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Best Paying Jobs in South Africa

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Dermatologist116,873 ZAR
2.   Physician - Immunology / Allergy101,446 ZAR
3.   Physician - Gastroenterology91,281 ZAR
4.   Obstetrician85,525 ZAR
5.   Physician - Physiatry80,436 ZAR
6.   Orthoptist74,842 ZAR
7.   Ophthalmologist71,169 ZAR
8.   Group Financial Manager66,658 ZAR
9.   Capital Risk Manager62,552 ZAR
10.   Brand Director59,235 ZAR
11.   Executive Manager57,920 ZAR
12.   Physiotherapist56,873 ZAR
13.   Physical Therapist55,085 ZAR
14.   Investment Advisor54,158 ZAR
15.   Operations Executive53,576 ZAR
16.   Sales and Marketing Director52,837 ZAR
17.   Professor - Physics52,150 ZAR
18.   Commercial Real Estate Manager51,715 ZAR
19.   Director of Project Management51,061 ZAR
20.   Certified Respiratory Therapist50,808 ZAR
21.   Professor - Marketing50,430 ZAR
22.   Zone Manager49,843 ZAR
23.   Product Development Manager49,456 ZAR
24.   State Advisor49,142 ZAR
25.   Supply Chain Director48,859 ZAR
26.   Real Estate General Manager48,625 ZAR
27.   Dean of Faculty48,473 ZAR
28.   Psychologist48,287 ZAR
29.   eMarketing Manager48,041 ZAR
30.   Quality Manager47,702 ZAR
31.   Academic Clinician47,361 ZAR
32.   Client Services Manager47,244 ZAR
33.   Information Technology Manager47,067 ZAR
34.   Ecologist46,810 ZAR
35.   Brand Ambassador46,630 ZAR
36.   General Manager46,484 ZAR
37.   Litigation Paralegal46,129 ZAR
38.   Corporate Sales Manager45,619 ZAR
39.   Head of Information Technology45,454 ZAR
40.   Distribution Executive45,202 ZAR
41.   Attorney44,966 ZAR
42.   Relationship Manager44,761 ZAR
43.   Location Manager44,611 ZAR
44.   Network and Infrastructure Manager44,350 ZAR
45.   Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Manager44,072 ZAR
46.   National Customer Solution Specialist43,773 ZAR
47.   Bank Operations Specialist43,487 ZAR
48.   Department Manager43,192 ZAR
49.   Assistant Bank Branch Manager42,980 ZAR
50.   ERP Project Manager42,805 ZAR
51.   Global Product Manager42,537 ZAR
52.   Paralegal42,230 ZAR
53.   HSE Manager41,967 ZAR
54.   Geologist41,780 ZAR
55.   Commercial Project Manager41,624 ZAR
56.   Branch Manager41,333 ZAR
57.   Key Acoount Manager41,090 ZAR
58.   Biochemist40,828 ZAR
59.   SAP Resource Manager40,617 ZAR
60.   Web Security Manager40,487 ZAR
61.   Journalist40,359 ZAR
62.   Loan Collection and Recovery Manager40,271 ZAR
63.   Operational Excellence General Manager40,152 ZAR
64.   Property Manager40,034 ZAR
65.   Spa Manager39,916 ZAR
66.   Assistant Product Manager39,756 ZAR
67.   Aircraft Quality Assurance39,526 ZAR
68.   Head Coach39,370 ZAR
69.   Residential Property Manager39,136 ZAR
70.   Online Banking Specialist38,968 ZAR
71.   Fitness Manager38,846 ZAR
72.   School Counselor38,722 ZAR
73.   Legal Consultant38,600 ZAR
74.   Quality Manager38,479 ZAR
75.   Public Relations Executive38,344 ZAR
76.   Director of Process Simplification38,204 ZAR
77.   Master Instructor38,094 ZAR
78.   Planning and Reporting Manager38,006 ZAR
79.   Client Accounts Officer37,946 ZAR
80.   Business Analyst37,843 ZAR
81.   Fashion Design Manager37,766 ZAR
82.   Program Manager37,657 ZAR
83.   Casino Shift Manager37,549 ZAR

How much money does a person working in South Africa make?

31,393 ZAR per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in South Africa typically earns around 31,393 ZAR per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Bloemfontein30,490 ZAR
Cape Town36,529 ZAR
Durban34,904 ZAR
Johannesburg33,607 ZAR
Port Elizabeth31,705 ZAR
Pretoria32,974 ZAR
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