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Best Paying Jobs in Sri Lanka

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Dermatologist401,023 LKR
2.   Naturopathic Physician353,744 LKR
3.   Generalist - Obstetrics and Gynecology317,708 LKR
4.   Dentist295,882 LKR
5.   Physician - Hospitalist270,668 LKR
6.   Optometrist249,562 LKR
7.   Director of Finance229,153 LKR
8.   Physiotherapist218,895 LKR
9.   Executive211,359 LKR
10.   Registered Dietitian205,523 LKR
11.   Marketing and Sales Head200,895 LKR
12.   Phlebotomist197,024 LKR
13.   Professor - Electrical Engineering193,990 LKR
14.   Operations Executive191,129 LKR
15.   Sales Manager187,940 LKR
16.   Business Development Manager186,877 LKR
17.   Head of Executive Search185,447 LKR
18.   Breast Center Manager184,018 LKR
19.   Fundraising Director182,589 LKR
20.   Deputy Manager181,046 LKR
21.   Producer179,418 LKR
22.   Technical Manager177,714 LKR
23.   Professor - Marketing176,872 LKR
24.   Marketing Manager176,157 LKR
25.   Education Director174,621 LKR
26.   Corporate Compliance Director173,147 LKR
27.   Group Head of Human Resources171,753 LKR
28.   Pharmaceutical Researcher170,866 LKR
29.   Marketing Communications Executive169,091 LKR
30.   Vice President of Finance168,028 LKR
31.   Community Development Manager166,260 LKR
32.   Patient Services Director165,887 LKR
33.   Auditing Manager164,759 LKR
34.   Sales Account Manager163,452 LKR
35.   Aviation Resources Manager162,543 LKR
36.   Financial Banking Analysis Manager161,302 LKR
37.   Depot Manager160,391 LKR
38.   Financial Systems Manager158,863 LKR
39.   Conservation Scientist157,079 LKR
40.   Operations Analyst156,013 LKR
41.   Audit Supervisor154,763 LKR
42.   Quality Assurance Executive153,512 LKR
43.   Practice Manager152,151 LKR
44.   Technology Development Manager151,556 LKR
45.   Educational Psychologist150,817 LKR
46.   Regional Manager149,579 LKR
47.   Telecommunication Service Delivery Manager148,578 LKR
48.   KYC Team Leader147,950 LKR
49.   Management Consultant146,819 LKR
50.   Information Technology Asset Manager146,253 LKR
51.   Loan Collection and Recovery Manager145,619 LKR
52.   Real Estate Project Manager144,874 LKR
53.   Information Technology Project Director144,356 LKR
54.   Digital Media Specialist143,582 LKR
55.   Client Relationship Manager142,730 LKR
56.   Business Intelligence Manager142,117 LKR
57.   Expatriate Administration Manager141,635 LKR
58.   Solar Energy Installation Manager141,203 LKR
59.   Medical Office Manager140,953 LKR
60.   Contracts Executive140,354 LKR
61.   Enterprise Architecture Manager139,782 LKR
62.   Biomedical Engineering Director139,443 LKR
63.   Field Engineering Manager138,895 LKR
64.   Zoo Veterinarian138,347 LKR
65.   Education Researcher137,496 LKR
66.   Pilot137,201 LKR

How much money does a person working in Sri Lanka make?

115,470 LKR per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Sri Lanka typically earns around 115,470 LKR per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Colombo136,737 LKR
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