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Best Paying Jobs in Sweden

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Urologist171,217 SEK
2.   Oral Surgeon148,924 SEK
3.   Cardiology Manager140,913 SEK
4.   Obstetrician131,357 SEK
5.   Physician - Infectious Disease122,109 SEK
6.   Physician116,090 SEK
7.   Dietitian110,947 SEK
8.   CEO104,698 SEK
9.   Finance President98,130 SEK
10.   Emergency Department Physician93,643 SEK
11.   Immunologist90,078 SEK
12.   Country Manager87,574 SEK
13.   Marketing Manager85,348 SEK
14.   Speech and Language Pathologist84,197 SEK
15.   Physical Therapist82,580 SEK
16.   President of Marketing81,025 SEK
17.   Head of Strategy79,921 SEK
18.   Management Executive79,276 SEK
19.   Inventory Accountant78,952 SEK
20.   Legal Services Manager78,277 SEK
21.   Commercial Director77,355 SEK
22.   Sales Manager76,592 SEK
23.   Registered Respiratory Therapist75,850 SEK
24.   Sales Manager75,337 SEK
25.   Deputy Director74,796 SEK
26.   Commercial Real Estate Manager74,454 SEK
27.   Brand Ambassador74,038 SEK
28.   Quality Control Manager73,599 SEK
29.   Supply Chain Manager73,256 SEK
30.   Chief Technologist72,868 SEK
31.   Tax Manager72,561 SEK
32.   Audit Director72,294 SEK
33.   Production Executive71,852 SEK
34.   Internal Bank Audit Manager71,502 SEK
35.   Professor - Philosophy71,187 SEK
36.   International Tax Director70,740 SEK
37.   Audiologist70,456 SEK
38.   Membership Administration Manager70,089 SEK
39.   Head of Projects69,726 SEK
40.   Director of Revenue Management69,411 SEK
41.   Atmospheric and Space Scientist69,093 SEK
42.   Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Manager68,739 SEK
43.   Information Technology Project Manager68,149 SEK
44.   Derivative Trader67,741 SEK
45.   Statistics Lecturer67,378 SEK
46.   Professor - Social Work67,029 SEK
47.   Mathematician66,798 SEK
48.   Loans Manager66,518 SEK
49.   ERP Project Manager66,254 SEK
50.   Pharmaceutical Research Scientist65,752 SEK
51.   Auditing Manager65,391 SEK
52.   Sales Account Manager64,911 SEK
53.   Project Manager64,721 SEK
54.   Commercial Manager64,226 SEK
55.   Trade Marketing Manager63,804 SEK
56.   Assistant Bank Branch Manager63,486 SEK
57.   Paralegal63,345 SEK
58.   Sport and Recreation Manager62,890 SEK
59.   Energy Analyst62,556 SEK
60.   Market Research Manager62,194 SEK
61.   Revenue Recognition Analyst61,938 SEK
62.   Media Operations Manager61,452 SEK
63.   Executive61,208 SEK
64.   Laboratory Manager60,984 SEK
65.   Plant Manager60,790 SEK
66.   Telecommunication Consultant60,583 SEK
67.   Housing Manager60,458 SEK
68.   Energy Advisor60,226 SEK
69.   Industrial Hygienist60,108 SEK
70.   Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Manager59,845 SEK
71.   Assistant Manager59,698 SEK
72.   Clinical Operations Manager59,512 SEK
73.   Information Security Manager59,273 SEK
74.   Business Operations Specialist59,024 SEK
75.   Media Design Manager58,850 SEK
76.   Catering Manager58,569 SEK
77.   Airline Pilot58,497 SEK
78.   Sports Manager58,326 SEK
79.   Environmental Scientist58,153 SEK
80.   Business Intelligence Team Leader57,994 SEK
81.   Mechanical Engineering Manager57,805 SEK
82.   Training Manager57,632 SEK
83.   Fraud Analyst57,362 SEK
84.   Payments and Strategic Alliances Manager57,285 SEK
85.   Insurance Program Manager57,111 SEK
86.   Warehouse Manager56,885 SEK
87.   Medical Office Manager56,813 SEK
88.   Soil Scientist56,679 SEK
89.   Staff Pharmacist56,515 SEK
90.   Assistant Information Technology Manager56,333 SEK

How much money does a person working in Sweden make?

47,485 SEK per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Sweden typically earns around 47,485 SEK per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Goteborg47,610 SEK
Malmo42,941 SEK
Stockholm51,798 SEK
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