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Best Paying Jobs in Belgium

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Anesthesiology14,913 EUR
2.   Cardiology Manager12,871 EUR
3.   Orthodontist11,921 EUR
4.   Doctor10,937 EUR
5.   Preventive Medicine Physician10,370 EUR
6.   Dietician9,834 EUR
7.   Physician - Occupational Medicine9,234 EUR
8.   Surgical Assistant8,606 EUR
9.   Director of Finance8,133 EUR
10.   Physical Therapist7,752 EUR
11.   Correctional Treatment Specialist7,546 EUR
12.   Operations Executive7,371 EUR
13.   Brand Marketing7,198 EUR
14.   Nuclear Engineer7,112 EUR
15.   Legal Services Director7,029 EUR
16.   Purchasing and Sales Executive6,910 EUR
17.   Bank Operations Head6,870 EUR
18.   Strategy Director6,791 EUR
19.   Engagement Manager6,724 EUR
20.   Commercial Director6,627 EUR
21.   Deputy Manager6,588 EUR
22.   Crown Prosecution Service Lawyer6,553 EUR
23.   Public Relations Manager6,518 EUR
24.   Skin Care Specialist6,461 EUR
25.   Professor - Geological Sciences6,434 EUR
26.   Procurement Manager6,398 EUR
27.   Fundraising Director6,353 EUR
28.   Biological Scientist6,319 EUR
29.   Producer6,299 EUR
30.   Respiratory Therapist6,272 EUR
31.   Associate Medical Affairs Director6,228 EUR
32.   Human Resources Manager6,185 EUR
33.   Immigration Executive6,150 EUR
34.   Marketing Distribution Executive6,114 EUR
35.   Relationship Manager6,060 EUR
36.   Bank Propositions Manager6,030 EUR
37.   Fraud Prevention Manager6,001 EUR
38.   Chairman Office Manager5,973 EUR
39.   Medical Affairs Director5,948 EUR
40.   Economist5,903 EUR
41.   Geophysicist5,872 EUR
42.   Head of Human Resources5,815 EUR
43.   Recruiting Manager5,795 EUR
44.   Product Executive5,770 EUR
45.   Head of Supply Chain5,743 EUR
46.   Bank Programme Manager5,693 EUR
47.   Regional Manager5,677 EUR
48.   Financial Banking Analysis Manager5,644 EUR
49.   R/D Director5,609 EUR
50.   Talent Acquisition Manager5,569 EUR
51.   Sales Executive5,534 EUR
52.   Risk Manager5,513 EUR
53.   Media Design Manager5,456 EUR
54.   Scientist5,431 EUR
55.   Assistant Hospitality Manager5,396 EUR
56.   Life Scientist5,371 EUR
57.   Supply Chain Development Manager5,349 EUR
58.   Geologist5,323 EUR
59.   Housing Manager5,301 EUR
60.   Actuarial Analyst5,279 EUR
61.   Corporate Recruiter5,256 EUR
62.   Contracts Manager5,230 EUR
63.   Supervising Counselor5,210 EUR
64.   Gas Supply Manager5,168 EUR
65.   Contracts Manager5,150 EUR
66.   Aircraft Pilot5,126 EUR
67.   Market Research Manager5,113 EUR
68.   Neurophysiology Technologist5,096 EUR
69.   Banking Reference Data Manager5,083 EUR
70.   Loan Branch Manager5,059 EUR
71.   Academic Manager5,044 EUR
72.   Beauty Supply Manager5,029 EUR
73.   Energy Auditor5,017 EUR
74.   Electoral Project Coordinator5,005 EUR
75.   Residential Property Manager4,986 EUR
76.   Assistant Food and Beverage Director4,970 EUR
77.   Financial Reporting Manager4,961 EUR
78.   Technical Manager4,947 EUR
79.   Insurance Project Manager4,939 EUR
80.   Hotel Sales Manager4,925 EUR
81.   International Cooperation Specialist4,910 EUR
82.   Restaurant General Manager4,899 EUR
83.   Public Relations Executive4,884 EUR

How much money does a person working in Belgium make?

4,167 EUR per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Belgium typically earns around 4,167 EUR per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Antwerp4,824 EUR
Brugge (Bruges)4,175 EUR
Brussel4,311 EUR
Charleroi4,579 EUR
Gent (Ghent)4,734 EUR
Leuven3,957 EUR
Liege4,495 EUR
Namur4,118 EUR
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