYR
25.   Sales Executive57,605,611 BYR
26.   Hospitality Director57,414,325 BYR
27.   Chief Operating Officer57,151,981 BYR
28.   Professor - Chemical Engineering56,703,752 BYR
29.   Finance Executive56,277,408 BYR
30.   Biomedical Scientist56,277,408 BYR
31.   Chairman Office Manager56,109,656 BYR
32.   State Advisor55,810,305 BYR
33.   Marketing Executive55,337,575 BYR
34.   Professor - Philosophy55,140,490 BYR
35.   Petroleum Geologist55,020,148 BYR
36.   Biological Scientist54,682,824 BYR
37.   Network and Infrastructure Manager54,159,899 BYR
38.   Breast Center Manager54,003,573 BYR
39.   Information Technology Manager53,930,640 BYR
40.   Director of Revenue Management53,673,924 BYR
41.   Professor - Foreign Languages53,463,537 BYR
42.   Atmospheric and Space Scientist53,108,251 BYR
43.   Professor - Drama52,841,132 BYR
44.   Head of School52,631,712 BYR
45.   Head of Information Technology52,205,254 BYR
46.   Geothermal Production Manager51,751,624 BYR
47.   ATM Manager51,672,893 BYR
48.   Wildlife Biologist51,232,337 BYR
49.   Director of Research51,232,337 BYR
50.   Marketing Distribution Executive50,855,165 BYR
51.   Department Head50,547,288 BYR
52.   Financial Banking Systems Manager50,237,535 BYR
53.   Associate Product Manager49,768,556 BYR
54.   Community Development Manager49,626,441 BYR
55.   Mortgage Development Manager49,242,732 BYR
56.   Life Scientist49,168,775 BYR
57.   Product Development48,790,750 BYR
58.   Geologist48,603,216 BYR
59.   Human Resources Executive48,304,775 BYR
60.   Technical Project Manager48,154,986 BYR
61.   Supply Chain Development Manager47,818,800 BYR
62.   Loan Quality Assurance Manager47,366,818 BYR
63.   Tax Research Manager47,253,127 BYR
64.   Key Acoount Manager46,895,964 BYR
65.   Clinical School Psychologist46,890,279 BYR
66.   Chemical Plant Operator46,840,994 BYR
67.   District Sales Manager46,428,861 BYR
68.   Financial Customer Service Manager46,355,019 BYR
69.   Energy Analyst45,961,759 BYR
70.   Education Researcher45,931,460 BYR
71.   DNA Analyst45,903,037 BYR
72.   Guidance Director45,490,905 BYR
73.   Construction Project Manager45,454,921 BYR
74.   Head of Sustainability45,454,808 BYR
75.   Director of Facilities Management45,033,239 BYR
76.   Patient Safety Manager45,021,926 BYR
77.   Executive45,001,178 BYR
78.   Laboratory Supervisor 44,972,641 BYR
79.   Restaurant Manager44,554,824 BYR
80.   Contracts Manager44,554,824 BYR
81.   Human Resources Executive44,496,102 BYR
82.   Analytical Chemist44,112,392 BYR
83.   Legal Consultant44,104,718 BYR
84.   Client Relations Manager44,019,563 BYR
85.   Geospatial Information Scientist and Technologist43,913,432 BYR
86.   Oil Trader43,654,726 BYR
87.   Operations Training Specialist Head43,651,088 BYR
88.   Manufacturing Engineering Manager43,537,283 BYR
89.   Organizational Development Consultant43,427,457 BYR
90.   Security Manager43,427,457 BYR

How much money does a person working in Belarus make?

37,356,797 BYR per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Belarus typically earns around 37,356,797 BYR per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Babruysk37,618,295 BYR
Baranovichi36,102,841 BYR
Brest39,130,667 BYR
Minsk42,405,742 BYR
Mogilev41,331,638 BYR
Vitebsk40,212,859 BYR
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